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  1. Thanks for that link T, made it easy when I have other crap taking my resources. I hope a lot more people sign, share, and spread the word. This stuff is only helpful in reducing the benefits of Domestic animals in the lives of our communities. It does not improve welfare considerations for those animals still kept despite the legislation, or aid people to understand their responsibilities. It is the imposition of an objective set of standards where subjective values are the only viable application for the continuation of Domestic animals.
  2. My Lou had a good sense of humor, but didn't like games to be too real. I found a very realistic rubber squeaky cat toy in Vinnies I brought home for her and she was delighted until she grabbed it. Its squeak was weird and very cat like. She dropped it and refused to touch it again. Not funny!
  3. Yes. A good reason not to undercut yourself. No problem with that. If the market is supporting that price, its fair. A much reduced market too. The market would clearly support more responsible breeders, If overheads and 'accidents' were not such issues. I they remain issues, there will will less support. I and others like me will opt out and find alternatives.
  4. I am always being accused of anthropmorphising. Don't care! I don't think of them as human in any way, but they are 'beings' and definitely share traits of beings. And I like great sense of humor !
  5. I have to agree with this. I would not expect anyone to 'undercut' themselves on going prices if they have done due diligence, and breeders going above and beyond should be able to find buyers happy to pay for that . I understand accidents etc can easily add to the costs of breeding and a good breeder should be entitled to a profit for their genuine effort and to cover costs when things might not go as planned. But I personally would want more guarantees than a breeder could ethically give before prices over 2 to an absolute max of 3 thousand. If costs for producing the dogs normally require much higher prices to cover the breeder, thats not part of what I'm willing to buy into or support. I believe when I take on a dog, it becomes my responsibility alone. Such high prices create an expectation of guarantee that shouldn't (can't?) be applicable.
  6. I understand your frustration, and agree its wrong that the cost of ownership is now so ridiculously high. But- Maybe you should have a look at the legislation and codes of practice people are required to meet these days to keep, breed, or even rescue. No difference between commercial breeders or hobby breeders makes it very expensive and time consuming with ongoing commitment and liability to buyers for the lifetime of dogs sold. The costs of setting up such an establishment can be in the 10s of thousands even before the 1st dog sets foot in it! Blame lies squarely on legislators and those who blindly sign petitions to 'ban or eliminate' this or that (rather than improving) with out looking into the consequences. Breeders are up against a wall and thats reflected in the prices.
  7. ANKC could not ever have been geared to anything else once they accepted the belief that only pedigree pure bred dogs were worthy of recognition. Thats objective. To anything not of the object. But dogs are the subject. Of their Environment. So inseparable.
  8. Value is always subjective. Applying it objectively is negative/subtractive of the value being measured. Those who promote or subscribe to Critical Theory need to understand this. It was the wrong measure of Humanity when we accepted oppression of some. Its the wrong measure to combat it now. The measure of Humanity, or Domestic Dogs, is ONE. With all parts being equal to that sum. There can't be a 'measure' of equality if it really is 'assumed' You can't measure what is equal with out fracturing its sum. An all inclusive registry would also allow us to present a powerful and unified voice to inform better and more realistic legislation.
  9. The day after her arrival.
  10. Though I would update on Toka after her 8/9 months with us. She has filled lots, much healthier. Her chest is not too narrow anymore. She has a natural attraction and love of children I'm very happy with. She seems to pick up very well on language/communication and is becoming much better at it herself. She likes that she make us laugh. Impulse control is ongoing, but she is very biddable otherwise. A good alert. Seems quite intelligent!. She has just about learned to open the front door Her old owners came to visit and watching them interact showed me where some of her worst habits came from! She is very mouthy- Likely from having fingers hooked behind her front teeth for a tug game. Jumping up was also encouraged, so still being worked on. She has great body awareness and is quite athletic. Her preferred toys are ones she can wrestle- An old motorbike tire, a traffic cone. Her tug toy was destroyed very quickly.
  11. @sandgrubber I'm not as up to date on what Finland is doing atm, though I heard of some interesting developments from a few years back. Hope their new developments are avoiding the 'solutions' of some European countries ie Breed Wardens. IMO they are only further narrowing the selection pool to cater to those individuals personal priorities. There seems universal agreement that education is needed. The problem is most who agree think it should be up to some one else, or some specific body. A new registry based on function/purpose and responsibility would include that duty as part of its membership- because that is what responsibility is. Ensuring the knowledge and understanding to make informed choices. It would right away, with its formation, put a big dent in Petas claim there is no purpose to breeding. AND provoke more thought into personal choices in both ownership and breeding.
  12. Yes. Let them evolve naturally into breeds, If enough people choose similar types as with the breeds we have. Not create breeds as a short cut to 'legitimacy'. But there should be no shame to admitting a purposeful cross either.
  13. Wow! Yes, mirrors what I've been saying. I doubt her solution is going to change things though. It already happens 'local' to specific canine interest and hasn't the clout to bring the paradigm shift needed to alter the out come of whats looking unstopable in its momentum. An entirely new start based on Purpose/function and Response ability is urgently needed and may already be too late. The public has been well trained to accept and expect those things are beyond a public domain and restriction of ownership/breeding must be the ongoing 'solution'.
  14. I find more overlap than difference in males and females, tho' it depends where on the spectrum they fall. The main differences I find is the girls are the ones who like to say what happens and a little more passionate? about things. Any generalizations tho' are pretty unreliable to depend on! Discharge has rarely been an issue here in either. ( barring females in season)
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