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  1. I agree that working dog breeders are just as legit as ankc breeders, in fact, give me a working line dog over a show brd dog ANY day! Bu if the dogs are being bred by someone who enters premesis of companies while they are closed and asks a stranger to jerk their dog into a condom, hen I am not interested. You seem to he coloured by your involvement with working dogs which is understandable but I'm telling you now this man was no legit breeder.
  2. Would a person breeding good working cattle dogs pull into a boarding kennel at 8am when they are closed, and ask someone they'd never spoken to or met to help them whack off their dog into a condom? I would think someone breeding good working cattle's would probably head to the vet instead if they really couldn't stand to 'waste' the dog, which is exactly what the supervisor told him to do. Or maybe they would wait till the bitch's next season.
  3. I work at a boarding kennel in Sydney and arrived at work at 8am this morning to train the dogs. We're closed over these four days however a small side gate was open for staff to arrive. When I pulled in I saw one of the supervisors of the kennels talking to a dodgy looking old guy. He had a sort of amused/perplexed look on his face and I was thinking 'oh god, what is this guy up to', seeing as we were closed to the public! Turns out the had pulled in through the staff gate while one of my fellow trainers were arriving. He asked her to speak to a manager. She told him no managers were on o
  4. Can definitely see Bull Terrier in there but that's about it! Love what Jed said, exactly right!
  5. I haven't read his books, and I found some of it quite hard to follow, but I don't know ifnthat was because I was just really losing interest and couldn't concentrate. I agree with you that ts very impotant to consider everything he was discussig, definitely, but i really don't think we needed any more ethics than one session. next to Nothing else got a look in and I was so disappointed I didn't get more tangible things out of him that I could apply to my training at work and everyday life. I too was shocked the shaping only came in when the question was asked at the end. I'lf you looked at t
  6. I really really enjoyed the three days, but I honestly enjoyed some of the other speakers more than Steven. He's an amazing man and has some great knowledge, but he is way too stream of consciousness for me. The tone of his voice, the constant breaking in the middle of sentences to think, and the constant going off topic to something else halfway through....I was actually falling asleep in some of the lectures! Also - way too much about morals. It's an interesting subject and great to talk about but I think ONE of the lectures over the three days should have been focused on that. I'm really
  7. The key also to improving on your voice commands is ensuring that you give the voice command before you even begin to show any signs of the physical cue. If you do them at the same time or start your hand command as you're saying the vocal, the dog will ignore what it doesnt know (the voice command) and only focus on what it does know (The body signal). You can be saying 'sit' at the same time as your hand signal for six months and your dog might still not know the voice command because it just ignores it in light of the hand signal. I've found that pretty much all dogs respond better to phy
  8. of course, didnt you know by some veterinarians it's the only food that is good for a dog If the dogs are not showing any ill effect, deficiencies etc then it's pushing for the sake of a dog food sale which I dont like. I would start with what they know and build gradually on it if the dogs are mildly lacking, or go the vitamin route while they build the diet if severely lacking. Many vets cannot get their heads around the fact a dog can be healthy if not on what they sell in the front room. By the way there is a money back guarentee on hills if they wont eat it I agree, I am not really
  9. Do you recommend this for single dogs too? I always thought that scattering a dogs meal through your backyard before leaving for the day gives them something to do and keeps their minds entertained. Obviously if you have more than one you would never do this as it could cause guarding and fights, but what about one non-food aggressive dog?
  10. That's what I was thinking, that it would be harder for them to avoid as well I love the chicken stock idea! As far as the kibble goes, I mentioned the raw feeding but they want to do what the vet suggested which is understandable. They've also spent a bunch on a big bag of food so they want to at least give it a go! I completely agree and this was the first thing I suggested but i'm not sure if you saw that they didn't touch a single bit of food for 8 days, and were actually becoming very lethargic and seemed quite unwell, and the vet agreed that this was not a good option. I think it's
  11. ^^ Pretty much ALL they eat is cooked chicken though, next to nothing else, as they turn their nose up. And the vet said he doesn't think they are healthy on that diet so wants them on a complete kibble. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will let them know. I was thinking also maybe soak a small amount of the kibble so that it is more like a mush (I,e harder to avoid!) and then mix LOTS of chicken though. slowly up the ratio until they are maybe getting used to the taste of the kibble?
  12. Hi Guys, I have a friend with two 2yr old maltese. They're incredibly fussy and as a result the owners have only been feeding them cooked chicken with some veggies for some time now. Their vet really wants to get them onto a premium kibble to get some more nutrition into them but it's proving difficult. I've told them all about taking the food away after 15 mins and skipping to the next meal, and they said they'd done that before to the point of getting to day 7-8 and the dogs had not yet taken one mouthful of food. They said that they had also started to become very lethargic and general
  13. That is a very interesting way of looking at the situation, especially as you have stated it in a manner that allows for different possibilities like less desirable traits vs more desirable traits...very refreshing relief from the (excuse the pun) dogmatism with which I have been told about red/pink nose aggression out in "the park". Fingers crossed I hope the nose colour is only a matter of diligent sunscreen, perhaps zinc (?), application when outdoors. For those interested to know, yesterday evening shortly after I had posted this thread, the pup in question set about playing with the r
  14. I would love it as i'm a big fan of crosses. The unpredictability and uniqueness is what I LOVE! But as they are never bred responsibly then I will only source them from rescue. If however they were ever being bred ethically I would be over the moon.
  15. yes leashes can cause an issue with some dogs, if your dog is friendly i'd do away with the leash (as long as you're in a secure area) and just stay close by monitoring.
  16. As long as both dogs are wanting to keep playing then leave them be, they're having fun! If like you said Saxon is trying to run back and continue playing he can keep up! And if he yelps and she backs off then no issues. The only time i'd ever step in would be if either dog was clearly not enjoying it and trying to get away.
  17. I'm glad you posted this, I too am so sad about this. When I saw her sweet face yesterday I put $50 on her hoping so badly that she would get out, as did another member. Came on this morning to see that she was not allowed to be released. Devastating.
  18. Good to see more people with an opinion on what an APBT should look like... Nice to know the RSPCA and Councils have backup... You have a TRUE APBT?? You know what they look like??? hahahaha,,,a true APBT can look like anything,,,,much like a true rotty or terrier.. Can you tell me what a true ABPT looks like....I need to know Woooahh..... calm down. No, the RSPCA don't have a supporter, I happen to be very vocal about my love for pitties. My comment was because it looks much more like an AM staff than an APBT. APBT have always been smaller and finer (less chunky) than the AM s
  19. uggghhh god the look of cropped ears gives me the heebie jeebies. Not sure what i'd call the colour, it's lovely. That's not what a true APBT should look like though, much too chunky. nice looking dog anyways.
  20. LOL its all good i'm not too worried about it! I checked ebay but thought there way no way they could be that much cheaper without being fakes. All good, there will now be less cat hair around the place!!
  21. lol looks like I got ripped off! the original prices are what I saw on the furminator website so thought this was an alright deal! Oh well, either way, I definitely recommend them!!
  22. Just so everyone knows, Petstock has a sale on furminators until the end of January! Small and cat size : $39.99 ($20 off) Med: $49.99 ($25 off) Large: $59.99 ($35 off) Pretty big discounts! I just bought one for the cat and it is amazing!!
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