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  1. Go to Robert McDowells herbal treatment site and have a look at his anti inflammatory mix. It is wonderful stuff and a great alternative to metacam http://www.herbal-treatments.com.au/herbal...s_for_dogs.html
  2. Yes it is an attachment. Bought individually though not in a set. According to the info that came with my attachment it works best with blade size 40, 35, 30 and 10. The dog is matt free. Ari, you may be right is saying I need a shorter attachment. I assumed the 1/2 inch one would leave that length of hair (was told that when I bought it too) but I may have the wrong idea
  3. Not sure if I have the correct name here but I am talking about the comb you attach to the clipper blade in order to leave longer coat. I usually clip with a size 10 blade against the coat which effectively takes the coat off to almost the skin. I have an older girl that I want to leave about 1/2 to 3/4 inch of coat on. I have the comb but it does not seem to take any coat off when I clip with the lay of the coat which is about 1.5 to 2 inches long at the moment. Should I be clipping against the coat to achieve what I want? Have not really set the dog up and had a proper play yet so have not had the opportunity to really sort it out and thought some of you groomers may be able to give me some tips.
  4. I agree sherre_e4 Great Barko or Uncle Albers - made by the same company is a favourite for my dogs. Costing only about $27 for 22 kg. It has far less grain than Coprice which is preferable.
  5. i do hope you DIDN'T pick her up If she learns that you will carry her........she is then being the one who calls the shots!! She is the DOG you are the HUMANS. Humans make the decisions, NOT dogs Spot on persephone. Stop carrying her
  6. It sounds as though there may be a foreign object in the wound which is preventing it from healing. Maybe the lump you are speaking of is just that.
  7. Colloidal silver or organic apple cider vinegar sprayed on the area will work well too. ETA both available from the health food stores
  8. Only way to find out is to read the pack
  9. None routinely. If I do give it I add it to teh food on serving and it would simply be some Vit E liquid from the health section at the chemist or a Vit E capsule
  10. puggypuggy, I have been to Lysterfield Produce today and they have kangaroo mince for $3.50 kg. Does not seem to have tails though. Cheers
  11. Have you tried Gourmet Pet Foods in Ferntree Gully? I think they have rabbit and kangaroo. My dogs won't eat kangaroo by choice, about the only thing they will not eat. ETA you could also try Lysterfield Produce Store, cnr Wellingtonand Lysterfield Roads. I'll be there this afternoon so will report back to you about that if you like
  12. I think you will find them at Priority Pets in Cheltemham road Dandenong. I have bought them there but not for a while
  13. Puggles this method is one Ithat has been used by many of my American doggy friends. It seems to be quite common in the US. I believe the theory is that he cotton wool basically encases the object and allows it to be passed safely. Metamucil is another thing that works well. The following is an email from a breeder in US detailing her experience with metamucil for assisting in getting rid of a foreign object "In praise of Metamucil I want to sing the praises of ? Metamucil remedy. Thursday evening, our puppy Neisha and her sidekick Dilys found a small plastic bag that had four 1 1/2 inch, heavy, furniture screws in it. We found three of the screws: one was missing, and we feared the worst: that it was inside one of the dogs. We called ?, and she said that (1) we should start both of them on a mixture of 1 tablespoon of Metamucil mixed with a half can of dog food mixed with water to make a slurry, 3 or 4 times a day, (2) we should be sure to keep them hydrated so the system would keep things moving, and (3) we should take both of them into the vet in the morning for an x-ray to determine who had the screw (if either of them did). So we gave them both the Metamucil mixture and in the morning, we gave them both a large bowl of chicken broth to ensure that they had plenty of fluids to keep their system moving. We went to our back-up vet for the x-rays because the regular practice could not see us as early as we wanted to be seen. When the x-rays were taken, the screw turned out to be in Neisha, the seven month old puppy. It looked huge on the x-ray: it was in her stomach, and the vet who took the x-rays (not our regular vet) said that there was no way that this screw could pass through her intestines. . He recommended immediate surgery to save her life. The pressure was horrendous: who were we to refuse the vet's advice? But something told us not to rush into the decision. We called ? and she told us great stories about the Metamucil cure, including one story about a rock that was two inches long and at least one inch wide. So we decided not to do the surgery and to give the Metamucil until Monday to effect a cure. We then checked with our regular vet's practice and the head vet told us that he thought the Metamucil would work to bulk it up and protect the intestines as it passed through, and he also said that there were no downsides to this equation: if it did not pass, he would prefer to remove it from the intestines than from the stomach. Made sense to us. So we proceeded to give Neisha three meals a day of Metamucil, Wysong canned dog food, and chicken broth mixed into a slurry with in-between bowls of chicken broth to keep her well hydrated. Poops were frequent and rubbery: you could use a pooper scooper to pick them up and they left nothing on the floor or ground -- everything came up like one big rubbery mass and plopped on the pooper scooper. 36 hours after the x-rays and the vet who said it would not pass, the screw appeared in her poop, a little changed in coloration, but firmly ensconced in the rubbery mess! So instead of a dog recovering from serious stomach surgery, we have a dog who does not realize what she has been through, has not missed a beat in her training program, is ready to find something else to grab and take to her crate, and will be able to participate in her Monday morning obedience class. She has not had a moment of discomfort (at least, not that we are aware of but then, we did not see the poop with the screw pass), and she is as spirited as ever. No anaesthesia; no recovery time; no mess. I have heard of a lot of remedies for things ingested (canned asparagus, cotton balls and heavy cream, hydrogen peroxide to bring them back up, etc.), but nothing comes close to what the Metamucil did. We had it on hand because of ? earlier posting. We will always have it on hand because of the dramatic results we got. And we recommend that everyone keep Metamucil on hand for this reason! Obviously this works for some anyway!
  14. Ho hum, I give up. Obviously rocey does not want to answer my posts or play by her own rules - in in providing any my "remotly" scientific evidience.
  15. Sounds to me ricey as though even if there was evidience presented you would not accept it. You obviously have ignored my specific post about our class experiment although mentioned pouring CS on bacteria on a petri dish in response to ravensmyst00. Give us some creedence ricey, might not be ground breaking material but the ecperiment was conducted correctly. Simply because you do not agree does not make you right. What are your credentials? Are you a Dr? A Scientist? A Veterinarian? There are many commercial drugs that the professionals thrust down our throats and those of our dogs which in fact have a dubious in their effect on the body despite the published scientific evidience. Try vaccinations for one but let us not go there. Current day pet food being another, I'm sure there is scientific evidience to show this is the best way to feed or dogs. Funny how they surviced on other foods until about 60 years ago and in the main without many of the common ailments we see today before we started poisioning our dogs with inappropriate substances. Cynical as I am maybe there is just not enough money in natural therapies (including CS) for the drug companies to worry about publishing their scientific evidience.
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