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  1. Its the shiznit very few dogs of the future will be singled out now, mostly deed not breed glad it went through.
  2. Then its best you suggest to your friend to only buy a registered dog from a registered breeder and she wont have that problem yeah she wont have a problem with staffies just on DOL listing We currently have in our database for this breed 56 Puppy Notice(s) 7 Mature Dog Notice(s) from a total of 439 Breeder(s) and over 100 Amstaff breeders to choose from, shit a brick. and they say popularity breeds problems lol. Probably a whole nother topic though.
  3. OMFG but but dos'nt you spozed to av papers or u B in da Poo??!! LMAO Good to read Lisa
  4. Ahh I see, You may have to use another split ring on the other split ring to get it hanging right? It would then turn it face forward.
  5. I think you may have to use a key "ring" on it first. It should hang straight then. edit: put the ring through the hole at the front of the tag, then attach the tag to the collars D ring via the key "ring". If that makes sence.
  6. Hey Bro, I updated the patched up list in EDBA forum ages ago with the one below. Sydney June 14, 2007.. Robyn Gordon who kept 14 dogs as pets has died after being found with bite wounds over much of her body at her property in Sydney's north-west. X Breed dogs http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/good-s...1414408508.html I think thats the only one I can see missing from the list you have. edit: yeah and the baby in Vic that gillbear posted link too.
  7. Why is that? what are you going to do with pics of members pets? Theres plenty of pics on google images.
  8. Pea straw mate, Pea straw! my dogs favourite in the doghouse.
  9. Cool thanks for that, both, with the Ester C is it effective whilst also taking the glucosamine or should it be on its own?. will it interfere with the other supplements.
  10. My dog has spondylosis too it looks like a doily wrapped around the spine on X-ray, is it common for vets to do this in Aust I think i read they need to be trained in TCM, I will need to find one in Vic to have a chat. How much did it cost your sister?
  11. Implants! I will have to google them and check them out.
  12. Is there any new products about that help dogs with arthritis?. Old dog gets glucosamine MSM and chondroiten mix at the moment, but it seems to not be working as well as before. Anything else i can try him on?
  13. Mabey it's a lower grade dog kibble compared to other brands? so thats why everyone bags it. I dont know, the best kibble I have ever found is uncle albers and thats a real cheapy and I have tried alot of different kibbles for the dogs ( not on there behalf lol) some ultra expensive and science diet too. overall its what your dog does well on that matters, whatever brand it is, not anything else.
  14. Is there any reliable litrature on macadamias being bad for dogs in small quantities?
  15. I made one out of sailboat rope softened with cuddly fabric softener with a BIGASS bullsnap crimped onto the end
  16. I de-worm them twice per year, it used to be 4 times per year as most people do, but i couldnt see that it was needed.
  17. I think so, it does tend to give my dogs the runs though if eaten in large amounts, it might be too much fat content or something, small amounts shouldnt hurt though, i have seen neumorous people on here giving there dogs pig heads and dried ears etc with no ill effects.
  18. Jeezus Well thats all well and good then,. But I dont hold your doomsday view of the dogs breed via BS & L, so no point trying to drum it in to me with size enhanced bolding text ok cheers
  19. Well i just dont hold any of those doomsday views, on this unique breed, if the time ever comes that it happens *which i dont think it ever will*, then that will be the time for any breeders or any associations to deal with it. Or as kaiser says, the initial breeders ( who i doubt very much would be 'bogans' in the first place ) will have to carefully screen buyers & homes to help prevent that sort of thing from happening, its all they can do.
  20. Somehow i dont think it will ever be a "bogan" breed, not with the vast array of dogs with allready documented 'Reps' for "bogans" to choose from. In fact i dare say that such a rare and ancient breed would be well regarded, and looked after.
  21. A while ago someone on here said they were importing some Thai Ridgebacks to Australia, i am just wanting to know if it went ahead or not.
  22. A nice little massage after exercise would be nice
  23. It must be hard bordering on impossible to train a dog out of deep rooted instinct.
  24. I can vouch for Flexicose and the powder supplement MSM Glucosamine Choindroitin joint food put out by nutralife. The Flexicose canine you cant get anymore through customs but the human stuff is exactly the same. I found it a bit pricey though for the amount you get, and the nutralife product just as good.
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