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    Among my many hobbies and interests, I have taken a very passionate interest in responsible pet ownership and proactive animal management and animal welfare matters.

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  1. Please note that the contract is merely suspended. It is not cancelled or terminated. With respect, the question is moot.
  2. Thanks for your response, Cr Antoniolli. It seems you were true to your word in saying you believe in natural justice. A sound basis for any investigation. I have no problem with your use of the word 'scuttlebutt'. It's a slang word for 'hearsay'. And 'hearsay' is passing around information that is not documented as factual. Yes, Thank you. I did not mean to offend. Rumours and innuendo run thick and fast and merely muddy the waters. I will stick to facts and I have outlined the facts as they should be put at this point of an investigation. I do not intend to be drawn into any discussion relating to the matter whilst it is under investigation. I do so as I respect natural justice and as such I would hope that the forum would respect that.
  3. I have been requested to respond to this matter and some of the claims regarding the AWL suspension from the Ipswich Pound. Please note that this is the subject of an internal investigation therefore, in the interests of natural justice, my response will be brief. The suspension and investigation relates to claims of animal welfare and matters pertaining to operational management and breach of contract. The AWL has been suspended with ongoing payment of their contract pending the result of the investigation/inquiry. The RSPCA will undertake interim management of both the pound and rehoming facility. It is council's intention to continue the rehoming of unclaimed/unwanted pets. I am a board member of the RSPCA. Does this present a 'conflict of interest'? Yes, and I have declared my COI accordingly to both organisations. I have not been part of the decision process involved in either suspending the contract or appointing the interim provider. I note the enormous scuttlebutt that has appeared on this forum and others over the past week. This does not assist either the investigation or the AWL. I would respectfully request that all forum readers give the opportunity to the council to conduct it's investigation before making rash and unjust statements. Andrew Antoniolli Councillor Ipswich City Council
  4. Just providing an update on previous posting on this forum regarding the AWL taking over the pound operations for Ipswich City Council. The floods certainly delayed the commencement of operations however the AWL are now settled into the pound and have began the role of pound manager and the establishment of a rehousing facility on site. Please refer to Ipswich City Council media release: http://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_council/media/view_release/?id=3331&action=viewMediaRelease and also refer to QT newspaper story: http://www.qt.com.au/story/2011/11/11/endofdog-deathrow-pound-partnership-will-save-pet-/ I look forward to this partnership saving many thousands of dogs from destruction.
  5. Awl Wins Tender For Ipswich Council Pound

    In answer to all those questions and statements above. The 'Getting to Zero' (or G2Z) program is quite simple. That said it is not immediate and does take time to reach the full 'Zero' target especially when introduced into a new area such as Ipswich, although once the AWL take over the Ipswich pound operations there will be an immediate improvement in services and outcomes. This will include access to AWL vets who will undertake emergency and regular vet services to pound. In essence the program is quite simple i.e. All dogs/cats that are surrendered or unclaimed (dumped/unwanted) at the pound will be rehomed. This includes dogs/cats with treatable temperment and/or health issues. Obviously those dogs/cats with untreatable conditions such as very poor or ailing health, aggressive nature etc. will likely be PTS. Many thousands of dogs/cats are put down nationally each year simply because they are unwanted. The G2Z program aims to change the behaviour of a community towards being proactive towards this social crime towards unwanted dogs and cats. It aims to make a community responsible for the situation and shifts the focus towards the rescue of these innocent victims of irresponsible pet owners. Some of the statements above are completely inaccurate and only succeed in circulating misinformation. The AWL is a respected animal welfare organisation with a philosophy and doctrine solely focused on the welfare of pets and awareness of improved community values towards animals. They should be commended for their commitment and postive actions and not condemned by armchair generals. I can comment with a great deal of authority on the service provided by AWL as they have been a partner with council on rehoming many hundreds of dogs/cats for approximately 8 years. The difference being that in this new partnership the AWL will set up formal operations at the Ipswich Pound, whereas in the past they took those other unclaimed dogs/cats to their Gold Coast facility for rehoming. To paint a very bad picture of the present situation here are some startling facts of dogs/cats impounded at Ipswich (pls be aware that this situation is repeated at many other pounds throughout the country): Dogs - Approximately 65% of dogs are collected or rehomed through the Ipswich Pound. The remainder are Euthanised. Cats - Approximately only 10% of cats are collected or rehomed through the Ipswich Pound. That's right!....approx 90% of cats are euthanised. This is an appalling statistic which represents irresponsible pet ownership. Even taking into account the number of strays (unowned) that are impounded this does represent an ugly statistic. Pls note that at present the IpswichPound rehomes some of these animals itself, however the vast majority of rehomed animals are forwarded to either the AWL or RSPCA for rehoming as the council cannot undertake such a specialised operation itself without assistance from organisations such as the AWL. Obviously the new partnership to commence 1 July will see the AWL assume full responsibility for turning the present circumstances around and move towards 'getting to zero' euthanasia. It's good news for those that would normally go on 'death row'.
  6. Awl Wins Tender For Ipswich Council Pound

