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  1. I think there are several ways this condition can manifest and a lot will depend on the form hers has taken.
  2. So sorry T, 'Fraid all I can offer is a big ((HUG)) and my own tears for you. Still horribly messed up from my own loss over a year ago now. Searching for words takes me back and I just can't do it yet. So, Take care. And Pickles, your life and story has touched us all.
  3. I would check with your local council. Though as Rebanne stated, technically, its all the same. How individual councils handle 'Back yard breeding' or 'accidental' litters will vary.
  4. For some, its not possible and if if they were to force otherwise, it would only add or cause more distress for everyone concerned. I stay. But only I can judge when and if thats a better thing.
  5. So sorry @Sashas Mum Mum, and Mark. A hard adjustment to make, when the world as you knew it so changed . Hugs.
  6. So very sorry for the loss your gorgeous mate. The sweet memories he leaves with you are a treasure.
  7. Working Kelpie Council may also be of assistance here.
  8. @Mikey88 You need to work out your own purpose for wanting to breed dogs. If its just to capitalize on what others want, then its commercial , or to make money and you are looking in the wrong place for market research. Look in the market place. You will also need to research the legislation to ensure you have the means to do it. If its worth doing, its worth doing right or its not worth doing at all. We may disagree on the best ways to do it, but this forum is primarily for people who are more interested in how our actions can benefit dogs, and the people who
  9. Form follows Function. The mantra of breeders. So why the disconnect and inversion? The cognitive dissonance? Qualification applied to a Sum is its reductive measure. No matter how many times its repeated. Its the wrong application of value!! Value is Always Subjective. Placing the value objectively is a physical and mathematical impossibility. The value is not in the form. Function will not follow.
  10. The long term survival of Domestic dogs doesn't extend to Dobermanns or G.S.Ds, Bull dogs or Pekingese either, while they collapse in on themselves with nothing left to build them up from again.
  11. These dogs you speak of are discredited at every turn. And so we create the world you just descibed. A tragic example of natural selection, when response-ability and purpose is lost. When a dogs value to the community lies in its 'Standard'. Its 'State of being'. Defined, predicted and clearly marginalized. As opposed to the diversity of purpose served by its presence in our communities. The belief is promoted that we should support nothing 'less' than predicted, clearly defined and marginalized states of being. Standards or statehoods. And the
  12. I suspect that option won't be very effective in future The move to get rid of BYB has been effective.
  13. Do you have a community facebook page? More intimate local knowledge could make the difference with the possibility of offers for the use of private areas depending on the community.
  14. I've been trying to to find a simple way to explain this for so long its too late. ANKC will be irrelevant to the breeders before long with Govt. legislation and commercial enterprise taking their place. Think of Environment as a space. Conditions that exist in that space manifest according to what is brought to them. Identified subjects of that space (or identities) manifest according to their content,. Their DNA or instruction. One is a condition subject to change, the other a 'State" of being. ANKC was founded to register and record pedigree dogs. So i
  15. On the other hand, you could help him be a better person than that one. Only you can judge if he wants that, or expects you to accept thats part of his character.
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