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  1. Are just trying to make me love your puppy even more?!?!?!???? you know how much I adore Barkly, this is so unfair. Oh well, more pics PLEASE
  2. Congrats on getting a cocker! My puppy is now one year old! When we got her she had a basket next to our bed for sleeping and was really good about waking us up when she wanted toilet. Then my boyfriend went to England for two weeks and the puppy was on the bed! She now sleeps under the bed each night and comes up for cuddles in the morning. Beware of toilet paper and tissue's. Mine will take the roll off the holder and eat the whole thing! She loves toilet paper. Also baby gates are brilliant! Good luck and please send heaps of pictures as soon as you have him!
  3. Hi guys. Well we've spent the night in the vet hospital and she is home. It was a reaction to the antibiotics. She is with me havn glots of cuddles and vet says that she should be back to normal by tomorrow morning
  4. She's acting fine! I think this is what's freaking me out more though. She's chased the cats and played with the puppy. Oh god am I freaking out for nothing?
  5. Just called emergency clinic and they say to take her back to my own vet in the morning. I'm freaking out though! It looks terrible
  6. hi guys, need some help as I am not sure if I am freaking out for nothing! My one year old cocker, Jesie went to the vet on Monday and we found out she had gastro. Vet gave her two shots, first was Amoxil second was Tribrissin. He also gave me some antibiotic tablets. Four to five hours after getting home she developed a rash under her arms, rang vet he said it was a reaction to the antibiotics but to keep giving her the tablets. Today I've come home from work to find the rash is all over her belly. It's smooth but really red. I'm a freaking for nothing or should I take her back to the vet? Please help me!!!!!!!!
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