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  1. Cazz

    Crate Changing

    Mishka started training with a soft crate...then Buffy came along, the crate lasted one night. Since then, they've been in the laundry. I bought myself a stronger crate, it arrived this morning. I put the dog blanket in, covered the crate with a flannelette bedsheet, let the dogs in and watched. Neither of them'd go in! Buffy tried to sleep on top of the crate. What's wrong here?
  2. My 2 got half a boiled egg each today. I boiled eggs for the rats, the cats whine if they don't get any and I thought since everyone got some, why not the dogs? Do they want another one mushed in their food for dinner, or will half an egg (with shell) do to keep them happy?
  3. Mishka's a tiny toy, he has a harness. The collar I got for him's too big, so I've decided to use the collar for identification and a harness if I walk him. He is such a big baby though, he walks in front of my feet and sits so I pick him up. Buffy doesn't go out for walks either. She's only been walked once, she didn'tm pull, but I hated choking her if i had to check her. She'll be getting a martingale collar in the mail. Buffy's built like a small staffy, but she's chipped as a JRTx, which also explains why the lost dogs home rehomed her.
  4. Cazz

    Puppy Pawing

    How do you ignore it? The blind is shut anyway, he's taught Buffy how to do it on the window, and she puts all her weight into the thumping on the glass...she's 10kgs, I'm surprised the glass isn't broken. I stuck the top bit from my clothes horse across the gap, she's bent the clothes rack, but it's keeping her off the window. Doesn't help the Mishka noise either. I have flywire across the window in the door, and he's worked out that if he grabs it, pulls and then lets go, it makes a huge thump like the house is collapsing...brings me running everytime.
  5. Cazz

    Puppy Pawing

    They both have 2 coats on (they've been bathed today) they took off to chase a stray cat who wandered into my yard and I've left them out for 5 mins, but Mishka insists on sitting, and pawing and whining like someone's hit him with a truck. I'm not particularly worried about the door, it's the window right next to the door that goes down to floor level I'm worried about. I went shopping for an hour and left the neighbor in charge, she couldn't pick him up and take him away from the window without him whining at full volume. I left Buffy with him when I went around the block, he still whines and paws. How do I tell him that he doesn't need me and I hate his nails on my window? edited for my silly spelling mistakes
  6. Mishka got an alarm clock and a heat pad seperately and together. He has a crate too...he still wouldn't shut up! He now has a girlfriend (she's desexed) and now I have 2x JRTx's to annoy me! Hopefully your patience is longer then mine. He's still a bit sensitive if you touch him somewhere he doesn't expect, but as he's been abused there's not much more I can do for him. I wish you luck with your puppy.
  7. Cazz


    Buffy's not just on a speaker cord munch, she's jumped on and bent the soft crate. Geez...anyone want my destructive girl? (PS. I'm only joking about Buffy wanting a new home. If anyone's handy with needle and thread, you can have my medium sized puppy crate.)
  8. Mishka's C4 until Monday week. Will the next injection be C4 or C5, and what's the difference?
  9. Maybe. I think they should impose restrictions on the places who sell them too. They may get perfectly safe prong collars, but there may be a disgruntled employee or something who'll 'adjust' the collar and sell it to someone, which gets the dog owner in trouble. Exactly! Educate on the proper use, don't ban training aids without actually looking at the thing and it's uses.
  10. I originally thought my rats were chewing them, now I know Buffy chewed them. All 5 were chewed through the 1st night, 3 were chewed the 2nd night, so the dogs are now confined to the laundry. I had the dogs in their 'crates' in here. Buffy created a hole(she ripped the zipper off the side of her crate) and she used it as a doorless doorway. What was her fascination with them and how can I stop her from doing it again?
  11. I think the regulations should state how pointy is 'pointed'. Even a pin doesn't end in a point, it just gets very thin before the curved end of it. They shouldn't have perfectly flat ends without the sides being sanded or whatever, because a sharp corner can be dangerous too. These ideas should be put in place of banning the collar, the collar's not a bad thing, it's quite an effective training tool if used properly. Train the people who want to use it, so they'll be less likely to abuse it. Then, if they insist on misusing it, the police can be called in. Don't stop everyone from using this tool because of a few nuts who abuse it.
  12. Erny, will type my ideas. I want to know what format it'll have to be in, letter format, bullet points of my ideas...
  13. My mutts have A laundry mat and a folded up picnic rug on top for outdoor snoozing For bedding in the crates (Mishka has an airline approved box, Buffy has a soft crate from ebay) they both get newspaper on the bottom, then Buffy has the sheepswool underlay that came with hers, then they both have soft cuddly blankets and a polar fleece rug thrown in for them to cuddle under or burrow through. They get a new bone each every 2nd day, the kong's not been touched but they love chewing a rubber ring I got, I forget where I got it. My two have a leash each. Mishka's came with his harness which he hardly ever wears anyway and Buffy's was bought as a Staffy leash (for my ex staffyx) but it suits her anyhow. I could walk her with an old ferret leash she pulls so rarely, but I prefer to know that if she does lunge at something, the leash won't snap. Buffy has got a new martingale collar coming in the mail, because even though I have an idea of how to use a 'choker' chain, I'm a bit slow to react and I might end up choking her and doing regrettable damage.
  14. He stresses when he can't see his paw. I've tried covering it, he chews it because he can't feel anything and all he sees is a big white thing, and if he can't tear it of, Buffy will help him. When he tries to chew it, he breaks the skin on the paw which increases the amount of blood.
  15. I'm buying a blue webbing one. Do they have the slider or buckle?
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