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  1. You manage better than I do. Good to see you back! The dogged pursuit of purity, and the statement that that nothing 'less' be recognized. An 'Objective' with a negative bias, is a negative objective. It destroys the foundations Domestic Dogs were built upon, and undermines their foundations leaving them nothing to stand on. Like it or not, Domestic Dogs were developed by back yard Breeders, Selecting for their own needs, in their own back yards, to complement their own values and objectives. Thats what gave us the 'pure' breeds we love, and kept them 'working' reliably for their intended purpose(s), in multiple environments. No other singular objective can viably replace that.
  2. Yes. So its in their interests not to eliminate 'backyard breeders'. When they could encourage them instead to make use of the knowledge and tools out there to do it better. It would provide a healthier environment to draw these dogs from. And a more informed/responsible customer base.
  3. Its not easy, and I have a hard time finding how to express it so it is. Basically, we can promote the expectation dogs welfare needs be met. That would mean people need to understand what those needs are, and how meeting them effectively gives better out comes for dogs, their owners and the community. It means recognition of the value dogs bring, and how we can maximize on that. Understanding breed and individual behaviors temperament and needs. How its done evolves, with the dogs themselves, and along with Humanity. Varies situationally, or with the environment in which they are kept.Always has. There is nothing artificial about the Domestication of dogs. Their environment is Humanity and faces the same environmental interplay as other species, in their environments. Or we can take the attitude being promoted by most, and lay out in minute detail exactly how those needs are to be met. But that assumes all dogs will always have the same requirements and all breeding environments are identical. Only dogs that thrive in those 'standardized' breeding environments will contribute to the evolution of Dogs. The conditions set out must be achieved before a dog is selected for breeding, and takes long enough to set up that an individual dogs breeding potential will most likely be lost by the time it is. At least if a person is only considering breeding because they recognize they have some thing really special, worth breeding. It benefits a commercial motive above any other and directs breeding to that end. Other purpose for breeding will be steadily lost over time, because a return on investment becomes essential A majority of people will find the conditions set out beyond their capabilities for financial reasons, space, zoning etc. Regardless of their actual capabilities to meet the needs of the dogs in their care. So we have far fewer breeders, and far less variation in the dogs. The conditions are far more favorable to some than others, taking into account individual temperaments and behaviors and costs other than financial. Also, and most importantly as far as I see, There is no expectation promoted, that breeders understand the dogs needs, the value of what they are doing, or why its done. The standards adhered to replace that need. As long as they provide the specified conditions, they're deemed 'responsible'. But its not to the dogs, its to the 'standard' or objective state of care. Weather its the one that best suits the individual dog or not. They don't need to have a clue about Dogs, so long as they understand the code. All this means that the diverse environments dogs thrive in today, are reduced. They loose environment, because they are not being selected for response to those. Just the cash they can bring at any given time while other contributions fade away from reduced opportunity. This is why breeding out side of the registries should be recognized and continue. Those breeders are the interface between the org. and its environment, whos needs and demands can't be met if they are not recognized.
  4. I don't think this is off topic at all, when the O.P was pretty much about getting all steak holders to realize they have a part to play if any thing is to change. I am not breeding ATM and haven't for nearly 10 years now, but was a similar situation to to yourself @Adrienne(Type @symbol followed by the name you are tagging, a list using the letters you type will pop up and by clicking the name you want it will embed). Looks like I have a good chance of resurrecting my line so so may be doing a last litter depending on the dams D.N.A results. Test just arrived, and litter all spoken for unless its much bigger than usual. Fully agree buyers could (and should) be the biggest drivers if we expect support for the results. Breeders for their part need to stop protecting buyers from their own ignorance by trying to legislate responsibility. All thats doing is restrict it. Its gone beyond stating what should be provided. ie Sufficient clean food and water, shelter, daily social and physical opportunities etc that should be subjectively assessed, to laying out an objective state that can only represent responsibility. Not real, because its not subjective. Not inclusive of environment, objective to. Responsibilitys not a 'state' that can be maintained. The more 'fixed' a state is (thru' legislation in this case) the faster it will decay. its a response, to expectations and demands of the environment. A fixed state can't effectively respond to those in any reasonable time frame to effect long term viability. ANKC is a state 'fixed' to disregard and with hold free flow of information between the org. and its environment. Its not recognized. ANKC is caught or trapped in their own state, in trying to re-enforce its separation from its environment. The 'rest of us'.
