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  1. I dont know how expensive Murdoch are but I know that my mum's bichon has chronic renal failure .. the usual vet they used said she had a few weeks to live .. with the help of murdoch she had 11 months extra of a happy life (and some medication!) Murdoch Vet Hospital is based at Murdoch University which is a veterinary specialist .. they have amazing facilities
  2. Yep Alibear: do it ... it is the cutest funniest thing!
  3. my little dog, Lucy will not even pick up an egg so I usually break it into her bowl and leave the shell & all in there. However, Bayley, the amstaff will carry an egg around for ages until he accidentally breaks it. I'm sure Amstaffs are not known for being gentle lol
  4. I dont think a pregnancy test will be coming back positive tomorrow ... will try again next cycle. Thanks for all your support and wishes about Ty
  5. Thanks TKS. I have a pregnancy test tomorrow and I can't help but think that maybe it's something about the circle of life. He is now at the vet and I wish I could go there and tell them I made a mistake. I havent let my other cat out yet to go to the toilet. I'm too scared.
  6. Poor baby. Cars and pets dont mix. RIP Nugget
  7. I know this doesnt really belong here but I need to say goodbye My gorgeous tabby Tyson was hit by a car last night, just as I was about to bring him in. I didn't see it but I got a knock on the door asking if I owned a cat with a collar and bell. I knew what he was going to say. The man moved him from the road and covered him with a towel. He was still alive but not for much longer. I stroked him and told him I love him and that he could go, that he didn't need to suffer. He buried his head under the towel and took his final breath. He was the sweetest cat I've ever known. Ridiculously affectionate and endlessly tolerant of Lucy who would jump all over him. He never so much as looked at someone with a scowl. I love you my baby boy. 2 years was much too short a time with you. Your brother Cody (who was 4 months when we got you and we thought would not accept you) will miss you. He was waiting at the door for you to come inside. I can't stop the tears from flowing for you. I gave you the best life I could. I will never forget you.
  8. I have one for Lucy ... it's her pjs .. because when she is clipped she feels the cold (and it looks cute because it's hot pink with angels on it). I wouldn't have bought one for her but mum gave it to me because it's too small for her bichon
  9. Pavlov's Dog ... ahhh the beauty of 1st year Psych
  10. I didn't think to look at this earlier ... a shame since I will be in Sydney end May - beginning of June and if anyone can benefit from steves expertise its me! myszka: if there are any cancellations for the first session, could you please let me know ... unless someone organises Steve to come to Perth
  11. I wish I had known that before ... I might have considered agility
  12. ohhhh I thought i didn't know that the judge told you what to do ... I thought it was like a routine you had to know by heart Thank myszka, learn something new everyday!
  13. I dont do agility or trialling but could it be that it must be in English so that the judge understands ie if you say sit and the dog drops, thats wrong. But using another language, you could say <insert "sit" in another language>, your dog drops but the judge does not know that its incorrect My goodness, does that make any sense?
  14. Why dont you call the school and speak to the instructor. I believe that if you can't agree with their methods it is best to find another school. Saves money because you are more likely to stick with a school with similar principles to yourself
  15. I used a check chain but found it difficult to apply enough "force" to correct my amstaff. He is 26kgs of muscle and I am 60kgs of flab
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