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  1. Yeah the vet checks them each time he is in, nothing looks to be a issue, I think he just used to chewing a few times but then being able to just swallow the old kibble, whereas these mfm ones are quite large so needs to bit each one to break it down in size a bit
  2. yeah since moving over to the mfm he has been fine, the kibble is larger so needs to chew it ,so he isnt a fan of that all the time, but stomach wise all back to normal
  3. They go by another name ? I tried cylinder dryer but got clothes driers Yeah I think your right on the technique part I will probably need to try and sectionalise the area and make sure the pins are getting down and into that lower layer, not desexed yet vet said wait til 1 yr old so his coat might change again post that
  4. Hi any suggestions how to strip a 9 month old bc under coat? he gets brushed daily with a normal brush (dont know what to call it but its a dog brush that looks like a human one???) and pin comb. i thought it was doing a decent job as could brush through his coat with ease, when i went to bath him tho i have noticed he has a dense undercoat that has started to develop little twist matts (only a few so can go around and using the dematting comb and remove them) clearly the brush and pin comb are not getting into the lower layers, this wasnt a issue with our first border collie this method seem to work fine any suggestions? cheers
  5. The pet store was really good about it, refunded the bag after showed them the Emails from black hawk, picked up a small bag of mfm he likes it but his stomach isn't adjusting at all to it, feed him chicken, veg and rice for a week, stomach started to get back on track, introduced a quarter of a feed of the mfm and his stools have gone back to slop, will call the vet about it but they will just push hill science diet range Tried to find his old food around all the local pet food places but only new stock. So annoying they just switched formula.
  6. Hi any one here feed blackhawk to there dogs? the recent formula change has made the food have a really strong smell, to the point our pup now walks over sniffs the food and walks away, he will eat it eventually but can only eat it in small amounts and appears to give him gas, naturally going to change him over to something else, but was just wondering if anyone else has noticed the change? or if potentially we have a bad bag of food? any suggestions on alternatives? our previous dog we feed purina pro plan, until we had to switch him over to low fat id hills science diet after a issue with pancreatitis, so was considering that (purina pro plan). thanks
  7. saw this a few days ago seemed like a good trick to see if too hot for them (apart from knowing there limits your self) http://www.buzzfeed.com/carolinekee/happy-paws-happy-dog#.eb30KaP0w
  8. just checked my emails and found what i was thinking of, apparently at the begining of the year our local chemist warehouse had a batch of near expired frontline and has had a several times which has resulted in people buying 6 packs but the frontline expiring before they could use more than 3 or 4 of the tubes, that what i was remembering thanks for the responses tho :)
  9. Hi I remember a while ago someone told me that the Frontline from the Chemist Warehouse isnt the same as the Frontline you buy online or from regular pet and produce stores (eg PetStock, Petbarn etc). Is there any truth to this? I am out and need to buy some, but Petbarn is a 10 minute drive from work and they alwasys close before i get there, same with PetStock. Alternatively i can get from the Vet but they charge a premimum for it Cheers
  10. didnt mean full time, just while the kids are around
  11. are muzzles any good for this situation? ie quicker and cheaper than building a pen/dog run. And give them a little bit of piece of mind until they can get him assessed and work out what there doing? (not sure if muzzles are any good etc, i just remember reading an article on my local councils website about dogs that are declared dangerous must wear a muzzle when in public, and all other times unless they are in there pen (which was also a requirement for dangerous dogs here))
  12. Yeah kids socks with the little rubber pads on the bottom or you can get dog boots (petbarn sell them if not there are more serious ones for hiking etc available online) We got some for our BC when he was pup, more so because he was sliding everywhere (i think he liked that tho) and would get go thud into a wall or some furniture. Our boy wouldnt wear the dog boots tho, he would walk really weird - really slow and would lift each leg really high then slowly put each foot down - funny to watch but not really worth it for him to walk around the house like that would take an hour to get anywhere LOL
  13. Eye lids/rim? I cant say i have never noticed what color they are, having said that i havent noticed a color change either (ie its not apparent that they changed color). Thinking about it i say black/brown color but will double check. I only really pay attention to his actual eyes. Lips? Now thats another strange one, when he was a pup (attached in the pic with his mouth open) it was light with a few patches, as he got older it went darker (as seen in the shot at the beach), now that he is older again its gone back to how he was as a pup but i would say with more contrast, ie its now pink and black patches. The vet has always said his mouth (lips, gums and teeth) are healthy. Also attached is a pic of his nose when he was very little pup. Yeah i had a look into the bowls, the wife went out and got some at petbarn, looking on the web tho they say you need to make sure that the glaze doesnt contain lead and you have to check the bowls regularly for cracks as bateria can grow in the cracks (if they get any). The wife was going to ring the petbarn today and ask about the glaze (we doubt they would know tho). Or if lead free a standard now for product just not house paint etc? He hasnt used them as yet. thanks for the help :)
