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  1. And they certainly arent helping in this thread. I dont know of any APBT owner in this thread who can not manage the breed appropriatly, I do know one previous owner in this thread who didnt manage though, 2 dogs dead, or perhaps just the APBT one?. RB laws or not, a gits a git.
  2. I highly suspect because court challenges rarly involve those other breeds, anyone can guess breeds, for fun and games, along with shelters etc, it happens all the time in pounds.
  3. Yes as a traditionally functional breed they do usually come in many shapes and sizes, some smaller than staffy size, some as big as a lab.
  4. Jdavis a Pit Bull club secretary cant even positivly ID a Pit Bull.
  5. Caffiened I think most 'pitty' owners would manage there dogs wisely, I have rubbed shoulders ( and keyboards) with many over the years and this is what I have seen. I am sure most beagle owners, staffy owners and every other person with what ever breed they have just the same, majority would manage the dogs wisely, some may be bad eggs but it's the same in all from what I have seen. Bad apples fall from all trees. No more so than others. But when focus is on one all negativity gets highlighted. The gits who cant manage the dogs cant turn around any sort of perception, and I wouldnt want them to try.
  6. The proof is in the pudding about Breed Specific Laws in print and on the news, we have had it for over 15 yrs. It is a law that means diddly squat in the real world from the start, and I think most know that. But some like to think it works and is great and is enforcable! well they keep on telling themselves that enough times and it becomes truth in a rose coloured sort of way LMAO lol.
  7. "he may not have even been declared with an NOI, he may have been breed assesed negative or found to be partially bred then temperament tested and passed." title of the thread
  8. Exactly jdavis, how is he going to be forced? he may not have even been declared with an NOI, he may have been breed assesed negative or found to be partially bred then temperament tested and passed. Look to the title of the thread. If failed, and an enclosure is built to appese council, how is it enforced. A buffoon dog owner is a buffoon dog owner, RB laws or not.
  9. IF If If lol. What is so hard to understand that this bloke in all probability wouldnt have cared about the RB law? a fine lol look what happened. Are declared RB's monitered 24/7, of course not.
  10. Hmmm keep em comming OB1. APBT on whose account, ah yes the OP's neighbour said so, not the council, not anyone else. Of course I feel for the old fella. Let me ask you this. This guy sounded real irresponsible yeah, could'nt even manage the dog under a normal law, what makes you think that anything would have been different if the dog had been declared by an NOI by Warley some time back? An irresponsible owner is an irresponsible owner after all is it not? whats the thread about sheridan?
  11. So, you're okay with an old dog, indeed any dog, being attacked in its backyard? Interesting. Nope not at all, but it's typicle for a responce like that I have noticed, I am sure many see it. Any more 1 liners to come? or is that it for your input to the topic titled, should have called the ranger?
  12. Someone who allows their dog to savage another in its own backyard is irresponsible. A pity that such owners can't wear a collar indicating they're dangerous. A pity that such people are allowed to own dogs at all. It is the dog that wears the collar; it is the dog that gets pts because its owner is a moron. It sure is hey, it happens what 100's of times each and every day across this great nation of ours.
  13. I dont know poodlefan, the last two are rife in Australia and i dont think we are unique in the world. We modeled ours on the UK after all. Followed by some fantasy quotes by polititions, and laws made that capture many innocents in the dragnet.
  14. Thats the thing htwyr, In NSW where the OP is, the dog has to be proved to be a 'banned Breed' in the first place via a notice of intent to declare the dog a restricted breed. Then they must comply with any law, during the NOI period, and if found to be a restricted breed, comply for life. This did not happen. And people do get there backs up over vigilantes, it is dangerous ground where many innocent dogs fall victim to the wims of neighbourhood clashes. This has been happening ever since those laws were created. Thats the way the law works in that place not a reversal of that.
  15. So who in this thread should Hotwyr ? Come on now dont hold back mate.. speak out, many would like to say the name but for some reason cant bring themselves to do it, I asked a few pages back and it' went silent or redirected..
  16. Lol You characters are unreal the OP was not simply recounting a story of an attack and a boohoo story, it mostly had to do with the fact she wishes to become a vigilante on BSL as she openly said in her first line. So then many are playing the same ole same ole APBT owners are irrisponsible card, and APBT owners are the breeds downfall, well who else exactly then?. The guy in the OP is obviously but we dont know about the breed do we, because there was never a NOI, only an owners account of the breed, unless I missed that part. I knew a bloke with a staffy who called his dog a Pit when speaking to no nothings because he thought it was cooler and liked the reaction he got, does that make the dog a pit?
  17. Lol are you for real, you want pics of my old cripple in a muzzle on the road LMAO and a fence line! and i didnt point anything out i asked if she should be reported. mate believe it or not it's not any of your or anyone elses business how I manage my dogs or how others manage there dogs., But do continue on if you must. and I just might. I dont live in NSW btw, my regs are different in the 'enclosure' department just as they are in Victoria, SA, WA, et al. you see. do you want a close up shot of where my dogs scrotum used to be aswell?
  18. I guess only irrisponsible APBT owners are irresponsible APBT owners, well thats some damn fine thunking.
  19. From everything I have read luvabull you have trained socialised and managed your dogs correctly.
  20. So someone who trains socialises and manages a dog correctly is an irrisponsible owner? someone who has not had a NOI?
  21. Which in your eyes would be? That you should be reported mate. just to make sure you are responsible.
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