  5. Maybe different because theirs was founded by Hunters, using the system to breed more effectively for performance/responsibility rather than presentation. From what I've just researched on them, I'm impressed. Not what I still want- What is the organizational attitude to breeding of dogs out side of any registry system? Are these people discouraged from breeding at all, Or encouraged to make use of the same tools and knowledge? Any shift effective long term is going to depend on improving breeding practices beyond the registries in tandem. That population will prove essential to maintain in healthy condition for dogs to remain accessible and versatile in our communities. Responsibility is ability to respond. If people are going to take it, Providing the tools for getting it right gives it. Demonstrates the value of getting it right by intention. Demonstrates the value of Breeders whos intent that is. There is no other effective way to show the value of what breeders do, than to encourage them to know it. Support for Breeders can't be expected if what people are being offered is too far behind their requirements. The environment of the Organization is the driver of its direction. Or its not viable long term. Like it or not. Its reality, and biological/evolutionary law.
  6. And I'm saying that no ones driving any more. No one can or will take up that responsibility. Instead, every one shrugs or points the finger at every one else as the car keeps on rolling into the abyss. Doesn't matter who is driving. It matters that people are encouraged to, with out being thrown out the window for the mess out side as soon as they take the wheel. Never mind. I'm done here. Can't do it, too late.
  7. I think you under estimate the influence the oldest representative body for Dog Breeders has, and has had. If the 'ethical' experts see no need to address the problems, there is no expectation being set to do so. You can't hold the environment responsible for the failures of dogs and breeders by abdicating ANKCs own. The constitution of ANKC decided on its formation the make-up of its membership. Thats what a constitution is/does. It provides the objective purpose and properties of the organization or 'body' of its constituent membership. The constitution can only do what its directed to. Its the 'genetic' blue print for the body created. The kennel Clubs were ostensibly created for the purpose of improving Dog Breeding, using pedigrees to increase the information available to breeders, to better understand the genetics and back ground of breeding stock used- To understand the foundations being built on in any mating. This should have been the creation of an environment where a service is provided to Dog breeders to make use of, and promote the value of doing so through demonstration.ie, the results should speak for themselves. You want the best dog possible for what you will invest in it? One bred with consistent deliberation of its content should afford you the best chance of meeting your expectations. If thats seen to be true, support will follow. The closed stud books and standards have been a huge problem, but one that could and should have have been easily overcome long ago,by informed consensus of membership. What has made this impossible to achieve in any effective way is the constitution of the body. That was in-formed with a belief or bias against the environment it was ostensibly to serve. Dogs and Breeders. An effective constitution has a clear objective set out to define (give margins and limitation to) its membership or property. It is only concerned with what takes place within the body of its membership, in service to the objective. It must be that way, to have integrity and viability as a 'body'. If its margins or definitions are not clear, there is no Objectivity. Objectivity is dependent on disregarding relationship, or there is there is bias. The Kennel clubs were in-formed with the language of the constitution. Language is biological. Its what D.N.A operates with. When the K.Cs made the declaration on their founding documents that they do not recognize cross breed dogs, or dogs not bred according to the rules and regulations set out in their constitution, The Objective was corrupted and lost. No longer viable in the long term. The bodies definition is reduced. Its no longer a clear objective. Its now dependent on a negative bias towards what takes place beyond its own body or definition. Its not reality. Value is ALWAYS subjective. The Objective has no value. Any value found in the objective, is subjective. The K.Cs applied a value to their objective in a accepting a declaration contradictory to their objective. It creates a double negative in the language they are founded on. It means the opposite of what was intended and its been operating on this false reality for over 150 years now. Well entrenched and only doing what its programed to do according the language used. An objective must be independent of value, beyond its 'being'. Any declaration or statement regarding what occurs beyond the objective body must corrupt its definition. ANKC objective is not improvement of Dogs, or Breeding practices. According to the language given, its objective is to Standards or 'states' that are recognized by content, as present, and verified by certification to contain no 'less' than the content of its own state . An English Bulldog or Pug with a longer nose or healthier physique is no longer a bulldog. Its an alteration of the state a member has agreed to recognize as one. It can't be rewarded in the ring without the judge facing a backlash supported by the constitution all members agreed to when signing up. If the pedigree is 'broken' in achieving the healthier version, the backlash must be even worse. Its value or verification is null and void according to ANKC constitution. I don't expect this explanation will make any more difference than than I have achieved in the past, and its damn frustrating to to keep trying when what you are up against is, essentially, Faith. Faith in the Pedigree system to be the only valid representation of a Dog or Breeder, as it stands today. But I have repeated stated where this must inevitably lead, and how to correct it. And watched as it all comes to pass. I think its too late now to save dogs, unless there was immediate action and I see no sign of that. ANKCs constitution does not allow for recognition of whats beyond their own instruction. Even when it ensures only destruction. In short, reality depends on proper application of the Objective and Subjective in tandem. When its not correctly applied, The objective reality is not viable. Its discredited. So Dogs and their Breeders are still going to be discredited to the point of non- existence. There is no clear definition between the objective and subjective values.