  14. He is a red and white, so from what i read still prone to less pigment color his nose was only black while a puppy, then went to to a shade of brown, attached is a pic of him from march last year, ideally i would like to see him return to this but if that cannt happen thats okay just want to make sure it doesnt get worse/irrates him
  15. yeah that what i originally was thinking, but the local vet is adamant that is not, also previous sunscreen didnt appear to work, having said that i had to stop using it at times since the sunscreen would dry his nose and out it would crack. I have ordered the filta bac sunscreen from petnvet direct and we will see how that goes. His nose has also gone from being black as puppy, then brown, browny pink, to now pink. I forgot to mention previosuly the vet did do a blood test / sample of his nose (not a chuck out of his nose, just put a needle in and took some blood). That came back as all clear. When we have like a week of rain and alot cloud cover, his nose does get more moist as well but doesnt appear to get better as such. So i guess that would support the sun burn side of things. The other thing i was originally thinking it could be is 'winter nose' but now its summer that should have cleared up. Living on the south coast i wouldnt think the lower UV levels in winter would be that low. http://vetmedicine.about.com/od/diseasesconditionsfaqs/f/snow_nose.htm
  16. sure no probs, sorry for the bad pic he wouldnt stay still didnt like the flash going off also was taken on my phone not camera cheers
  17. Hi All Just a quick update, Purchased new ceramic bowls, and ordered new sun screen from vetnpet direct that could take a week or so to arrive tho also made an appointment with Linda for the start of next month (she is on leave at the moment) just received the paper work to complete, & going to see my local vet tomorrow and to fax of his history, and then will just be waiting til his appointment. In the interim i will just keep him inside as much as possible, also recently put up another shade cloth screen up the backyard where he likes to play so at least he has more areas of shade and filtered light to play in, and keep applying the paw paw cream of a night If there are any more suggestions let me know thanks once again for all your help cheers
  18. Hi Wilderblu - that what i was thinking but wanted to a vet to basically give the same opinion. It doesnt bother him (ie can touch his nose and he doesnt care) but it bothers me and would prefer him to not have to put up with it. I will have a look around Filta Bac, i did buy a sun screen a little while back but seem to actually dry his nose out at the well, but i will try this one. Hi DancinBCs - thanks for the suggestion will give that a go as well, he does have metal bowls and i have seen some ceramic ones i liked :) and for the lupus thing yeah i was going down the path i think, from what i have seen / read on the net it looks like a very mild case of DLE unfortunately alot of the pics on the web are of extreme cases so when i look at them i go 'oh god no his nose doesnt look like that' but from the info sounds like it could be Hi StoneCutter - thanks will look them up and see if i can get in to see them at some stage for a consult Thanks for the info guys Chees :)
  19. Hi All Just wondering if any one knows of any good skin or nose specialists in the Sydney region? Bit of background, our BC has had some flaky skin on his nose for a while, we have seen a few local vets but they dont know the cause and recommended to keep applying paw paw cream or neotopic cream, this was there recommendation since he isnt bothered by it. His nose has also changed from a light brown to pink, it occasionally starts to darken but goes back to pink soon after. Anyway, feed up with the local vets and them not having any ideas so looking to see anyone can suggest a specialist to take him to? Cheers
  20. yes the inlaws never understand this, for some reason they have this magical logic of 'oh but its christmas' and somehow any side affects are avoided becauses 'its christmas' i prefer the company of my dog more so can i put the inlaws somewhere else? LOL
  21. Had a similar issue when they released the new packaging, i bought a bag of lamb and rice by mistake. Previously our BC could swap between lamb and rice to chicken and rice no problems. He had the runs for about 3 weeks even tho we stopped the lamb and rice after 2 days when the runs started. Result - we dont buy lamb and rice any more just chicken and rice, no variety but he does well on it and no issues.
  22. our BC became did this, when out walking he would position himself between the OH and other people, he would have to watch everyone in front behind and to the sides, he didnt stop to sniff anything anymore, didnt greet people he knew, it seemed he was on guard detail and that was his job while out of the house and literally the first day home with bub the OH took our fur kid out for a walk and he was back to his normal 'oh its u im busy sniffing things and trying to score pats from people' routine
  23. Dog easier to train lol but in terms of kids (and dogs), i think structure and rules play a big part, if they know what is expected and what is the norm they will co-here to that, when kids or dogs have free control and do whatever i think you are asking for trouble
  24. Hi All Going to get a wagon in the next couple of weeks (Mazda 6 Wagon). Currently we have our BC secured in a harness in the front seat of the car. However we would like to move him to the wagon for more space for him and us. Anyone got any advice on how to secure him? I saw this (picture attached) on the web but its from the UK, does anyone in Aus do similar? Or do we just put him in his current harness and clip the harness via a lead to one of the mounting points in the boot?? Cheers PS i know the pic of the car is a Mazda 5 and not a 6 Wagon after the same concept (maybe??)
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