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  1. yes I did mean basenji, I had never heard of the breed before but she is so cute
  2. My parents have just adopted a five year old besanjhi, my dad would like to know how high they jump and if they are a breed that would suit agility
  3. I had a lot of problems with my puppy jumping and knocking my two year old over, I got some really good advice from DOL members, make her sit before patting her or giving her any positive attention. She no longer knocks people over, instead she sit and waits for attention. It took time and patiences but well worth it. You need to get everybody who comes into contact with your puppy not to pat her until she sit. Unfortunately my OH didn't do this and my dog sits for kids and females but not for males.........LOL
  4. Please let us know how you go at the comp Have fun spotted devil
  5. yuk, my dog eats cow poo, just too much to pick up.
  6. Decide what you are going to feed the dog in the way of dry food, wether you are going to buy a premium discuit or purchase the best quality available from a supermarket and stick to it. I get changing my puppies diet - with the best of intentions and I over feed her, gave her stomach upsets and the worst sloppy stinking sludgey poo's (won't forget the one from the kiwi fruit in a hurry)
  7. my dog gets the kids left over fruit from their morning and afternoon tea. But I now don't give her too much kiwi fruit made that mistake once, really green sludgey poo (very hard to clean up). She also gets a lot of vegetables.
  8. I feed my puppy after we all eat. I have a similar problem, Holly seven months plays up when ever in her kennel keeps whimpering and trying to climb out. If I lock her out of the patio, she jumps in. I think I am going to try the diluted vinegar/ citronella oil.
  9. I only have the one dog, Holly who is in good health other than this bald spots developing in her coat, started on her ear size of pea now about 5 cent piece. I have never had this kind of problem before so to be honest I don't really know what I have done to cause this. I do give her apple cider vinegar, could that cause hair to fall out? She doesn't appear to be itchy. But rest assured so is going to the vet this week.
  10. This afternoon one of our neighbours called in with their two dogs, I noticed that their GSD has hair missing along it back side etc and looked very matted and dull Hollies coat looks good, except for the spot of hair missing on her ear, that has gotten larger this week started the size of a pea and now about 5 cent piece. The other sections that she is missing hair is on her legs like a scratch pattern but no redness at all. I am taking her to the vet this week to find out what is going on. Do these mites affect kids - my son loves to play in the dog kennel and he has small bites and re
  11. I treated her with advantix about week ago, I can't find anything on her. I am in Queensland where we have had lots of rain so far this year. Can dogs get rain scald like horses? The spots that are bald don't look irratated etc, just look like skin which doesn't have hair on it. She sleeps on a doggie bed, hashen bag style.
  12. Is she desexed? sounds to me like she may have demodex, take her to the vet to get a skin scrape for confirmation. HERE is a link. She was desexed when she was 6 months old. Thanks for the link
  13. I have had my pound puppy for 4mths now, breed not really known guess ridgexbull X ???? I have noticed that she is starting to get bald spots for want of a better term. First one started on her ear and several on her legs. She looks in good health plus she gets intercept monthly plus treated for advantix. We live out of town, fully fenced yard not in contact with other dogs. Any idea's of what is happening? She gets feed dry food (same one since I have had her), bones plus table scrapes, sardines.
  14. Um, I feed my dog a bone a day - is that too many? I had never heard of bone dust before!
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