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  1. Were of to the Riverland on the weekend the saturday I think we were swimming more than jumping and poor little Gabby hates the rain so didnt work too well and it wasnt a nice birthday present for her as she celebrated her 7th birthday. Gabby only passed 2 on the saturday with a first in JDM and a second in ADM and the sunday won 2JDM and ADM. What a good girlie. my little part time border collie Islay got two AD passes one a fifth and a first gaining her AD title. Not bad considering I only get her to train once a week in class for 45 min so am really wrapped with that
  2. You forgot to mention that we all went swimming on the saturday though lol
  3. what kdf Gabby doesnt even bother with the sitting in front for the tidbits she just helps herself by jumping on someone and nose is straight into the pocket and before you can even get her out of the pocket the food is gone. She only ever does it to people with food in pockets lol Gabby has also disturbed a couple smooching at the park she decided she should have the smooching oops lol. As a youngster she has also jumped into some guys car and gave him a few kisses and jumped back out and continued her running. At least we dont do that anymore lol
  4. She is a good girl actually all three of mine are great and was so proud of them even my little part time border collie that we fluked a pass in agility and wasnt even ready for lol. Thanks for the photo Piper loved the one of Inka looking a bit wild in the weavers lol
  5. Well we had our state agility championship and Gabby got a third in JDO and is the State Winner for 2014 in master jumping. Good girl Gabby
  6. Woohoo well done Tassie and fur babies and Kenzie and Ness
  7. Woohoo congratulations Pippa on your title
  8. At least the next Nationals dont have to travel far lol
  9. Havent seen you for ages where have you disappeared to lol
  10. yep she is a very very special girl. I never thought I would get another Xena but hey I think I did lol
  11. Well here is my brag from today from Gabby and Islay Back from our second day at Gepps Cross Obedience Trial. Might have to do more classes me thinks lol. Gabby was a very very good girl. Had her in her first udx class since my trial and she was so so good and passed with 194 and first place Woohoo. Than off to Open and came out with another first place and 195 points and than off to UD with another first place on 194. Talk about being on a roll. What a good girl she is now tucked up and is sound asleep. My little part time border collie Islay got her final leg in CCD and got 98 and first pla
  12. Hi Trifecta well we had big wet patches on her chair etc and we were going to go off to the vets to get some tablets for her but than I read about that and thought I will try it out and if it doesnt work I will go off to the vet. Do you keep your dog on it or do you stop. Wasnt too sure how long to keep them on it though. I couldnt believe it worked though. Nice to clean beds etc lol
  13. Just thought I would come back on here to say it has helped my dog this Corn Silk she has been on it for 2weeks and she has stopped piddling so am really pleased with that. Thanks Trifecta for the idea
  14. Well back from Whyalla a weekend of agility. Great weather great people had a blast. Thanks to Whyalla crew for all there hard work in organizing agility, obedience and rally. Thanks also to the judges great courses and the stewards keeping the rings going. Gabby was great over the weekend brains came to Whyalla. We had 15 runs over the two days and we passed 12 out of 15. Good girl Gabby 2x1st ADM, 2x1st 1x2nd,1x4thJDM, 2x1st ADO 3x1st JDO 1x1st GDM What a good girl
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