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  1. That pop up thing also stops people looking at the dogs available for adoption, so frustrating :-(
  2. Discovered a really good food a few weeks ago, my extremely fussy dog is finally eating well and its healthy, Frontier Pets is the name of it. https://frontierpets.com.au
  3. Facebook, our rescue is run from that now, we have over 12000 on our facebook page.
  4. Have not been told the full story re who owns the dog, so leaving this one for its owners to sort out, thanks for the suggestions though.
  5. The real estate told them the dog has to go, sounds like they aren't allowed to rectify anything.
  6. Yes that's the problem, they may have to surrender him to rescue unfortunately, it's a big ask to find someone who will take a dog for a couple of months, Mita they can email me on [email protected] He does sound like a great dog very well trained etc.
  7. Just an update on the Milk Thistle I got from you Steve, just had results from blood tests and all levels are down into the normal range,which is great as they were getting high, I have enough for another month or two, will order some more soon if you still have it
  8. She does sound great, will take little Harvey with me, might be his new holiday playmate
  9. Going to go and see this little lady for my friend today http://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/318806
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