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  1. I have a beagle, need I say anymore? Lol The 4yo has learnt very quickly if you leave something laying around you will lose it. He's very good at putting things on the kitchen bench these days after learning the hard way that leaving your dinner on the floor will result in him going hungry! I also ensure the evil beagle is outside while we eat (new rule) as watching the kid and tge dog while trying to eat is a nightmare.
  2. I have a beagle. Enough said, lol. Actually she's 6 now and is pretty good but damn when she was younger she drove me batty!!!! She is the world's greatest theif, can open the freezer and get through any child lock on cupboards. She once jumped the kitchen bench and ate an entire fruit cake. The only things she won't eat are lettuce and tin foil everything else is on the menu. She calmed down when my son was about one year old and has played the role of protector ever since. The two are inseperable and she has guarded him from an aggressive dog more than once.
  3. We are 45 minutes from home when we are at work so my biggest concern is the dogs (2). We have no family that could rescue them if the need arises as all our family work full time and are also 45 minutes away from our home. We don't yet now our neighbours either as we have only been there for 4 weeks. Bugger, I'm now really worried. I'm going home tonight to pack up all our important stuff and also put a few bits and pieces into the car. Just have no idea what to do about our puppies?
  4. We now live in a semi rural area which we never have before. What are everyone's best tips? We both work full time with a child in care and to dogs at home.
  5. We had a cocker growing up and I always said I'd like one of my own so when I moved out I got one. Love my cocker but I also have a beagle which no one in my family or my friends had ever owned before. I would say I am more loyal to my beagle than my cocker. I will always have an evil beagle in my life
  6. I have a beagle, enough said :laugh: My awesome beagle is the champion bench surfer, cupboard opener and freezer opener. Every cupboard in my house has a child proof lock on it, which she can break though. I have now taken to screwing a modified baby gate along the cupbards that does not open to keep her away from my cupbaords. Nothing at all is kept on the benches. She has been known to drag a dining chair to the bench for easier access. There are 6 child proof locks on the freezer. Everytime she breaks one I replace it before she gets to the others. She can break through baby gates on the bedroom doors so I also have to shut the bedroom doors when we go out and put one of the those child proof handle things on. And no I cant put her outside, we live in the ghetto and the druggies at the back have threatened to hurt my dogs so they are inside while we are out with a litter tray.
  7. I'm not good at picking body language on other dogs but I know my own. This is why I am teaching my son that he is not to approach any other dogs. My beagle in particular will put up with a fair amount of crap from my son (not hitting or nasty things but over zealous patting and cuddling) but I know when she's had enough. My cocker just runs away from him, lol. She's only interested when he has a ball to throw for her. My beagle and my son have a special bond that just melts my heart. He annoys her, she steals his food and they love each other. When my son gets up super early (bloody 5am!) he gets on the couch and curls up in her beagle belly with a paw over him and I put the blanket over the 2 of them. They both drift back off to sleep once the beagle has given him a few kisses and I can enjoy a quiet coffee while I watch them. And heaven forbid if she is next by his side! I hear in a very loud toddler voice "DoDo ome!" (JoJo come), lol
  8. I don't think you are overreacting, you are being sensible and responsible. You know it's your dogs who will suffer if anything goes wrong. I keep my little dog on a leash around children, she's never bitten anyone and I don't want her too. Some kids and adults don't know how to approach a dog, but no matter what they do, it will still be her fault if she bites. Exactly Alison. My son can be overly boisterous with the dogs at times as he's still learning. When he's like that though I seperate them from each other. Dogs get to lay on the bed (which is a treat for them) and I have a quick chat to my son about how we must be gentle. After he's calmed down we all play together again. He's being taught to not approach dogs at the moment. He has to ask me first, I will ask the owner and we proceed from there. Toddlers have no fear and it's my responsibility to ensure he doesn't invade a dogs space without permission.
  9. I have a toddler and 2 dogs. They have NEVER been left unsupervised. My dogs have never bitten anyone but it doesn't mean they won't or can't. When people with children visit my dogs are either outside or locked away in our bedroom until the children leave. People think I'm overreacting but I don't want to put my dogs in a situation where they might react and pay the price for it. It's up to me to keep my dogs safe and I take that very seriously.
  10. Inlaws dog was bitten by another dog a few weeks back. They were going to report the incident but in the end decided against it. Why? Because when their dog was bitten he was off lead in an area where he should have been on lead. Because their dog rushed at the other dog Because when they called their dog back he paid zero attention and kept going They insisted the owner of the dog that bit theirs pay the vet bill (roughly $450). The owner refused and said that he should report them for having their dog off lead and not under control. I have been telling my FIL for years that just beause his dog is friendy does not mean that all dogs want to be rushed at and he should have his dog under control. Unfortunately the dog learnt the hard way and FIL hasn't learnt a thing.
  11. My dogs are only 6 months apart in age. I wanted 2 dogs but I also wanted my first dog to have company while I was at work. They adore each other and work well together when training. They play together well and in 6 years we've had only 2 fights between them when they were young and sorting out leadership. Most nights they curl up together to sleep. I don't think getting another dog for company is a bad thing as long as you know what your in for
  12. I am constantly being asked if my cocker is crossed with a poodle. She is just cocker, nothing else but I am a bad owner and dont brush her a much as I should so he fur is a bit wavey. Its not even curly just slightly wavey!!! My fil likes to tell me that my beagle X is a mongrel because I got her from rescue but his groodle is pure because he came from a pet shop. Mate they are both mongrel's
  13. My dogs have not been walked on the streets for years. We always take them to a park during quiet times. I used to walk them morning and night around the streets and go to the park on the weekends but I was sick of my dogs being targets. they now only get walked on a weekend by my husband (I stay home with our son). We used to go as a family but we had a dog charge at my son and if it wasn't for my beagle we would have been in a lot of trouble. So now we dont do that as a family and my husband takes the dogs to a crap park coz no one uses it.
  14. My inlaws used Mornington Lodge recently and were very happy with them. Their dog had never been kennelled before and they had never left him before (he's 6 years old).
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