    Thx Poodlefan This proposal has been on the drawing board with Ipswich for many years and I have been advocating for it's commencement. It's also important to understand and be aware of the feelings of animal lovers such as those involved in this forum. A few years ago this proposal stalled after the RSPCA annouced that it was moving it's State HQ to Ipswich. We took this news as an opportunity to work with the RSPCA campus, however, some 18 mnths later they were forced to move to Wacol as the land chosen by the State was undermined and unsuitable. We then went out to tender and were pleased to annouce the successful awarding of the tender to the AWL which will in the end be more like a working partnership towards better outcomes for both animal management and animal welfare. That was brilliant! I can't talk to the AWL proposal but I think a council member putting a proposal like this up for discussion on a popular and passionate dog forum is awesome. Well done Ipswich - it's where I was born!. ;)
  7. Awl Wins Tender For Ipswich Council Pound

    Thx Mita As part of the preparation/input into the Ipswich Disaster Management Plan, myself and some of the Anaimal Management Staff had successfully advocated for the inclusion of pets at evacuation centres. History of other international disaster events has shown that people are reluctant to leave their pets at time of crisis and emergency, therefore by including pets we remove the hesitation and it worked well. We had in excess of 450 pets temprarily housed at the Ipswich Evac Centre and the help we received from volunteers (including one of my daughters) was exceptional. Not sure whether you saw it but our efforts made it onto Dr Harry's segment on Ch 7's Better Homes & Gardens.
  8. Awl Wins Tender For Ipswich Council Pound

    Thanks Corvus AWL currently run the Gold Coast pound facility and as a result they have, over time, developed their 'Getting to Zero' (G2Z) initiative to a point where they now have a successful Zero Euthanasia Rate. The initiative is simple......All dogs/cats suitable for rehoming and/or with treatable health/temperament issues are rehomed. In the Ipswich partnership we will be adopting the same initiative, together with other promotion, education and marketing campaigns designed to improve pet ownership responsibilities and therefore improve animal welfare. The partnership formally commences 1 July, 2011.
  9. IPSWICH City Council is finalising negotiations to form a partnership with the Animal Welfare League of Queensland Inc to manage city's Hooper Street Animal Management Centre. Health and Regulation Committee Chairperson, Councillor Andrew Antoniolli said a decision from today's Council meeting would lead to formal negotiations for the AWL to run the day to day operations of the Animal Management Centre freeing Council staff up to focus on other animal management duties. "This is probably the best result we could have achieved to attract the expertise of the AWL with whom we have worked very closely for several years. "The AWL has been running pound operations for the Gold Coast City Council for the past 20 years and has managed to achieve a zero euthanasia rate for impounded animals there. "The AWL has an effective re-homing practice which they will now operate in Ipswich as from July this year. "This signifies a change of era for our pound and perhaps breaks the stereotype that pounds just put down unwanted animals. Ipswich City council has been working with the AWL for many years to reverse this practice, however this partnership will see a dramatic reduction in the number of unclaimed cats and dogs being euthanised at the Ipswich City Council Pound and Animal management Centre. More importantly this sees Ipswich as taking responsibility for it's own problem and not simply passing our unwanted pet problem onto another community." Councillor Antoniolli said the Animal Welfare League would further develop and deliver effective community education and support programs to the city. "These programs are designed to promote responsible pet ownership, and teaches people on how to provide for the needs of their pets. "The programs are also designed to create socially responsible pet owners who are aware of the impact of their choices on the management of animals in the community as a whole." Cr Antoniolli said the AWL already provide a veterinary clinic within the Ipswich City Council area give the community access to low cost services for de sexing and micro-chipping and therefore reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs within the community. "They will also provide veterinary services to the Ipswich City Council Pound and Animal Management Centre." Mayor Paul Pisasale said the notion of attaining a zero euthanasia rate was most appealing to residents of Ipswich. "I hope the city embraces this concept and works with the AWL to achieve these goals which will be better for the animals and the people of our city in the long term." Animal Welfare League of Queensland CEO, Denise Bradley, said she was looking forward to working with Ipswich City Council to achieve even better outcomes for local residents and their pets. "We will be providing all the four elements of the model for ‘Getting to Zero' of healthy and sociable dogs and cats - rehoming, education, veterinary care for pound and shelter animals and the ongoing provision of a community veterinary clinic. "We applaud Ipswich City Council's progressive move towards becoming a more compassionate and welfare oriented council and urge other councils to follow their lead." QT Newspaper Story: http://www.qt.com.au/story/2011/02/24/no-m...d-at-the-pound/
  10. Council ‘kills’ Kids’ Puppy Dog

