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  1. Thanks @Panto Yes, I've passed on K9Pro details. Sounds to me like better leadership skills would go a long way. An older working couple.
  2. Farewell my beautiful happy girl

    So sorry Boronia. Hugs. Its like a shadow where there they once filled the space.
  3. My little old man is gone :(

    Yes is was a handsome boy! Makes me think hey, maybe a Shiba? So sorry for your loss. Run fast and free lovely boy.
  4. Dobermanns and other dogs

    Hi Fergal, This thread doesn't seem to get much traffic. You 'might' have better luck in general. I've had many Dobes fine with other dogs, One being out standing in that she could read and seem to take charge of any situation, calming fearful and reactive dogs. A Very stable and supremely confident bitch. I have also had a couple with more need to assert status. Hope you get some more experienced replies from breeders more familiar with the lines being used today. Hope thats not a problem creeping in to the lines because its certainly not what I hope to find either.
  5. Kodi: why is this forum quiet about it?

    I.M.O if symptoms mimic the same in humans, from similar sets of conditions, then to all intents and purposes its the same. While I an happy to treat Dogs as Dogs, not as furry people, and agree thats mostly not in the best interests of either, We are all just animals of different sorts, so a lot of the terms we use to explain or describe behavior is interchangeable. Research into conciouness seems to indicate that there is less separation between humans and other animals than most assume. The Cambridge Declaration of Conciousness is a 'recent' result that hasn't had the attention it deserves
  6. For a couple recently in Aust.. With a very large 2y.o male. Dog was said to be very friendly, gentle boy,but since 1st quarantene then a couple weeks later a cruciate Op. has started to growl at his owners when they grab his collar. Have suggested a vet. check and will give K9Pro, but just wondering if there is another with recommendations closer to their home in Mid west N.S.W. Not sure if Steve will do video/email consults or if travel with this dog is going to be difficult. I have not seen the dog personaly, but have been asked for suggestions by a 3rd party.
  7. Goodbye Whitney

    Oh! Such a sweet looking face. So sorry Flashsmum.
  8. How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas?

    Maybe I have missed it, but I haven't seen people on here being treated badly for asking advise on flea treatment. When we moved onto our land it had the worst flea infestation I have seen. Going into the dirt floored shed you would come out with a carpet running up your leg. It took awhile, but have to agree its certainly possible to be flea free when you don't have to worry about what comes from next door. We are also flea free. It may be common, and not worth being upset about Smokey, but it shouldn't be 'normal' either.
  9. Desexing at 8 weeks - too young?

    I can understand why some breeders desex early, but it would be a deal breaker for me too. Seems in some cases, it might mean more responsible buyers go else where?
  10. Some thing missed ? I am saying that working dogs, or the purpose for any dog should have far more prominence in the pedigree system and how we talk about and define them. Recognition that their purpose isn't only to fit a standard mold as decided by others. I woulds love to see more of your dogs.
  11. If the dogs must be pedigreed to be competing in the sport or working aspects, then the pedigree and its standards are already an integral part of the working aptitude. The dog doesn't need to be judged in the show ring to to compete because its already part of the accepted standard. By its inclusion in the pedigree system. The pedigree standard is recognized as a needed component before that dog can compete. In those instances, the standards have a huge impact on working ability because there is a compromise expected. In some cases that is already resulting in a reduced ability to respond to the purpose, for the dogs, or the handlers to respond to the dogs. The same is not true in reverse. A working ability is irrelevant to the standards of the Pedigree system. Which is judged and confirmed in the show ring. With out compromise to any other environment. The sport or trials have a different environment governing selection in addition to the standard. The standards are set, unless a consensus votes to change them. The pedigree is set, by the rules and regulations for registration. The breeds stay 'pure' of anything that could take away from them by the rules of the registration system, unless a consensus votes for change. What non -recognition does is to set the culture that governs what does happen as well. In time and place/space. Entropy.
  12. But it is the venue to decide the best representative of the Standard on a given day. That includes traits that are not physical. Yet no other event is designed to do that, so members should be forgiven for the confusion. I have no problem with people choosing to show their dogs. It is one purpose people have to keep dogs- To compete in conformation events that bring recognition as good ANKC breeders. It may not be intended as an all round accolade, but its natural that that will be the result when un- papered dogs are not 'recognized' and the merits of pedigree standards are decided in the show ring with nothing else influencing a members or judges decisions. Almost all reason for that attitude is that what happens to or with dogs out side of those ANKC pedigree standards is not recognized. And what lies outside of those is the environment ANKC has to deal with. You can not achieve 'improvement' without recognition of the environment. Improvement is evolution. Environment defines improvement in evolution. Not the entity. Even if if it does keep pedigrees. No matter who keeps records or to what purpose, improvement is defined by environment. Not records. It would not affect Pedigrees or their breeders to change that, but would open the way to bring the changes they profess to need. Seems from the out side that need and want are not the same because without that change, the cultural barriers are still there. Its fine and dandy to have protocols, but if the barriers to using them are too great, use of them will be too rare a thing to be much use. Why would people use protocols, if the results of that will be refusal to recognize the benefits ( or the members responsible) by a large proportion of member breeders, who are supported by the ANKCs own opening statements? Any such challenge to the pedigree and its standard condition, as it stands today is a challenge to the cultural direction laid down by the ANKC itself. Regardless of what may have been lost along the way. Like maybe an ability to process uric acid. Or work. Or breathe. A standard is just a condition, as its been set out. Its recognized by its familiarity, as it is. Not as it might be or could be. As its accepted to be, in the show ring. Weather you can understand that or not.
  13. Are they recognized in the show ring when deciding best of breed?
  14. Or were judged definitively as the best runner, gymnast or swimmer based on physical appearance in a line up?
  15. Yes! And that transfers responsibility of personal choice away from the individual, doing their bit for whats important to them , to the ANKC. Who can't be responsible for personal choice, or what is valued in other environments. The only environment that ANKC experience in common with their members is the show ring. So it now directs personal choices before they can be found acceptable.