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  1. Depending on the plane and size of the dogs, we could fit 2-3. Yes we could potentially take 1 -3 passengers. The cost is a put off, I agree. This would be something rather exclusive!
  2. Hello! I'm putting out feelers to see if anybody is in need of a private plane to move dogs or cats around Australia. My husband is a pilot and would be flying, I would accompany the animal. This is a service we've been considering offering, not as a job as such, but because I know how frightening animals can find travelling by air. I wanted to offer an option with the pets health in mind. Prices to each airport will be calculated differently, however all flights will leave from Camden Airport in Sydney. If the animal needs to be picked up and dropped off from another location, that would
  3. I don't think Bonnie is really relevant to this directly and I'm reluctant to go off into a tangent on this one as I feel like this thread has finally gotten back on track. I will mention briefly that Bonnie was never set to be adopted directly from the pound. A very reputable rescue group was lined up to take her with an experienced foster carer. This group has some of the best behaviourists in Sydney on board with them should they ever need them, and they are not afraid to make the decision of euthanasia if it is the right thing to do. All pound staff and volunteers were totally confiden
  4. This boy is release to rescue only due to very poor quality back legs that need further investigation.
  5. When we are met with such hostility on line, why would anybody now take the time to phone you CBE and ask the questions posted here on line? Furthermore, when several people are asking the same or similar questions, why not answer them publicly here, instead of potentially taking several phone calls and repeating yourself? I realise I am probably talking to the wind here, CBE has expressed that he will not return, but I just wanted to put those questions out there rhetorically.
  6. I totally agree Steve. I'm not complaining at all about BP now temp testing. :)
  7. PR have stated time and time again that they take the dogs that are left last on the list. In other words, they take the dogs that no other rescue or adopter wants. Quite often that is due to the nature of the animal, and yes I realise many of those left on the list are large bull breeds, sadly many find these much harder to work behaviourally with than a small terrier type (for example) due to size and strength. Therefore, shouldn't this magical group have been screening the adopters thoroughly to ensure they are going into the right home? Shouldn't they be working with the dogs behavioural
  8. I havent read through the whole thread.. can anybody enlighten me as to whether a solution to this problem has been found? Cause it's a common one in rescue
  9. Great idea, trakkies make great jumpers! I am happy to be the (volunteer) contact for Hawkesbury Pound :)
  10. Considering my name is on the top of that list, you'd think I would have heard from the police by now regarding this baiting or whatever else it is that MN thinks I have done...
  11. Pound Rounds: Cease functioning Petition
  12. Not via the media Plan B the media is a good idea if its well thought out and used effectively but there is much to loose here if it gives off any impression that there is a risk in taking rescue dog - again if this is a potential tool it needs to fit in with a strategy plan. . and then MN would just threaten to sue for defamation.
  13. Scenario: You have space for one dog, do you: Take in and spend the time and money, working with a DA or escaping dog OR take the nice re home able dog on the list? Sometimes that is what it comes down to, and we, as the sensible rescuers seeing the bigger picture and are not operating with a bleed heart, trying to save them all. We take the nicer, more well adjusted dog that society will accept. Sucky? yes. But we can only do what we can do. PR have prided themselves on taking the "dogs nobody wants" or "the ones left on the list".. what did they think they would end up with!? Of course the
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