    Got a problem Mr/Ms NoKillAustralia? Then take the effort to call me rather than make dark accusations as if the world is completely evil. Sometimes, and perhaps this may be difficult for you to accept, things just aren't as twisted as you have been so easily manipulated to believe. I take some of your accusations to heart because they insinuate something that I, like you, take very seriously. It is your right to have an opinion, not to make unfounded accusations or insinuations based on uncommon or past practice. You don't know me, nor I you, so rather than disparage me, call to discuss. Number below. Still no contact from NKA. It would appear that courage of that kind only extends from a 'keyboard'. NKA, I think you will find that I'm happy to listen to you and answer rational and reasonable questions. Just leave the hyperbole to one side and we might achieve something.
  11. Ipswich City Council has recently released some new strategies and initiatives designed to improve our service in the Animal Management area and reduce the negative social impacts of animal ownership on the greater community. These initiatives have taken many months to develop to the release stage and include: 1. A data pofile of pet ownership in Ipswich which also includes community understanding and behaviour in relationship to ownership. This will enable council to develop a strategic plan for the management of animals in Ipswich, particularly pet ownership; 2. Continuation of our Active Pets/Active People program which encourages health and wellbeing for both pet and owner; 3. An increase in our 'Pet of the Week' program, in co-operation with the AWL. Media Releases and links to Media stories are attached below: http://www.qt.com.au/story/2010/02/27/more...omeone-to-love/ http://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_counci...iewMediaRelease http://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_counci...iewMediaRelease Please note that Ipswich City Council has had a very long working relationship with the AWL and as a direct result of that co-operative arrangement many hundreds of pets have been rehoused and avoided the normal grisly fate of most unclaimed pound pets. A number of unclaimed dogs and cats are collected from the pound each week by both the AWL and the RSPCA, however, we also have in conjunction with the AWL a local program where we offer 1 to 2 unclaimed dogs or cats to the public. These dogs/cats are desexed, microchipped and registered and then sold to the community at a price that covers costs only. Until recently both the pound and the AWL have not been able to provide more than approx. 1 or 2 dogs a week. Due to some co-operative discussions we have been able to increase this to 5 or 6 dogs/cats per week. This might seem like a small number, however the dozens of dogs/cats that are collected by animal welfare agencies each week are taken out of the city and rehoused outside of Ipswich. This icrease/improvement is designed to take responsibility for our own local problem and rehouse the dog/cat locally. Council is in current discussions with the AWL to further improve this situation and take full control and responsibility for our local situation. It is hoped that further initiatives will be announced soon. I look forward to the forums feedback.
  12. Council ‘kills’ Kids’ Puppy Dog

    Cr. Andrew, younhave not commented on my proposal. I belive that it needs someone higher up to take this issue with CAR and the like. Bilbo Baggins Pls ring me, as I'll admit to not being familiar with this issue. I'm familiar with the State Legislation - Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008 in that all new dogs are to be micorchipped at POS and that same with existing dogs if changing/transfering ownership, however, the other issue you raise is not familar to me. Again, pls feel free to ring me. Number below.
  13. Council ‘kills’ Kids’ Puppy Dog

    Just make sure you're wearing your tinfoil hat when you call. Oh and watch out for black helicopters overflying your home. You don't happen to look like this do you Councillor? Hah Ha ha ha. Thx for lightening up the moment. Haven't heard from NKA yet and doubt I will.
  14. Council ‘kills’ Kids’ Puppy Dog

    Got a problem Mr/Ms NoKillAustralia? Then take the effort to call me rather than make dark accusations as if the world is completely evil. Sometimes, and perhaps this may be difficult for you to accept, things just aren't as twisted as you have been so easily manipulated to believe. I take some of your accusations to heart because they insinuate something that I, like you, take very seriously. It is your right to have an opinion, not to make unfounded accusations or insinuations based on uncommon or past practice. You don't know me, nor I you, so rather than disparage me, call to discuss. Number below.
  15. Council ‘kills’ Kids’ Puppy Dog

    Noted. I can assure you that any action of the like by an Ipswich Council employee would be met with dismissal and referral to the authorities. Such action by one of the staff within my portfolio would disappoint and sadden me greatly.