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  1. Surely his claim about putting dogs 10 metres in the air in cages is blatant cruelty, his boasts of them being hunting and fighting dogs must also raise red flags over the welfare of his animals. I hope his publicity ploy will back fire. I rang The Advertiser and complained about the article, although I am sure they thought I was a crazy dog lady, I was calm and pointed out all the positive dog stories that would be more deserving of a two page spread rather than, the editor gave me the name and contact number of the journalist (Elisa Black) if any one would like her number to chat with her please pm me as I am not sure I should post it.
  2. I love dung beetling when it is hard rubbish time your photos show what a wasteful mob we have become, such wonderful treasures for people in need all crushed and discarded without a thought for recycling.
  3. Pets are so important in many peoples lives, it has always saddened me to see the elderly separated from their pets and contact with other animals. Lately as this articles shows, there are nursing homes and other facilities realizing that the human/animal bond is an integral one for many of us, hopefully this trend will continue to be implemented. One of the hospices that I visit has a dog and a couple of cats wandering around visiting residents, the most peaceful sight I saw once when I was transferring a person one of the cats was curled on the end of the bed sleeping, I was almost moved to tears by the aura in the room, for some reason the presence of the cat made the passing seem very spiritual and special. I bet the residents love Dezzy, older people always love my chunky Abbie when I bring her to work with me
  4. Abbie modeling her gorgeous Ruthless Leather collar, it is incredibly strong and always gets noticed when she is out and about
  5. Love and care carry many a dog well over their age expectancy. Hobbes has every chance at making it to 18 with you Ricey
  6. Bull Arabs the Pawfect Companions are an Australian wide rescue, they do an amazing job helping these dogs. Contact info for them is - Contact Name Renee Whiting Phone number 1 0405296313 Phone number 2 0412652645
  7. Another angel is given his wings I have followed the stories of Hector and the other 'Vick' Dogs since their escape from hell. Such inspiring stories of redemption and forgiveness from the most special of dogs.
  8. Ricey, what a shame that more owners are not like you. A number of years ago I had the pleasure to meet a Pit Bull terrier owned by a person like you. A better behaved dog I have never met, I feel sick when I think of these dogs being targeted and killed due to bsl and irresponsible owners. Hobbes sounds like a very special dog
  9. Heartbreaking A brave young mans life wasted. Those photos of his dogs moved me to tears. I hope his family eventually find peace and gain comfort from those beautiful dogs.
  10. Yogi Whippet loves his chooks so much he tries to bring them inside with him He can be a bit fixated on them but never chases them fortunately.
  11. I grow Calendulas, happy orange flowers that self seed year after year. I let some flowers go to seed on the plants and pick some, drying them on an old flyscreen to let the air circulate and prevent mould. Once they are dried I store them in a large glass jar. When I require some calendula tea I just steep 3-4 flowers in boiling water. All varieties of calendula have the same medicinal value I believe.
  12. My mothers previous dog died when she was turning 80, so she announced that there were to be no more dogs for her as she would die before the new dog. A couple of months later she decided the house was to quiet and she missed having a little companion to take on walks and share the couch with. We went to the AWL in Adelaide and found the delightful Jackie Chan, a little terrier with an outgoing and bubbly demeanor. After assuring the AWL staff that my sister and I would step up to help care for Jackie if the need ever arose we departed with a much happier mother and a delightful little companion. Five years later Jackie and mum are a great team enjoying daily walks and many hours of company for each other. Thank dogness for the companionship that dogs provide our elderly population, with a little support and help from others there is no reason why we can't all enjoy dogs for all of our days
  13. Oh no, I was worried it may have been Parvo, my thoughts are with you and your dogs.
  14. I am a little bit put off by the price but the large dog mat we tried was large enough for me to lie on as well as Yogi!! Am seriously considering it but as others have said it is not cheap. I will have to weigh it all up
  15. Anita lives in Northern NSW, she is happy to chat about cost, therapy programs etc. I will pm you her details. She travels to do complementary demos
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