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    I am new in the lovely world of owning a puppy, so please be patient with me. I am gathering as much info as possible before making my forever commitment, so your help us much appreciated!

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  1. Anne: the first breeder refused to give any information and without papers, she was rude and she didnt know anything about the breed. The second breeder, showed proof of being a registered breeder, she answered our checklist of questions very well and to the satisfaction of what a reg breeder should he like. We got firsthand info from Dogs Vic that papers arent needed. Thats why we agreed to buy from this second one, thats the difference. Rebanne: thanks, it helps a lot! Steve: I got the number directly from the Dogs Vic website, and I rang after arriving and whilst the breeder was there. I took the word of the receptionist on the line, and why wouldnt I? Shes from Dogs Vic, I couldnt really argue. I feel sad that even Dogs Vic doesnt equate to be trusted. If even Dogs Vic cant be trusted, then who can? Dogs Vic did not confirm, but they told me how I can confirm it, with the card including her member number and her expiry date. Juice: We know where she lives, so hopefully, we wont need to go that far =p Jed: Thanku so much and very true about what you are saying and asking. If any health issues arise (hopefully never), I will of course still keep our forever boy. We are aware of most common health issues of the breed from research and reading, so I do hope nothing does arise to those extents and that our pup is not a result from inbreeding. The breeder, as kind and open as she was, honestly seemed to care for her dogs and pups. staffntoller and ososwift: if we honestly wanted a cheap pup or a pup now, I wouldnt have refused the first lady and I would get one from an unregistered breeder from trading post or gumtree or even a pet store that sells any other dogs for cheap. If I overlooked this issue, I wouldnt be posting here or bothervenquiring about this. I will only buy from people who have gone through my extensive checklist, including ringing the vets for proof of the parents and pups health whilst at the breeders place, which I did. I choose to support registered breeders and as mentioned earlier, I was informed by the receptionist that papers should be given, but they are not obligated to. I may be a little naive in not knowing the processes, and I may be too trusting in what others say, but what basis do I have for disagreeing with the Dogs Vic receptionist? I am certainly not in any rush to support breeders who lie to me, and that, in my defense, is not my fault.
  2. I dont understand people who do this. I see many, and by many, I mean, at least 2-3 people a day in the city, who own corgis, huskies, japanese spitz etc (the "pretty" dogs) who are talking about how they are going back overseas!! It's not my place to say anything to them, but the owners are always students and seems like they only get their dogs for the time they are staying for their studies. It's so sad how people arent committed to the dog for its entire lifetime, and only in the puppy stage
  3. But she had a Dogs Victoria card (just like Dogs Vic described) and a certificate. Can someone from Dogs Victoria confirm this fact? Is anyone from Dogs Victoria also able to confirm member numbers? When I rang Dogs Vic, I guess they didnt/couldnt at the time. I have the breeder's member number and her place looks good, she also ticked my extensive checklist of questions. I am very happy to receive my Magma, and to be honest, he is happy with no health problems, both parents are in great shape, not overfed, her place is clean enough, plus she did give a gaurantee of any health and genetic defects with the puppy. The person who answered the phone was female, Lyra, Lila, couldnt hear properly, I rang Dogs Vic 2-3 times in one hour during inspecting! Not to sound rude, but she did not seem like she didnt knew what she was going to say and had to put me on hold a few times (most likely to ask someone else) and she called me back upon request. When I asked her to check the member number, she had to call back and stated to just check for a card, which I did with the breeder.
  4. I got my pug! He does not come with papers, but the owner is registered with Dogs Victoria, so she is trusted. Her reasoning for not providing even limited papers is that she did not want anyone to have her champion bloodlines, as it took her a long time to get the sire. Of course, I checked with Dogs Victoria and the receptionist who picked up stated registered breeders of Dogs Vic SHOULD provide papers, but do not need to, if they dont want to. I am fine with this, if the original person I was talking about (Rose) was as honest as this breeder was, we would have considered a puppy without papers like our Magma now.
  5. I was also wondering what papers really mean. If you are on someones waiting list, and you go pickup the puppy to bring it home, what papers are included exactly? Please revise/add to this list: (Im referring to papers from ANKC registered breeders) -Registration (limited/main) with ANKC/state body eg VCA -Registration with council (so is this separate from the above?) -Transfer of ownership papers-all signed and ready to be sent -Vet history: vaccinations, checkup history, health issues etc -Microchipping information (number, names, dates, addresses, phone number on microchip) -Possibly informatin on parents and breed (usually optional, right?) Im not sure if the first three are one and same or separate paper. Is someone able to clarify?
  6. vanillan


    We dont own a pug, not yet, We are researching everything possible and my fiancee and I are falling utterly in love with the breed. We are on a waiting list and hopefully will receive one by years end. We wanted a male fawn, purely because we love the color and we didnt want a female. But thankyou to everyone who has reassured that males and fawns really is perfect for us. Someone said each day 30-60mins, some people say puppies can have daily playtime which is their exercise Can someone clarify how much for puppies at 3, 6, 12 months and adults? And is it true they just sit or stay when theyve had enough exercise? Ive read that people use three-four different brushes! Is someone able to kindly advise which brush they use or a combo? So far I understand the Kong Zoom Groom for baths Furminator (metal comb type) is great for the undercoat Deshedding brush (metal ring brush) for same use as furminator types Boar bristle brush to make it shiny and even
  7. vanillan


