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    German Shepherds, Hockey, working, money, Ozzie Osbourne obession atm.
  1. thats awesome. You guys should take a look at this link too. . Its more hands on, but the handler even turns her back on the dog and yells out commands, and the dog does them even though he knows she isnt looking!
  2. Immunity /vaccination

    Too true, i somewhat have beleif in that myself. And they still live long happy lives, my old boy is 14 and hasnt been vaccinated since he was about 1 or 2. His still going strong.
  3. Poo Everywhere

    Haha, wandering do sounds about right. For some strange reason i get a feeling that there is no way to get her to change this particular habbit. Sometimes when shes in the middle of doing her business i tell her to stay, and she looks at me like, "oh mumma what did i do wrong", and runs off to another place in the yard and decides to leave a trail of bread crumbs there too.
  4. Poo Everywhere

    My girl isnt really a puppy anymore, more of a teen. But she's had this habbit since she was little. When she goes to the toilet she doesnt just squat and do it in one spot, she would rather walk and leave a trail of turd behind her. Anyone else with a similar problem?? It doesnt really bother me, its just a million times annoying trying to find it all. Is there a way to teach her to stay still when she does her business Thanks Btw, she is 1y 5m German shepherd.
  5. Washing Line Worries...

    my friend used wasabi to stop her staffy pup from chewing on the table. It didn't work. Silly dog even eats the chilli's straight off the bush. maybe dog/cat repellant spray. Or maybe the dog fly repellant. My dogs hate the smell of it
  6. Dog Barking While Nobody's Home

    Does Obi have any doggy friends he could stay at their place during the day while your at work?
  7. Cant Wait?

    yup, how did i make it go faster? Well i worked hardcore to save up, then i spent a lot of money on buying things before my dog was even born. BTW i got a German Shepherd. So the 5 pretty collars, which consisted of glow in the dark gummi collars to pretty leather collars with jewels in them, didn't last long she out grew the collars each within about a week HAHA. Excited mummy. I had 5 months to think about how to convince my parents to let me have another dog. And 5 months to figure out how to get my other dog, whom mind you, would want to kill a dog with passion. That was my fault for never socializing him properly (not really, I was 5 when I got him). But after a few months. Brief contact. He had to wear a cage muzzle the whole time. It all worked out perfectly and we no longer need to use the muzzle on the old boy. Hope everything works out for you. p.s: hiking. I can hear my Boss' voice my head when my friends dog peed on her wall, "IF YOU LIFT YOUR LEG ONE MORE TIME YOUR GOING TO GET A BAMBOO STICK UP YOUR BEEEEPPPPPP" dont know if that will work but its worth the shot hahah
  8. Cant Wait?

    Oh oh! I know that feeling! I had to wait 5 months until my baby was even born. The original mother-to-be had a phantom pregnancy. a big whopping half a months pay. But its worth the wait. Dont forget to take heaps of pictures when its still young, cause they dont stay that size forever!