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  1. Firstly not sure about SA but here in QLD Juniors are not allowed to handle dogs under 12months of age and secondly if it was my dog I would not let a junior handle an inexperienced dog as this would be asking for trouble for the dog, juniors need to have reasonably stable/experienced dog for theri own benefit. Now I had not put a foot in a show ring for 30years until 18months ago when not only did I come back with a completely different breed but was mentored by my dogs breeder encouraged and by the 4th show felt like I have never been away although to others watching they probably will have a great laugh reading this :D However I managed to title my dog inunder 12 months when she was 16months old and we have had much success in both breed, class in group etc. So just go for it even if you just do open shows until you get your confidence and puppy is also starting to settle into show routine :) remember no matter what it is in life we all had to take that initial first step and for the most part we have succeeded to get where we are now.
  2. Having a full show coat on my dog the very few times I go to one of several off lead enclosures in our area I attend during mid morning when less likely to find anyone else there and also chose the ones which provide a small dog as well as large dog facility using the puppy and small dog area as both my dogs fall in this catergory. This has made life very stressfree and allowed my dogsa some away from home free run time, we have a few friends whose dogs I trust 100% and we do the occaisonal meet up for playtime, giving them social time as well. If I had an injured dog last place I would take it is to an off lead area for multiple reasons but some people just do not understand same as those who chose to walk their dogs around suburbia without a lead putting others who do the right thing at risk! I have witnessed many dogs both large breed and small who become the gate keeper and area warden in off lead spaces to the horror of some visiting owners and dogs and total disregard by other's as in their opinion 'my dog is just PLAYING' so rather then get myself upset and risk my dogs I have embarked on the plan as stated in the beginning of this reply. As well both my dogs have been well socialised and never allowed to 'harrass' other's and have stop and drop + recall down pat if required.
  3. Any particular reason why needing to cut I presume large tablet or having to give say only a half or quarter etc? some medication cannot be crushed or cut for humans due to the enteric coating and importance of it being digested in the exact part of gut meant to remove the enteric coating and it will break down incorrectly in body when attacked by digestive juices, Definately make sure if using same cutter for animal and human it is throughly washed as small traces build up over a time and can have detrimental affect on dog and human alike If particular pill needing to be cut either wet slightly and quickly before putting in cutter and this way will make easier to slice through but this is a fine art. Best to use is a Swiss pill cutter they are brilliant but costly and only available in USA unfortuneately. On the odd occaison I have needed to split a dose I use my Very sharp knife place tablet onto peice of bread and this stabilises as well as collects any fine debris and first run knife back and forth to score tablet then hold knife firmly and push through.
  4. Hope by now few weeks after original post pup is settled and more relaxed, personally I would be doing lots and lots of 'mothering' and bonding with the pup and introducing lots of different experiencing in a positive way and building up confidence. Once they are 'happy' in the new environment + know the new owner well you will find all the rest will just fall into place.
  5. An update to anyone who tows any type of vehicle, especially those in the dog world with dog trailers. Law was passed 2 years ago which seems many people are unaware of and recently social media has been having varying stories regarding police infringements etc (untrue) however the need for total safty when towing is paramount! "Vehicle Standards can advise that under the current legislation, while the safety chains that are used to connect a trailer to a towing vehicle are required to comply with Australian Standard AS 4177.4 Caravan and light trailer towing components, there is no legal requirement for shackles to comply with a particular Australian Standard. However, in the interest of road safety, the Department of Transport and Main Roads strongly recommends that vehicle operators use shackles that are either certified to AS 2741-2002 Shackles or are identifiable as having a suitable design for the trailer and towing vehicle combination. These requirements are not new and have been consistent across most States and Territories for many years." As penned by someone who is in the trailer world "Tvans have a Gross Trailer Mass of 1500kgs, and a Topaz has a GTM of 1990kgs, so make sure that when you buy rated shackles you find ones with a maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) or Working Load Limit (WLL) greater than the gross weight of the trailer. Generally this will mean and 11mm rated D shackle or Bow shackle for the Tvan and a 13mm rated D shackle or bow shackle for the Topaz, but check the SWL or WLL before making your purchase. Rated shackles are available from most 4wd stores, automotive stores, hardware stores, and specialty lifting and rigging stores." Safe travels everyone :)
  6. Thanks will go today and do some footwork seeing as online searches do not seem to be showing me what i want
  7. There is also another person there at Durack on regular basis who sells them make sure you get rubber back one as these don't slip. Habnero Hounds sell very reasonable they are on Facebook and online, sometimes at Durack as well.
