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  1. Sorry I'm on my phone so it's hard to quote sections from posts.. Mrs RB So you mean the ear splitting bark is probably here to stay? :laugh: both Shez (the 10yo) and Gussy (the old boy in profile pic who has crossed the bridge now) have/had big deep barks (all at least mostly cattle dog) so I was hoping it was just a puppy thing! Re: antagonism- probably can't be prevented unless she is kept inside when we're not home or we move house. Don't want to say anymore about that on a public forum but if you think it's important I could elaborate in PM. We have discussed keeping them inside duri
  2. I don't think it helps that she is always on alert. The smallest noise or movement will always get her attention and it can be difficult to get her focus back on me.. eg yesterday she was fixated on something and when I bent down to her level to see what it was, all I could see was a bird in a tree probably a good 100m off in the distance. That time when I said her name she broke her stare and responded to me straight away but other times it's like she can't even hear me. She was sick as a pup so couldn't have her second vaccination until she was 15 weeks old, so I'm aware we missed some of t
  3. Yep her and my 10yo are outside together during the day so she has doggy company. Had her since 10 weeks.. mid Jan. It's def been going on for last month or so as we got a letter from a different neighbour but could have been going for longer. I know she has been antagonised on at least one occasion so it wouldn't surprise me if it's happened several times.. but I have no proof. The neighbour that can see over the fence quite often talks to her and her kids try to talk to her through the fence which I'm not sure would be helping? OH's hours have changed but mine haven't so still getting h
  4. Thanks Mrs RB. When I get home I get changed, do a quick tidy up, maybe throw some washing on before I go outside and greet them. She is usually calm by then and if not I'll ignore her until she is. Once she's calm and we've said hello nicely we'll start to play.
  5. Thanks everyone for your input, much appreciated. Hoping to rig something up this weekend to get some footage so I can see it myself but I have no doubt she is barking as my neighbour can see over the fence and we've spoken about it. Have made some small adjustments like leaving her frozen kongs filled with yummy stuff in the morning, giving her lots of praise when she is calm and quiet outside, more brain games and training etc. She gets walked most days and a big play session after I get home from work each night. I've printed and started filling out the AVBS questionnaire and hopefully
  6. Thanks Scottsmum. She has already cost me more in vet bills than my 10yo has in her whole life lol but she is worth every cent.
  7. Not sure if this should be in here or training but will give it a shot in here first. Received a call from my council on Friday, to say my 10 month old pup is barking constantly while we're at work. The guy from the council was quite concerned as he felt it was quite anxious barking rather than barking at something in particular/bored barking and has basically given me 2-3 weeks to get it sorted. So we just got back from the vet, who said physically she is fine and she appears to just be an extremely vigilant dog who is most likely suffering from seperation anxiety while we're not home. Vet
  8. A whole year has passed since my Gussy was given his wings. I still think of him everyday and I know he is watching over us. It's funny... our new pup shares some quirky little personality traits that so remind me of Gus at times... I am sure he had a part in sending her to us. Love you forever old man.. I miss your boofy head.
  9. Beautiful photos as always T and such gorgeous little babies!
  10. I have the book too! Very useful! Lots of places up through the flinders are dog friendly. We are hoping to get up to Bendelby Ranges with our girls soon. Yorke peninsula- Tiparra Rocks, The Gap and Bamboos camps near Balgowan. They are bush camping spots but from memory you'd get a camper trailer through no worries. Fleurieu peninsula- Rapid Bay, Second Valley, Cape Jervis all have caravan parks and are nice spots for a night or two trip, especially if you like fishing. Or head up the river, plenty of nice spots to camp along the bank in places, we had lunch in a good spot not too far ou
  11. Thanks all I did! Thought it was only fair seeing as though Callie is a red :) lol Another couple of quick pics.. Callie can fly haha Quick snap taken on my phone just now of them cuddled up keeping an eye out the front window.
  12. Thanks Pers :) Perfect timing on the flower shot! My Shez will be 10 in August, she is incredibly special to us. Thanks Jem :)
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