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  1. Super woman! Just waiting for someone to approve me so I can work it out.
  2. Thanks DDD! Have applied to join. Sounds like a great resource - I often have spare dog clothes, leads etc
  3. We've cleaned out mum's place and have a bunch of stuff suitable for pounds or rescue. Please let me know if anyone wants it. I'm in Ashfield.
  4. Sheets Towels Blankets Bedding

  5. Not sure if you rescuers have heard of Freecycle but there are often people on there giving away bedding items suitable for rescue. And there don't seem to be many takers. People give away all sorts of furniture, too eg baby gates and other household items. Or you can place an ad for anything you need. All for free. You do need to pick up the item/s. Freecycle will send you a daily digest so you only need to browse occasionally. I belong to Sydney and Bankstown but there are groups all over the place. Just a thought if you need bedding etc
  6. I have Excelerated Learning and Inside of a Dog to give away - pick up Ashfield 2131. I may have others, just can't recall what's on the prescribed list. Let me know if there is any iDelta Companion Animal Services cert IV student interested. Also a couple of dog breed encyclopaedias. I have a whitte fluffy toy poodle 'demo dog' - soft toy cost me a fortune but I have no use for it. Only about 12" not life size. Dogs in class found it distracting! PM me if you're a Delta student.
  7. Just finished my Delta Course...my Cert IV is in the mail, hopefully. It was hard and expensive but very interesting and well worth it. Took me 2.5 years. It would be hard if you were working full-time because the assignments take up a lot of time but they're pretty honest about the time requirement. Instructors were really good. It's well worth doing the Intro weekend to see what you think.
  8. Thanks very much. I managed to find 4, so I'm starting this weekend. I'll remember you in future for free classes, the age group won't be so restrictive! Wendy
  9. Hi all As part of my Companion Animal Services Cert IV, I'm running a free program of 5 lessons for senior puppies. One hour on Saturday mornings at 9.30. I'm one (or two) puppies short for the next one starting on 22 March. Senior Puppies 4 - 6 months whether or not they have been to Puppy Pre-School - people seem to think that Pre-School is all they need! If you know anyone interested, Please PM me. Many thanks Wendy
  10. Thanks so much Caroline! Any help is appreciated. I'm finding it hard to get my target age group. No response to my ad on Gumtree last weekend Wendy
  11. Hi all rescue people I'm running a 5 week course of lessons as part of my Companion Animal Cert IV certificate with the Delta Society (ie all positive reinforcement clicker training. Classes cover all the standard behaviours (sit, drop, stand, stay etc) plus some tricks and problem behaviours (jumping up, mouthing) If you know any dogs in this age bracket who might be interested,in the Sydney inner-west area, please feel free to PM me for further details. Classes start 15 March (Sat 9.30am) and there are a couple of requirements: - must commit to attend all 5 classes (barring accidents etc) - a couple of the classes will be videoed so need to sign a consent form - dog must be suitable for a class situation (4-5 dogs) I've just finished running an adult dog class and the feedback was very positive so I'm hoping to run more free classes, particularly for rescue, but at this stage, I just need bums on seats to get through my course! Many thanks Wendy
  12. You're the second person I've heard recommending this product in the last 24 hours. Other was for 'doggy smell' in house.
  13. Tell Me About Beagles?

    I walk a beagle occasionally. Bit of a nightmare puller - follows his nose to any discarded food wrapper. Is an outside dog because "he eats everything" if allowed inside. He's a sweet dog. It's sad really. I guess the moral is all dogs need training properly. I also walk a feisty JRT. smart, fast learner, reactive to bigger dogs, uncomfortable around puppies. Lovely with kids. They're all individuals.
  14. So it's not the Marrickville yeti? Or a panther? Sheesh! :laugh:
  15. Dog Buyback Scheme

    Miranda Devine has written previous anti-dog pieces, as in "I can't understand why people make so much fuss of their dogs..."