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  1. Karen Pryor is looking to expand to Australia next year. I am waiting to here back as to where the courses will be held.
  2. Hi Arya, there is a really good section on the "ringwise" dog in Karen Pryor's book called Clicker Training for Obedience.
  3. Good luck to you all. I know what ever happens, you will all have a great time. Dont forget about us poor things, sitting at home waiting to hear all about it when you get back!
  4. Hi Jennifer, I think it sounds like great fun. I would love to have a go but although I have 6 dogs, they are all working dogs. Kelpies, borders and ACD. I dont think they would be big enough and not sure that I really have the time anyway but good luck to you and have fun with your dogs.
  5. They are a special breed thats for sure. not sure that everyone would agree though. But I dont understand the difference in working breed kelpie? how does that effect the answer?
  6. yes I think so. I got her from a farmer who was going to shoot her because he said she is too small for herding. He needed a bigger dog to push around big rams. He said she is a good worker but not enough size. It didnt make sense to me but I dont know about herding. she has plenty of drive though thats for sure! lol
  7. K9: Diagnosing the cause of the aggression is going to be the most important steps to sorting it out, Rank & Defence aggression (Dominance & Fear) are treated totally different. K9: Thank you very much for the kind words, I am really pleased to hear your doing well! K9: Thank you very much, thats a real compliment! Thanks :D Looks like you're the man for the job K9Force shall give you a ring and organise something soon,how hard is it to get in at this stage? julie Hi K9, I am very interested in this topic as I too have the same prob with my kelpie bitch. I have only had her for a couple of months and she is now about 12 months old. She is very posessive of me and attacks my other dogs if they come near me. At dog club she does the same thing but I think with strange dogs maybe it is fear aggression. How can you work out which it is and is it possibly both fear and dominance at the same time?
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