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  1. Thanks guys :) We have a cute little family, including some Guppies and Angel Fish. The bunnies are pretty awesome. :) The dogs and I went down to the beach today. So here are some photos. I'm no pro with the camera, and some photos are a bit blurry in spots, BUT they had to be shown due to funny faces, and funny positions of the two girls.
  2. Cora, our REW Mini Lop doe. Daughter to Junior, half sister to Louie. Little Kelli, our Smoke Pearl Mini Lop doe. Cousin to Louie and Cupid. We also have a ugly, SCARY, spider - this came with the boyfriend - along with Ally, the boyfriends snake, although she is pretty cool! I love feeding her, I just dislike her when she tries to rip my hair out.
  3. Buzz, our Siamese Sable Mini Lop buck. Our newest addition, flown down from NSW, although born in Victoria. We are so glad to have him here, to help improve our lines. He is handsome, and a sweet boy. Cupid, our other Smoke Pearl Mini Lop buck. He is a half brother to Louie - same mother.
  4. We have aso got... Junior, our Sooty Fawn Mini Lop buck. Father to Louie. And Louie, our Smoke Pearl Mini Lop buck. Son to Junior. We are regular exhibitors with the RBAV.
  5. Bonnie, our Bull Arab/Bull Mastiff mix. She's proven to be an ANGEL compared to April. From a worm-filled, scared, tiny puppy with a harsh, dull coat (weighing 3.1kg at 7 weeks) to our 26 week old, lazy, food motivated puppy who has a skiny coat, a good weight, with the loudest snore I have ever heard!!! (weighing 27.1kg at 24.5 weeks). Bonnie is now living the life, with a Holistic brand of dog food, raw meats, walks every day, flea/worm treatment, lots of car rides to all different places with her big sister, April, like the beach tomorrow, and of course, snoring away on my bed right now. There is no digging, no barking (unless to play with April), no chewing, no crazy, hypo behavior. This photo was taken just before she was 18 weeks old.
  6. Hi everyone, Its been a long time (about a year) since I was last on DOL - cant believe my account still works! Thought I would upload some photos of the furbabies. Will have to do it over a few posts though - please bare with me. :) First off... Is April, my 4 year old Pointer. She was my first baby, and I love her to bits. Through all her craziness, and naughtiness, we have been buddies. From digging a hole in my bedroom wall, eating my pillows, chewing through two airbag cords in two different cars, eating her way out of a wire dog crate, fence jumping, taking 4 years to find a food she will sort of eat, hating male humans, and just a constant hyper energy, shes been my baby, and I couldnt picture life without her.
  7. Hey guys!! Count us in! Looking forward to it List of doggies pip1981 (with OH and baby Jeremy)- Dakota and Tika (if she's up to it by then) jrm88 - Leo Pointees - April and Shaun List of food pip1981- marinated chicken wings, soft drink, plates, cups, cutlery, serviettes, condiments, etc. jrm88 - yummy biscuits maybe Pointees - Fairy bread and some pigs ears Might also have a Border Collie coming. This dog is lovely. It is one of the dogs I groom at my new job. We were talking, and Kepala meets came up, as he wanted more socialization for his BC. Had no issues with this dog while being groomed, nor with the other dogs.
  8. Yeah, I was going to, but I was so tired as I work two jobs, and forgot all about it. Guess it's worke its self out. Not many people are happy with him at the place we agist our horses, as they know he took my pictures too.
  9. Hey guys. Thanks for the comments, it was a busy but great weekend. Sunday was more relaxed with a trail ride. The photos I put on facebook, tagged the people to, thy took photos of them on their phones and reloaded them as their own. I have asked them to delete them, but nope, they won't. I guess I should be happy that my photos were liked that much, but I think it's rude and disrespectful of them. Considering they also nagged me for a week to upload them, but I have two jobs so finding the time was difficult. My girl is my life, such a gorgeous well mannered girl! Like your boy, chelle, she will be here for the long run My pointer is scared of the horse! Lol. Haven't seen roky and Kiki in a long time! How are they going?
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