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  1. On the other hand, you could help him be a better person than that one. Only you can judge if he wants that, or expects you to accept thats part of his character.
  2. No. Its refusal to accept our diversity for what it is......Equal in Humanity. Diversity can't be equal too. It can be Human. The SUM of its parts are equal. The different parts are not. Because as soon as you separate them for measurement, you have division. Characterisation of Human conditions as anything other than equal to their Humanity is always bigotry, and will always be a negative or reductive measure to Humanity. Assigning identities within humanity denies the diversity of human conditions. And you don't address the conditions if you
  3. Hard to argue with mathematical physics, but sickening to me that increasingly people are being taught to do just that. A very dangerous path we are on.
  4. Standards of equality? Ha! Just justified bigotry. No different to any other fascist ideologies, except for its insidious signal of virtue.
  5. Yep. Discredit what you have and its value is diminished. Less value means less support given. And there can be no distinctions made in the demand for 'Standards". Critical Theory is doing the same for Humanity- Instead of assuming equality,we are being taught to seek qualification for it. A physical impossibility, to measure equality. That demands division of the sum, into opposed factions. Based on diversity. To measure equality by its diversity can only reduce diversity because equality cancels it out. So much for cancel culture.
  6. Makes sense to me. The commercialisation and codes of accreditation today imposes standardised training methods that favour the use of arbitrary drives. Before this commercial trend, Working Dogs were selected from on the job successes, so the best dogs would do the job required naturally, by choice. The trainers job was more to show how and when, or to teach responsibility to the job. Much like working stock dogs today that have so far avoided the impacts of more commercial, trial based lines. Selection has been removed on the basis of Res
  7. I agree with above comments, but think we should also be looking at other implications of this trend. ie; Dogs being priced out of range of some very good homes, and in general Dog ownership not being a 'natural' expectation for people and communities. Then there there is the problem of people paying such large amounts for the right to keep a dog, and the risks of health issues. Seems to me there is an increased expectation that the 'product' not be 'faulty' so compensation and liability for (mainly) hobby breeder who have fewer resources to research and access lines either f
  8. Very sorry for your loss, a beautiful sweet face that looks so trusting in your care. So glad he found it with you.
  9. You should see her from behind! Her owners bought her as a Mastiff Dane cross. Head on, the mastiff is clear. She may have both those, but I'm pretty sure there is more. She has bristle hairs on her chest that suggest Deer or wolf hound. A friend says Ridge back. The hair between her shoulders is more bristly/erect too, .Her ears will prick erect, with just the very tips slightly bent. That is a breath of fresh air!
  10. Yep, I would definitely look to you for a cattle dog! That shows great stability and trainability. Congratulations! Well done. Don't you love hearing of your dogs successes in their 'working' life?! This is what I have to work with- The last sort of cross breed I expected to show the sort of stability and work ethics I was after in a large dog, but so far a start as a we mean to continue approach seems to be working very well. She seems to have a great appreciation of her un-even size advantage with Goose. Adjusting fast to being an inside outside
  11. I really hate that, with holding the price tag on an ad. I seldom enquire because I think of the saying "if you have to ask you can't afford it" and that attitude is one I have no time for. It takes little effort and could save both parties time. Its a little better in N.S.W. but I doubt I would have found a dog either, If I had been looking for a small dog. My daughter managed a lovely 11 month old re home, but only because the breeder knows her and believed the placement was best for the dog. My girls breeds are not ones I would have looked to, she falls into
  12. I have just done what I couldn't have imagined last year, and paid $700. for a mongrel. Not a designer breed. A mongrel- that might have sold as a pup last year for well under $500. So a BYB dog. I have no regrets(so far!) There was another buyer ready to take her sight unseen if I had decided against this 10 month old dog. I was looking for a pup, because many of the things I was looking for come down to training and socialisation in specific environments. This pup has had much of that good grounding done, with the added benefits that I can see what she looks like mature, even though she
  13. Agreed. I mean that 'breed' status should be enough. Pure breed applies to closed registries only and shouldn't be the goal/end.
  14. The sports themselves suffer for it. As does potential for canine ability. At least one of my dogs has been able to participate in working sports at the discretion of the organisers, as he was clearly of recognised working breeding. But I'm not sure how that worked. ( and out performed the pedigrees of his closest breed in the clubs 10 year history, while discounting some commonly held beliefs of working dogs in general, for those fields )
  15. Oh, poor little mite, and you after the big improvements you won for her since shes been with you. Sending best of wishes for you both. Hoping that can be won back and this slight improvement is its start.
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