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  1. Thx HazyWal for your suggestions.... :D
  2. Thank you Gruflife. :) That looks lovely..........
  3. Still looking if anyone hears or see's a grooming trailer. Thx :)
  4. Hi All I've searched here and Gumtree but can't find any dog grooming trailers for sale. I have an existing business and only need the trailer. If you have any suggestions or have a trailer for sale pls pm me. Thx Sharon Oh yeah, I live in NSW :)
  5. Thank you Benshiva. Funny you'd been on my mind. Hope all is well. xx
  6. Thank you everyone. He was a huge part of our lives, couldn't have asked for a better dog.
  7. Thank you everyone. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi All Not often am I lost for words, but I am tonight. Our beautiful boy Chisel has passed after suffering a stroke. He fought hard and even at the end cuddle up to Mum and his tail waging. Many who showed around 5 years ago, in the working ring would remember this red German Shepherd. He cried outside the ring until it was his turn to strut his stuff and show them how it was done. Always trying to please, even at the end. You'll be missed my big boy and thank you for all the wonderful years you gave us.
  9. No I don't, sorry. I thought some would be happy with the prices. I haven't ordered so don't know what they're like.
  10. I'm not on here very often so this could have already been shown/discussed, but thought it too good a sale not to let you know. http://www.loveitup.com.au/shoppinglist.php?catid=236 There's a seperate section for cats and dogs, plus many non animal items for sale. Enjoy Sharon :)
  11. Lovely memories to keep...........
  12. Like the others have said, beautiful. The home I've always wanted. How many acres?
  13. Quality lens makes all the difference. :)
  14. Pers you know I play around..... :laugh: Sorry couldn't help it. I haven't anything to put up YET, but hopefully after work today I shall. Love your shots. Every time you put a macro up I keep saying to myself, one day, one day. :laugh:
  15. Thx Rev Jo. Shall have a look see, and take in others input. Once again thx. :D
  16. Thx Pers. I do see what you mean. I'll have a closer look at that, don't even know how I achieved it. Must be in the settings, lol.
  17. Thank you both. :) I'm halfway happy with them. :laugh:
  18. Thx Rev Jo. RAW is something I will look at. And yes links are always welcomed.
  19. Thx Danny Darling. Rev Jo, thank you for taking the time to give me all that wonderful info, it's very much appreciated. I had added all the settings to the picture, but unfortunately didn't come through when loading them here. Bummer. Plus I should have added these are totally unedited except one or two where I did notice the horizon. Have to keep a closer eye on this, I do look at things a little lop sided. :laugh: It was suggested I should shoot in jpeg-fine. So you recommend RAW? Thx again.... :D
  20. I messed this up well and truely, but you get the idea....
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