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  1. Ahhh yes Health Insurance for 4 or 2 legged animels in the US is crap! Unfortunatly for the 2 legged ones it is a must have, the other option is been put on the street because you have no insurance. When I moved here I was oww so happy when I was told Oz has a public system.
  2. Surely you could come up with 100 bucks??? Yes I could, but what I was saying was I would hate to be in a position where I couldn't find $100. How many posts have we seen on this forum about dog owners who have to wait to payday before they can take their dog to the vet? And then there would be plenty who simply wouldn't want to admit it. I am thankful I never have to worry about that because of the pet insurance I have. Ahh yea good point.
  3. Surely you could come up with 100 bucks??? :rolleyes: The ASPCA one sounds really good though. Do they have exclusions on which breeds can be insured? edited by Tobias who is having a bad spelling day :wink:
  4. I have PetPlan as well, I pay 98.00 a month for the 2 dogs and 1 kitty. Floyd is on the Premium Plan being a BBD so his is 40 of the 98 a month we pay. Floyd is covered for up to $18,000.00 a year and the excess is $100.00. Like InspectorRex said they have to be notifyed of pre-existing conditions. Because Floyd had Cainine Cough when he was 14 weeks I am excluded from making a clam for it for 12-months. I chose PP because they do not exclude breeds like BBDs where most do. They have been pretty good; payed for Floyd's trip to the vet when he had his rash so no prob so far.
  5. Stormie - Thanks! No I don't think we have any wandering jew but he does lay in my herb garden sometimes He has been known to eat my rosemery and roll in dogbane (which by the way is supposed to keep dogs out of gardens). It is on his front legs and face but not his back, neck or ears. I wasn't all at once, there was a spot on the underside of his left back leg my OH noticed about 2 weeks ago. I put come cream on it and he was fine. About 5 days ago it started spreading to where it is now. I think your right a plant has done it because he will lay and EAT anything! He is a little itchy but not digging like mad or anything. puppy puppy - I'll do that! He was on Orijin but I have him on Royal Canin Maxi Junior now. It may have been the Orijin, maybe, but he had it before I put him on the RC.
  6. My 5m old BBD Floyd has, it looks like hives? I'm not sure what has caused it so I'm keeping him indoors and staying with him when he has to potty. I changed his food but he had them before that. The vet sad it looks like a rash from something, food, shampoo, ect? I have a pic here. Can you give dogs antihistamines(sp?)? My daughter has had them and we did coaltar baths can you do that for dogs? Vet wasn't very helpful my, normal vet is on holidays He is playing and eating just like normal. Any Ideas?
  7. Poor little mite You can get EP Holistic Anchovy here: http://www.pookinuk.com.au/pet-products.asp?categoryID=72 They deliver to Perth for ony $5.00. Hope it works for him.
  8. Me too. I have 1/2 a 7kg Orijin Puppy bag if anyone wants it? My boys are both back on Royal Canin now.
  9. Thanks so much for all your help settrlvr & JME!
  10. Ohh ok thanks! I live in Woodvale so not to far from Padbury. Could you pm me her contact details if you have them?
  11. Thanks! I don't mind paying whatever if she will do it. I've heard it only has to be done twice a year? I do pull his wispies and feel ok with that but to do a full job of it... BALD Poor little man...may have to buy a coat for him. lol! Sorry I'm new at the wire coats but what is rolling the coat? Again sorry if this is a ignorant question
  12. Hiya, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a groomer for Maxie? I'd like someone to hand strip his coat. I really don't want to change his coat texture ie: have it go all light and fluffy like clipping or improper stripping with a stripping tool does, so I need an experenced groomer. I don't feel I can do it and have it look right...or good. THANKS!!
  13. These are the BARF patties that I bought, no cocoa in them. I do think the frozen treat things that are like icecream do though
  14. Floyd's coat is gorgeous too! Had him to the vet today and he commented on how good he looked and ask what I was feeding!
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