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  1. optimum is just the new name for principal - youll notice that disappear from the supermarket shelves i would feed the new types of supercoat over that
  2. My 6 and a half year old dog was 29.8 - 11.9 less than average! In general though this quiz is a little stupid reading through what it says it tells me my dog is aged because i let him choose how much he eats - well duh - my dog is at optimum weight - so why not let him choose how much eats...
  3. i would put the crushed tabled in minced meat and give it as a treat I have a dog that will take tablets, spit them out and then eat them on command - don't know how he learned it - I guess it's just a way of life
  4. The Sun will give you cancer, but no sun will kill you.... It's all about moderation in my book. Find a good quality dry food - something that costs the earth - you get what you pay for most times check out the ingredients before you buy it and research what you dont understand Add to that some chicken wings, carcasses, necks, beef bones, lamb necks, lamb shanks and the occassional bit of pork (you will soon learn what your dog cannot tolerate) That is probably as balanced as most people are going to get - no point in pushing BARF on an audience that is scared - just ease into it! Supermarket foods that are good...hmmm...well of the canned variety - Nature's Gift and possibly Nature's Own (or some similar name) - nothing else at all, and even those only in emergency. Dry food - supercoat is about the only one of value In the meat section? I hear you ask! Check out those roles and avoid any that use preservatives, colours or gelling agents I hear that four paws stuff isn't bad - all it did was give my dog gas. Everyone will have their own opinion - but mine over all is this Feed what works!
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