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  1. Hi Leon, I hope Belle is doing ok, but there were a few things that rang alarm bells in this post for me...did you breeder tell other puppy buyers? Is the breeder at least covering some of your vet costs also? You are well within your rights to claim these, if it was my pups Id be rushing to pay for them. I had one of a litter come back a light positive but recovered within hours of fluids, turns out (as mentioned by others here) it was caused by a vaccination reaction (as its a live vaccine) However, I was on the phone to owner, her vet, my vet, other new owners in litter
  2. Interesting topic.. I am going to share the question on a worldwide breeder FB page and see what thoughts pop up. Cairns originally went by the name of the "Long Legged Skye Terrier'
  3. Agree with Rebanne..considering to register a pup is only $30ish dollars, to rip off someone for a few hundred for them might have issues with ethics..
  4. who is your breeder?? They should be showing you!!!
  5. Considering it costs approx $13K to import 1 medium sized dog from Europe Id double your costings. Best of luck! Perhaps have a chat to a few that have already done it with a new breed? (Wazzat Xolo springs to mind)
  6. I just did an Irish terrier on Sunday, shame you rant in Vic :) Perhaps try a breeder of hand stripped dogs..thats all I am and I do it because I enjoy doing it :) (and charge a fraction of what a salon would too..as I have all day to get 1 dog done, no time slots to fit into ;) )
  7. Both different dogs, both could do what they were bred for as well as show...no fat, just muscle.
  8. I would ring the Pug club or as a member stated here PM them :)
  9. Hey Sway, I did, I asked and then taped it in bags to the top of vary kennel! Mine went via London to Finland, and the spent the night in a run in London :) A lot of paperwork and mucking around though. ie crate, they need to be able to stand up fully (no crouching) and turn around.
  10. excuse me! Errr what? I've been around this forum for awhile now, these types of calls for help always go the same ol' way. The OP is constantly made out to be some crazy dog monster. Sure, some are mad but I'd say 99% are genuine people who aren't in the know-it-all dog scene. and where was the OP made out to be some kind of crazy dog monster? Where was the bullying? Did you report it? Yeah right of course not cause there is nothing to report Same..just calling like I see it really..there are so many variables to this story...but good luck with it all.
  11. oh good lord..playing the devils advocate and putting on my flame suit here: If the OP was really interested in advice wouldn't they have posted earlier? All advice given (all of it great) has been tossed back in to post...Im pretty sure OP had already made their mind up before coming on DOL. Call me cynical, but I read first two posts and then went to get a jacket and some crisps to sit down and read... :laugh:
  12. Sometimes you just have to think in Black and White. Sorry for your loss
  13. Take him off Chicken for a start...or if you do an elimination diet, try poultry last :)
  14. Is $500 worth all this crap?? Lesson learned, move on!!
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