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  1. Hi winterpaws Well done on taking on mum and bubs. I have used the evaporated milk recipe for years and have found our pups have always done better on it than on the commercial formula's so I think it's a matter of what works best for you. I have raised 2 orphaned bubs too on this (who are now 6 1/2yrs old) we fed them at mimimum every 2 hours but also everytime they were whingy. So at times it was hourly but they didn't have a mum to help them in between so yours may stretch out sooner. I also use it to give extra to any bubs when they're not getting enough from mum or for larger litters. I'll put the recipe here too that I use and it wouldn't hurt to give it to mum as well to help her put on weight and make a little more milk and help the bubs along. The recipe I use is 1 tin Evaporated Milk 1 tablespoon Glucose 2 egg yolks 1 tablespoon water mix it together and store in the fridge you may need to use a tea strainer before putting it in a bottle though makes it much easier. We also only use baby bottles or syringes with our bubs (syringes only when a pup's not strong enough to drink) but they do well on the babies bottles. All the best with the bubs Georgie Enroche Staffords http://www.enroche.com
  2. Hi there One of our girls had a large abscess removed and was stitched up after 2 weeks stitches came out (as the healing had been slow) and the next day it was gaping open another stitch went in and another week of antibiotics and when the stitch came out it fell opent again and it was about 3inches long so not a pretty sight. Went back to our vet who said she could A - Re do the op in the hope it would heal or B use Medihoney not pretty to look at but she felt this would be the better option which we agreed with and we used the little tube it is higher grade than the general manuka I think you'll find there are different grades in the honeys that are for different treatments from memory and that's why it's better for wounds. I have also used the other Manuka honey for sore throats and things and it is great but the Medi Honey is fantastic on wounds she healed in no time. (PS she has a partial hare lip and is unusually slow to heal from surgery so this wasn't a botch job on the vets part it's just that Buffy's a bit different!) All the best with your baby. Regards Georgie
  3. Hi all Our 11 1/2 year old Stafford was incontinent for a while which was a big problem as she sleeps in the bed under the doona. It only seemed to happen mainly during sleep. So we tried herbal alternatives first (we also have a brilliant vet and would use anything she suggested so while I use alternative therapies we also use conventional whenever necessary I like a good mix of both) We put her on Cranberry Tablets in case it was a UTI and Gingko Biloba as it helps with memory. We also put a nappy on her at night (which she didn't mind) as there was no way we would not have her in bed (well she wouldn't accept that)! It only took a few days and that had worked for the most part after 10 days there were no further accidents I kept her on that for about a month and now over 6 months later she hasn't had a problem again. No nappies & no tablets. So if the other options aren't working these may help someone.
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