    Monkey in Chinese is Hou zi (pronounced like an italian saying hose: hoe-za). The modern chinese name for pug is Ha Ba Gou (gou means dog, pronounced huh baa go). Unsure, but if u rearrange the letters, or say it fast and together like this: ha bag ou, the bag (pronounced like bug), sounds like pug. I am uncertain how modern or recent Ha Ba Gou was coined or officially named, but if it is an old term, I would not be surprised if the Europeans thought they were saying pug! The ancient (and I mean ancient) term for pug mentioned in most or all histories of its original name, eg Lo-tze is not very commonly used these days, it literally translates to old lion. This is the story of how the ancient Chinese believed pugs were formed. Keep in mind, they love their myths! The ancient chinese believed that a lion once fell in love with a squirrel. However, the squirrel was much too small for the lion. The lion prayed to the gods for him to be able to be with the squirrel and they be of suitable height in order to be together. The Gods granted his wish and the pug was born. That's why the pug still believes he is King of the Jungle today.
  8. Wow, I heard about this but didn't know the attack was so brutal, what a little champ that cat is!
  9. No deposit made, I will ensure all checks of the parents, puppies etc before committing. I need to be 150% certain. If she was at least honest enough and advised she wasnt a registered breeder, and her dogs happened to have pups, I can understand, and I would still consider her. But her personality reflects the way she treats her dogs and I do not, and hope no one else does fall into that trap. Thats why I found it strange when I've spoken to breeders here who are so open and willing to talk about these things, but she is not. So people can register with councils and as a breeding business aka BYBs? I agree with Airedaler, there should be a difference between Registered Breeder (with VCA, ANKC, or their state body) and a "registered breeder" from the council. Whether its a change of name from "registered breeder" to "Contract Breeder" for those people who arent true breeders with ANKC or meet CCC standards. That way, people will know what type of breeders they are. Or change the title to "Registered Breeder ANKC approved", and that all registered breeders MUST state their prefix/kennel mame. I realise people are very proud to display their kennel name, but it should be mandatory so noobs like me will even know the difference. I am now on the waiting list with a registered breeder found from Dogz Online. I am willing to wait, and all I ask for is a healthy happy pup. I will also contact the VCA about this and see if they are indeed a registered breeder who is breaking the code of ethics by not registering the pups. Thankyou all for your well wishes, it means a great lot to me after her goes at me, I really appreciate it!!
  10. After that, its quite shocking. Its always been on my to do list: to visit the parents, living arrangements etc. The ANKC and VCA websites are great for info, along with other peoples posts on other topics in this forum and I will be such a proud parent, I will definitely show photos of my puppy.
  11. yeh, Im very shaken by that experience and her snap at me. I will definitely get the list of reg breeders from VCA/ANKC. i guess in a way Im grayeful it happened to me, so I can learn. And all the replies have given me great information.
  12. Thankyou for all your support. Keep in mind, I am new at buying a purebred pup. This will be my first, so I thought I may not be understanding what she stated properly but I contacted her and the converstaion went something like this My exact SMS: Hi Rose, Jus a few questions: 1) I was wondering what your prefix is? 2) And also can I confirm that your pups are purebred but are without papers? 3) So they will not be registered as well? 4) And that the puppy, be ause its not going to be registered, there are no papers to be transferred to me? 5) May I also ask what health tests have been done on the parents? Thanks She rang me back and stated that I seemed to have lots of questions, and what the problem was? I asked her what her kennel club name is, and that I was just curious. Rose stated "prefix name means nothing" and that I will get to see the parents anyway. She then asked me if I knew what pugs look like. I asked her of course, I have done my research (I was thinking it doesnt take a genius to know what a pug is!). Asked again what her kennel name was and she clearly stated that "I dont need to tell you what my prefix is" When asking why not and shouldnt she be proud of her prefix/kennel name is, she stated she IS proud and its not a really good idea and she thought about this. She then changed the topic to my living arrangements because its a unit with no backyard, and I have high demands. She states that she has never gone through so much trouble in purchasing a puppy in her 15years of breeding, "breeders have rights" and she didnt like to be discriminated with so much queries and questions. I apologised and stated I didnt mean to offend her. She then said she wouldnt sell me a puppy and hungup. Can people go around saying they are registered breeders when they are not? Are there any laws against that? If not, is there anything we can do about this? In my opinion, I wont buy from her, but I cant prove shes not registered. Her ad is still online (trading post, I know, i know! but I was looking at all options for a pug) and I have all her details just in case.
  13. I am about to buy a pug puppy from a registered breeder but they state that they wont provide/get registration papers for the puppy, or transfer papers to us, as its "too much of a hassle" to transfer the title of the puppy, so they are not going to have papers. Is this normal? They said they will provide the lineage of the parents, which is great but shouldnt we receive info on the pup as well? How important are the papers to pet owners, not using the pup for show/competition or breeding? The microchipping will be under our details and our choice of the dog name, so at least the puppy is ours in the microchip. Are we able to register the pup ourselves as long as we get the breeder to sign? Or can we register without the breeders signature?
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