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  1. I am quitting this challenge so wanted to give you guys the list and say thanks for the photos and challenges so far this year. I hope you guys rock the rest of 2013 :) gapvic rallyvalley crazycresties snook cougar monet & diva clicking mad dogsportobsesed piper sammieS
  2. Puppieeeees!

    Absolutely darling!!
  3. Lightroom 5 Beta

    It's great so far. No problems at all. Will likely do pretty much all edits from now in it instead of LR4.
  4. My Neglected 85mm

    Whoops, it's a 1.8, not 1.4. Blame my brain and the multiple beers I've had today LOL But I do adore this lens - even more than the 1.2 85mm that I've played with.
  5. My Neglected 85mm

    Canon version, 1.4. It's so yummy :)
  6. Oh how I adore, Thee. Why do I let thou languish in the box so often? Babysat two fabulous doggies today while their owners went out on the ocean. I had good intentions of working, but spent most of my time playing and shooting instead. Nala & Pinto (image on left is with the 135L, also dreamy, but too long for today!) Lobo Doesn't Tilly look even more pathetic for being out of the depth of field? Nala Pinto
  7. Theme # ? : landscape/seascape/architecture Shooting: 23 April - 7 May inclusing Post date: 8 May 2013 Hopefully more can participate. As this is OUR project, if you happen to also complete the last challenge, pop them up!!
  8. Pretty much a clean edit is no funky stuff - au natural with some tweaks :D I'd say at least 80% of what I do is clean edit, I don't use washes or textures or alternative white balances or really low contrasts etc terribly often. The vast majority of the Lightroom presets I use are tailored for more natural/clean editing.
  9. Great idea :) Just to be clear for those who maybe don't know: 1 - there's more than one way to skin a cat so if you have the time/inclination exploring the various editing options is an excellent thing to do in your spare time 2 - you can certainly do "clean" edits in Lightroom, you don't have to use Photoshop for that style Glad you've found an editing routine that works for you, Snook! It does take some time to get a rythm going :)
  10. OK, maybe a couple days late! I'm not getting any stuff processed today - my first day off in a while - because I'm dog sitting two cuties and taking more photos of them and my furries instead LOL I've PMd the next chooser and hopefully she'll get back to me this arvo for an announcement tonight and shooting to start tomorrow!
  11. I will be posting a day late myself - only have a small bit of free time this whole weekend and won't have time to edit/upload til late Sun night.
  12. Still a few hours yet - just grab camera and GO. It's one I think "thinking" about isn't helping LOL
  13. New $25 savings on Click On Print books - ends 21 April.
  14. Don't forget - less than 48 hours left to shoot for this challenge :) I haven't started yet LOL