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  1. All Things Whippet!

    I kind of forgot to add pics of the little darlings. They are quite grown up now.
  2. All Things Whippet!

    Hello Whippeteers It's been a while. Kids , life, house, dogs and all the things that get in the way of a forum. I've been busy lure coursing, became a Judge and more recently made some gorgeous babies (10 of) mostly black and white and nearly all girls.
  3. Nsw Pet Registry Now Online

    did that, she could'nt figure out why it wouldn't work, still glitches in the system she said. took my number for an expert to call but still waiting Same here and to be honest I dont have the time I've spent so far in trying to make it work . Id rather simply fill out the change of owners forms for my puppies ,send it in to council and let them do the job. Ill have another look in a little while to see if its any easier but Im not up for spending this much time and energy on simply doing councils job for them until its all sorted. I feel like you do and I've given up.
  4. Greyhound Racing To Be Shut Down

    May be a strange question...do you think that those highly competative in your sport could potentially be doing exactly the same as they do in Greyhound racing to improve performance? Unlikely. My bitch scored 2nd in the Sight Hounds last time she ran. She stays fit, with road work, free runs, slip runs, on the flirt pole and behind our own machine. For the record I have also raced Greyhounds and did not partake in live baiting and swabbed clean when tested.
  5. Greyhound Racing To Be Shut Down

    Animal rights and the RSPCA are all about obtaining footage and information to further their own agenda, as opposed to actually helping an animal.
  6. Rescued Dogs Caged For Years

    The warehousing of dogs in not uncommon. Many rescues are kept in kennels and their needs are not met. There was the case of the bouncing Whippets a few years ago, that were warehoused despite offers to foster them and provide them with some necessary life skills, manners and asses them in a home environment.
  7. about the only thing I could see was the "cramped cages". The majority of the dogs were fat. Those cages indoors all had what appeared to be clean newspaper, some of it a bit shredded but otherwise looked fresh. Looked like faeces in the outdoor runs. Having them piled in like that is reason enough to remove them from the premises but it didn't look filthy. Every time I see this happen to a registered breeder I think back to what those poor Collie people went through and it casts doubt in my mind if it's real, partly real or a Debra Tranter special
  8. Puppy Registration - Mislead By Breeder

    If a NSW breeder The breeder is responsible for chipping the puppy and registering the litter with Dogs NSW The breeder is responsible for ensuring a change of ownership (microchip c3a) form is completed by the buyer and the breeder submits it to their council. The breeder is responsible for signing the back of the pedigree and forwarding the pedigree papers on to the buyer The buyer is then responsible for registering the puppy with their local council with the confirmation of transfer arrives from the breeders local council. It's a white a4 piece of paper. The buyer is responsible for transferring the puppy into their name with Dogs NSW by submitting the pedigree and appropriate fee to dogs nsw Sounds like the breeder has done all they need to .
  9. Breeder Refusing Refund For Pure Bred Puppy

    If he's overshot the jaw may correct itself as the bottom jaw is the last to develop. If he's undershot ( the bottom jaw is longer than the top ) then there is no chance it will correct. Is he under of over ?
  10. Crow Snatches Puppy From Kilsyth Backyard, Owner Collapses With Shock

    I've had my Chi attacked in the back yard by Currawong's. There is large group of them that live behind us in the trees and they come and steal the pups chicken wings and food any chance they get. My dog was lucky I was home to rescue him. They probably couldn't have carried him away but could have killed him (2kg's of dog)
  11. All Things Whippet!

    My baby grew up very quickly. I kind of went from them being in the whelping box to ready for the ring in a flash.
  12. Stafford Fans

    Get in the obedience ring
  13. Lure Coursing- Interested In Participating ?

    Thanks it has been. So much goes on behind the scenes with a fledgling sport and club. The Committee is an awesome one and are all very good at what they do.
  14. Lure Coursing- Interested In Participating ?

    Training Dates have been announced ... The first one is 17 April in Yass NSW , followed by 1 May in Sydney
  15. Weaning

    I don't wean as such, I introduce solids when the pups are ready (or the bitch does it for me). I provide them with a water bowl and let the bitch decide when she'd had enough. I find that they are sometimes still feeding the pups as they are leaving home but it's not an issue as the pups are eating and drinking on their own. Weaning is not a race to see who can get their pups off the bitch the earliest.