  8. There is also another person there at Durack on regular basis who sells them make sure you get rubber back one as these don't slip. Habernero Hounds sell very reasonable they are on Facebook and online, sometimes at Durack as well.
  9. Thanks jess, unfortuneately the ones at BCF & Rays are not the ones I am after just wished I had written the brand name down when i saw it last w/e
  10. Probably been discussed a million times and only previous post I can find is now old and no longer in use. My question is what is brand of most popular black hub I see most people now using and where is it available from?
  11. Anyone got a catalogue just want to check poodle entries please
  12. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-benowa-409472919 http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-benowa-412474619 (pet friendly)
  13. I hear this dog saying I want to WORK!!! over and overm Rosie is trying to tell you, it is part and parcel of her breed. Get her into something like herding, flyball, frisbee. Energy to burn comes with these breeds so big long walk and couple times a day. Dogs are smart creatures they had to be to learn to fend for themselves that is why they partnered up with humans so they could totally bend us to do their bidding. What you have to know is what is genuine fear aggression/ fear flight as opposed just 'acting out to get their way' First and foremost is a very strong human who can do the job and get this dog totally obedient without breaking her spirit, it can be done with kindness, perserverence and repetition. Part A though is getting her frustration with life worked out through exercise. good luck it is a challenge.
  14. From very early puppy days I did lots and lots of handling legs, belly shoulders, mouth ears everywhere possible just to get dog use to being handled, I also asked everyone who I visited + strangers to also "go over' dog not just pat on back. Took to puppy school. So step one was accomplished, at same time placing her into the required stand (stack) position and repeating stand intially with clicker and reward saw her free standing on command by time she was 6 months old. then we moved to the 'legs' command where she now pulls up from any gait (walk/trot/run)be it on lead or just playing in yard with frisbee and a hand command plus verbal 'legs' sees her stop on spot and correctly place her front feet forward. We are currently working on doing this under distraction as sometimes she becomes so interested in other dogs in or around ring she tends to 'forget' and will stop and will stand but does not alwyas hold for as long as needed. But bottom line is it is all about repetition, making it fun and having dog understand exactly what is required. Good luck and enjoy :)
  15. With regard local councils I am not sure about any other state or territory but can speak on Brisbane Council with regards responsibility for maintenance of area's under their care and durisdiction. If you as a resident or visitor to an area NOTICE a faulty peice of public equipment (bench broken/toilet damaged/overgrown land/ lights blown in public walkway)it is your reponsibility to photograph damage and send in a email or letter or phone and report same. As if this has been reported and not attended to a case of liability can be undertaken against said council. However they have a rule of 3 which they use in their defence 1. Was their a construction site not sign posted and sufficiently blocked off. 2. Was the lighting insufficient. 3 Was their overgrown grass preventing you seeing the problem. So say for instance you are out jogging and trip on a lifted peice of path or a fallen tree branch obstructing your path, or fall in a hole you did not see. The reply will be "You have a duty of care to take care when undertaking your own recreational activities". No case Tah Tah. Sure you can fight it and go to court but they being a semi government organisation will win and you will be left pennyless Again from first hand experiencing this situation I know how difficult it is having stepped into a hole on the edge of a footpath when about to cross the road and falling onto road as a result narrowly being avoided by an oncoming car. After months of investigation and buck passing firstly to main roads saying they were responsible for this particular Kerb and channelling, and eventually agreeing it was under council care, they then said it was contributary negligence as I had not looked where I was going, if I had I would have seen the hole!!!! They do follow up with a big consultative process and try to fix any problem so it will not occur again as in case of cyclist injured by flying debris from a large tractor slasher, rule is now when slashing or mowing being done they must signpost area to forewarn anyone entering area, so if you sustain injury their repsonse' well you should not have been there it was signed DANGER mowing in place. They did have to pay out in the cyclist situation. As for the very very sad case in Victoria where playground tree fell, this will come back to school be it public or privately owned taking the full brunt of the law as they have a duty to undertake full regular stocktake of all facilities inside and out to ascertain NO DANGER is present, repair/replace/modify etc this includes making sure No poisonous plants on grounds, trees that could be a danger being lopped or removed, checking for dangerous insects living in trees/bushes, playing surfaces not warn/structurally safe etc and the list goes on and on and on. No amount of blame or compensation is going to bring back the child that was lost or undo the injuries to all those involved so prevention is far better the cure.
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