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  1. Thanks Scottsmum, I thought it odd that I could't get any info on her.
  2. I googled Kirsty Secksel for some information & nothing came up except a mention of her for an aggressive dog. Does anyone know if she's stopped practicing?
  3. I prefer to feed Meals for Mutts because it doesn't have a few ingredients that I don't like in Ivory Coat - Potatoes, Tomato Pomace & Ground Flaxseed.
  4. I've only seen this thread this morning, what a roller coater of a ride for you & Amber Jules. I was hanging in every page with baited breath to see how she was going. Glad to hear she came through ok & hope that she is continuing to improve
  5. Lots of scare mongering on FB re Bravecto. Both my vet & repo vet I went to for ultrasound both recommend & sell Bravecto. I'm not in a tick area but fleas are a problem even with Advantix/Advantage which doesn't last the full month. Thinking that I'll give either Nexgard or Bravecto a go next summer.
  6. Do you intend doing any dog sports with your dog eg agility. If so I would wait until after her 1st season.
  7. Glad to hear of the improvement but I'd ditch the rawhide, lots of nasties there.
  8. I started reading this thread ages ago & probably years ago when Erny 1st talked about Calendula Tea. I bought some a month or so before Christmas, & hadn't used it until last night. I rinsed my itchy dog with it last night. I wouldn't have thought it for a white dog but his coat is so shiny. Will have to go back & see if I can find where I left off as I skimmed this last page & saw that you could also feed the spent leaves to the dog. How long can they be kept to do this or does it have to be straight away?
  9. Thanks ness, that's the one I've been leaning towards. Thanks also Vehs. I haven't shown my dog myself, that was kindly done with her breeder who attained her Ch. I do hope to start showing in the future with perhaps another JS & yes the feet are the only part of a JS that is trimmed. Not totally sure if they give the hocks a little tidy up. I do do it on my BC though. :)
  10. I'm looking to buy a pet dryer. I have 3 long coated dogs, a border collie & 2 Japanese spitz. A human hair dryer is just too slow & doesn't remove the undercoat like a pet dryer does. I have finally found a store nearby where I can purchase one as I won't buy online. I am looking at 2 possible choices & would appreciate advice on which one would be better. http://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/xpower-2-hp-2-speed-2-in-1-pet-dryer-and-vacuum-b2-p1548/ or http://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/aeolus-cyclone-grooming-dryer-with-heater-p1483/ for an extra $90 this one comes with a stand but not sure I would need this. I also want to purchase grooming scissors to trim their feet only. http://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=41_71&product_id=190 http://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/shark-teeth-professional-scissors-curved-7.5quot%3b-p1379/ http://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/hikato-5-star-scissors-curved-7.5quot%3b-p946/ http://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=41_70&product_id=186 And a show trolley, is this a good reliable brand? http://www.ozgroomingworld.com.au/aeolus-1-berth-aluminium-show-trolley-small-size-p638/
  11. When my previous Border Collie was about 9 yrs old the vet said she'd need a dental before she was too much older because of the risk of a GA. At the time I wasn't prepared to do that so used to give her chicken wings & a 1/4 can of Natures Gift canned food. She was allergic to wheat which made her incontinent. The next year when she went to the vet for her check-up the vet said her teeth were good for her age. They had cleaned up really well on this diet. She lived to be almost 15 yrs. I wish the raw meaty bone diet worked for him, would make it so much easier. He can be on a RMB diet for a few weeks with maybe 2 or 3 kibble meals in that time & his teeth still look dirty. ETA Vet doesn't like a raw bone diet as seen too many obstructions, my present BC being one of them which makes me a little more cautious.
  12. I've been trying to buy a decent dog toothpaste to replace the one I used to have made by Ruddocks. When it ran out I bought an American brand, all I could get at the pet warehouse I went to, & it is so thin it doesn't stay in the mouth or clean the same as the Ruddocks. My little guy has already had one dental just over a year ago & if I can't get his teeth clean he's going to need another. I've used Plaque Off, Healthy Mouth water additive, dental chews & he's mostly on a raw meaty bone diet & Royal Canin small dog dental kibble at the vets recommendation but because of his overshot jaw nothing seems to work. Who here cleans their dogs teeth? & what do you use? & do you like the way it cleans?
  13. Mine get a mix of flavours & brands as well as mostly raw meaty bones.
  14. Thanks for that HW. I have Barbara Fougere's book will have to look it up. Haven't read it for years. Yes I know they are the same thing which had me concerned about feeding the BH to her. I'll feed it to my desexed, thin border collie instead. :D
  15. For my little dog I prefer the finger 'brush' easier to manage than a handled tooth brush. You also have to watch they have soft bristles, I bought one from the vet & found it too hard. The first doggy toothpaste I bought a few years ago was good but has been discontinued & the alternatives are so thin. I have yet to try the paste type. Does she have a normal bite for her breed? My little guy has an overshot lower jaw which causes problems with trying to keep his teeth clean. No amount of raw meaty bones have kept them clean. Daily brushing was recommended to me as well as dental chews & products that you add to their food & water.
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