  8. I like Embark because it tests extensively for health and results/information provided assists in further research.
  9. I'm Sorry for the loss of your pup @asal For your heart
  10. I'd be happy to have them keeping the 'roos down here, they are way 'over stocked' in our area where they tend to be fed and watered but rarely preyed on by either humans or anything else. A huge buck of over 7 ft is often in my yard and has to be watched for when I go out at night. Its not uncommon to see up to 50 'Roos grazing a 5 acre paddock. Water access and feed issues in drought doesn't impact wild populations near as much while there are farms ensuring their stock have access.
  11. Great new! We have all been worried about you and your little family. We will be a lot happier giving advise now we have the all clear, and hope your stress levels are down more too. It is horribly stressful when things go wrong. You haven't had an easy time for a 1st time breeder. Good for you coming here and asking /taking advise, and for your dedication to seeing these little guys pull through. You asked earlier was the tea given to mum or put on- pretty sure its given to mum. may syringe a little into her mouth at a time. In her water, she may just not drink. Hope we keep hearing how things are going. We are here to help where we can.
  12. There are a lot of things that may help, but your vet is the only one who can decide what is needed. Yes, consult fee and injection might be all you need. You are not obligated to pay for more than you agree to. At least you will have a better idea that what you are already paying for is actually doing the job, and you have some thing at the end for your efforts I hope mum has not retained a pup or placenta. Vets/nurses will rarely recommend any treatment until they can see what they are treating.
  13. I like how this is set out, very clear and knowing where it falls on the breed average is very useful too. Looks good to me, and the bitch scored even better. One happy man keen to meet his dream dog, hes waited a long time and her breeder has put in a lot of effort to give a great foundation.
  14. Thats a start, for the pup. Yes both will need feeding but the tube should not be needed if they are suckling. Yes, take them all to the Vets. you can't deal with this on your own.
  15. A crap situation to find yourself in. Sounds like you are doing all within your control to save this pup,. But we can't give any advise without knowing the cause, or what we are dealing with. There could be damage to his mouth, throat, or abdomen. The pup needs a proper examination to rule out injuries or other causes, and to advise on the best plan of action and how to go about it. There is a reason he won't suckle. Anything less relies on luck. You are trying your luck on you tube. We can't help. We can't do better. Only a thorough vet examination can give reliable answers. I genuinely do wish you the best of luck, but thats the best any of could do. And a Merry Christmas. Very sorry.
  16. For your interest then. This one is pretty straight forward. I don't think we can reasonably expect better. I've been helping my son find his match. Thanks guys for steering me right.
  17. O.K, my bad. The penhip was done separately, so not scored on that form. The Penhips for both parents - Scores of 0.26/0.22, so reads 0.26 for sire, Dam scored 0.20/0.18 so 0.20 No cavitation or Oa detected in either. looks quite good to me, is this correct?
  18. Thanks @Mairead Yes, the report looks complete in all other ways, stating the films, positioning dogs age etc. were all satisfactory and signed by the clinician. Might be my best option to contact the clinic.
  19. Thanks @sandgrubber, @Rebanne good to know I'm not just stupid! Heres a picture of what I got, the asterisks I just don't understand. I can always ask the breeder, but they could tell me any thing and I'd be none the wiser if it was correct or not!
  20. So, not familiar with how to read these. Can some one please advise on this? Scores are marked with double asterisks** all the way, with total ** marked for hips. @sandgrubber? Elbows right and left scored 0 each all the way and UAP marked No. Is that good? bad ? or somewhere between?
  21. The old saying about when good people do nothing also comes to mind. Yeah, might seem an over the top reference when applied to this, but I think what we have to loose is far more than people realize, after allowing breeders and dogs to be discredited for so long now.
  22. Thanks @asal Political or not, Its news to me, and on topic as keepers of animals. Understanding the various political parties and entities take on my keeping them seems a good idea to me. I think I'm responsible for that. So I appreciate the heads up.
  23. Good to see how a political party claiming to represent keepers of domestic animals, is going about representing us. There is no one else even pretending to represent us. Yes be careful of political advertising, but look at the alternatives too. This is not covered else where I've seen, and it should be be news worthy to this audience.
  24. Friends left their Dobe asleep in the back seat while they went into a servo. Had their car stolen, but found it a block away with door still open. Another time, they came home to find an intruder trapped in their wardrobe
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