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  1. We have 3 Field Spaniels. They are a ‘soft breed’. By that I mean, they don’t respond well to being yelled at (not saying you will, but it should be mentioned as there are breeds that are ‘tougher’), they need to be socialised at a very young age, otherwise they will be scared of everyone and everything and no amount of training will help, when young they are a ball of energy and need lots of training. They can knock you over if not careful. They may be shorter than an Irish Setter but they weigh up to 25kg. I have 2 who are bird dogs and one who would have been an excellent rabbit dog. When mature, they are pretty lazy until you take them out. They are easy to train, very loyal, some have separation anxiety, can do fine in a small yard as long as exercised. Some love water, have great noses (used for truffles) and they shed. We have constant tumbleweeds. They sleep inside. The coat needs quite a bit of work. They are considered a rare breed so you may need to go on a list. There’s quite a few groups you can join to use the breed to the best of their ability, including coursing, truffle hunting and retrieving. They are a fabulous breed. Just don’t go on looks alone, or you will be sucked into the void...
  2. Agree about a slow transition. My 3 dogs don’t tolerate kangaroo. I think it might be too rich?
  3. What a sad and beautiful list of memories. Made me teary. I could picture everything Minty did; written so eloquently and full of emotions. so very sorry for your loss.
  4. Agree with the others. Most important thing to do is get your dog to the vet (which I expect has occurred by now) and then worry about the groomer. At this stage, you have no idea as to the cause but your dog’s well being is paramount. Also, unless the groomer is an ex-vet, I don’t know how they could say with definite knowledge that your dog will go blind. That sounds like a guess to me. Let us know what happens, hope your dog is ok.
  5. We’ve gone to dog parks a couple of times, but I’m not keen with some of the morons who go to let their dog run loose while they sit there and don’t pay attention. we’ve been lucky in that people tend to be honest if their dog is aggressive or not. the other reason I avoid them is because we have witnessed people with aggressive dogs who always say: he/she never behaves like that or my pet favourite: they will sort it out, when it’s your dog getting attacked. Er no, they won’t, I’ll just end up with a dog that’s harassed and stressed or a dog fight will occur. Snakes are prevalent as well. So we stick to walking.
  6. I agree with a Standard Poodle over a cross. The ones I’ve met at training had the most beautiful soft coats and a steady temperament, whereas my sister decided to spend $4000 on a ‘minature’ poodle cross and that dog has unfortunately fed off the household of four children and it barks all the time for attention and is absolutely hyper (and at times snappy). Completely wrong dog in my opinion (she did ask for my assistance, but ignored every suggestion and just went with the ‘popular and cute dog’ instead of a calmer breed). I am a firm believer that dogs pick up on the environment and react a certain way. For example, a friend had a Cocker Spaniel that in her eyes was unruly and constantly on the move as well as destructive, so she rehomed it to a retired lady who had a calmer environment and lo and behold, the dog calmed down within a couple of weeks and is now a relaxed and obedient dog. The reason I mention this is because it should be taken into consideration as you don’t want to get the wrong breed based only on looks. There are a few people on here with poodle crosses - I’d reach out to them to find out what the dogs are like, though of course it depends on where they got the dogs from in relation to temperament. There are some good breeders out there that do the best they can in relation to the cross breeds, such as desexing and breeding dogs consistently, as well as following the breeding regime (only allowing 2-3 litters for a bitch, etc), so I’d be looking at those breeders if you have your heart set on one. The breeder should be able to match a calm dog to your requirement. Just please don’t do what my sister did, who chose the dog ‘online’, never met the breeder or the dogs and just picked a pup based on colour.
  7. Oh! Bags joining! There are so many fantastic breeds that aren’t in Australia... *hold please* black and tan coonhound - https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/black-and-tan-coonhound/ otterhound: https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/otterhound/ greater swiss mountain dog: https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/greater-swiss-mountain-dog/
  8. I wholeheartedly agree. contact pets in therapy or groups similar where they have trained dogs especially for your NEEDS and can provide you guidance on how to introduce the dog, how to behave one on one, how to resolve problems, etc as needed. getting a dog from anywhere else is not going to work.
  9. I understand the reasoning behind not liking the skinny muzzle, but let the hair grow a bit, have a mustache (spelling) and voila! A standard poodle with a groodle face! id get a standard if I was able to, they are beautiful, stunning dogs. I saw one at training and it was so calm, top of it class in training, no barking, just stood there. And the coat! Will never forget it! my sister ended up with a noodle (ha ha, spell check) and that dog is nuts!! Completely bouncing of the walls, is aggressive (tried to bite me), but it could be reacting to the environment too. That house is chaotic! i gave her a whole range of low Shedding dogs and pros and cons about the noodle and still paid $2500 for one...just because her friends had one. *facepalm* so it wasn't about getting the right breed, it was getting something to keep up with her friends because they are all very wealthy. anyway, as Ming said, and putting my opinion aside, there are some breeders who are trying to do the right thing. I'd head for them. Especially ones who have bred multiple generations because the chance of getting a hairy dog that sheds is less.
  10. Dogs are amazing animals. I think we’ll all agree on that.
  11. I didn't think you could reopen an old thread,especially one that is 8'years old!
  12. I should also add the time when I witnessed a horrible incident and ended up in a state of shock, barely able to function for a week. my dogs stuck to me like glue. i couldn’t have gotten through it without them.
  13. I’m surprised no one has asked this...pics please!!!
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