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  1. Poodle Thread

    Time has flown puppies have grown & grown now 7 months old and coats slowly fading to reveal shades of future silver Miss Dee Dee has had success in the show ring with Baby of breed at Brisbane Royal, 2nd baby puppy bitch at Poodle nationals. and 5 more shows each taking first place including recent minor of breed win. Sister Lottie has had to be content to be the bridesmaid but 2016 looks like a change in the wind for her. Big brother has had 3 outings but the show ring is not his forte, looking like trying his paws at the obedience trials. Mumma Mei will celebrate her 4th birthday on Wednesday and is getting her pre birth coat back and loving playing with the kids! Will post some pics soon
  2. Poodle Thread

    Puppy update now 4 weeks old, zooming around their pen, teeth!!, found their little growls and barks, play fighting with each other and generally being very cute
  3. Poodle Thread

    A breeder in NSW has a black Toy for sale check out the breeders page on Dogzonline under puppies listing.
  4. Poodle Thread

    Try poodle rescue
  5. Poodle Thread

    The gorgeous Miss Mei Li successfully and effortlessly birthed 4 SILVER pups last week, 3 sweet girls and one little boy. In keeping with the Royal birth they have been named Dee Dee (Diana) yellow collar and first born, Louie (after HRH Prince Williams middle name) green collar, Charlay (part of Charlotte) Red collar, and finally Lottie (part of charlotte) Purple collar. Mum is devoted and caring for them like she has done it all before!Exciting times to have my first home bred litter under my own prefix.
  6. Poodle Thread

    Beautiful. Good luck with your litter & hope to see baby photos in here soon. puppy pics will be posted with joy pray for a girl or two lol ;)
  7. Poodle Thread

    Just to continue the Silver theme, here is my gorgeous soon to be mum (2 weeks) this wonderful photo taken by a special lady thank you Rachel Regan for capturing her so well.
  8. Poodle Thread

    Little half sister first meeting so cute :)
  9. Poodle Thread

    Just to put a smile on your face here is one happy poodle who loves to smile all the time :)
  10. Poodle Thread

    Hope this little one found its owner
  11. Poodle Thread

    to all poodle lovers everywhere hope you have a great festive season
  12. Poodle Thread

    Definately read as much as possible about the breed, go to some events be they shows/obedience trials/agility/dog fun days etc contact the poodle club of your state body and they can recommend breeders of note. No matter what breed of dog temperament can be developed from early days using many programs, the best of which is socialisation lots of people,places,experiences, other breeds of dogs etc. Poodles are extremely intelligent, easily trained and make fantastic pets and working dogs Good luck :)
  13. Poodle Thread

    I can throughly recommend someone who has agility poodles will send PM
  14. Professional Dog Handler

    Firstly not sure about SA but here in QLD Juniors are not allowed to handle dogs under 12months of age and secondly if it was my dog I would not let a junior handle an inexperienced dog as this would be asking for trouble for the dog, juniors need to have reasonably stable/experienced dog for theri own benefit. Now I had not put a foot in a show ring for 30years until 18months ago when not only did I come back with a completely different breed but was mentored by my dogs breeder encouraged and by the 4th show felt like I have never been away although to others watching they probably will have a great laugh reading this :D However I managed to title my dog inunder 12 months when she was 16months old and we have had much success in both breed, class in group etc. So just go for it even if you just do open shows until you get your confidence and puppy is also starting to settle into show routine :) remember no matter what it is in life we all had to take that initial first step and for the most part we have succeeded to get where we are now.
  15. Am I In The Wrong?

    Having a full show coat on my dog the very few times I go to one of several off lead enclosures in our area I attend during mid morning when less likely to find anyone else there and also chose the ones which provide a small dog as well as large dog facility using the puppy and small dog area as both my dogs fall in this catergory. This has made life very stressfree and allowed my dogsa some away from home free run time, we have a few friends whose dogs I trust 100% and we do the occaisonal meet up for playtime, giving them social time as well. If I had an injured dog last place I would take it is to an off lead area for multiple reasons but some people just do not understand same as those who chose to walk their dogs around suburbia without a lead putting others who do the right thing at risk! I have witnessed many dogs both large breed and small who become the gate keeper and area warden in off lead spaces to the horror of some visiting owners and dogs and total disregard by other's as in their opinion 'my dog is just PLAYING' so rather then get myself upset and risk my dogs I have embarked on the plan as stated in the beginning of this reply. As well both my dogs have been well socialised and never allowed to 'harrass' other's and have stop and drop + recall down pat if required.