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  1. What a gorgeous boy. Love the last photo, beautiful. Hope you enjoy the site. I've learnt so much about photography in here if that's what your after, if not pls bring on the photos for us to have a sticky at. Love seeing snippets of peoples lives. :)
  2. In your heart you know when the time is right. Tip is just saying start looking, he'll be there for the journey.
  3. Lovely colours coming through. Enjoyed looking at them. Thx for sharing.
  4. She's a funny little thing. Just put the flea treatment on, and OMGF you'd think I was trying to kill her.
  5. She did it again this afternoon, but I didn't panic. Seems to fall asleep when she having a good old scratch on the pole. In the above shot, she was just waking when I took the photo, and this was her response. Doesn't like her photo taken when she's drooled........... :laugh:
  6. Bloody cat, she was just laying there looking dead, stuffed and mounted.
  7. I couldn't find the winner in the black and white. Most probably right in front of me. :laugh: Next time someones in there could they pls post the winners link on here. Thx :) Just received an email saying someone has voted for one of my photos, I'm chuffed. :laugh:
  8. I've just entered three in the free comp. Just dipped my feet in. :laugh:
  9. The facial expressions gave me a giggle.
  10. You take a beautiful photo. Crisp and clean.
  11. I agree Tic. You look at the photo and wonder why? how? etc etc. Some of the shots are unbelieveable. I could only dream of them. There is a winner in the past bird comps, it's gorgeous of a Swan and her Signet. I could dream of taking a photo like that.
  12. Not sure Kirislin. Look like a younger man, but hey we all were younger once upon a time. :laugh:
  13. Now over 16000. Tic I do believe I saw some puppy doooogs that looked mighty familiar in the dog photo section. :) Looks good.
  14. Have just opened an account with them. Very impressive shots some place in there, in fact I find some intimidating. But it's only $3 for most of their comps, so someone might like one of my photos, and I would like the prize. :laugh:
  15. Enjoy the beauty of it all. Thx for sharing your wonderful pictures. :)
  16. Pers beautiful and so crisp. Macro lens? :)
  17. Pers and Darling thank you. :) Even one of my sisters is buying her first DSLR, so we can drag each other around to different sites. :laugh:
  18. Hi All Love playing with my photo editing, never thought I would but funny how things change over time. These were taken near my place on the Central Coast of NSW. Off to my first photo club this Friday. Hopefully it'll be what I'm looking for. Hope you like these....if not, oh well. :laugh:
  19. Love Akitas. He's a very handsome boy.
  20. Thx Tic, much appreciated.... :)
  21. Thank you so much everyone, great info in there for me. It's unbelievable how quick it happens, and when it does I definately know it's happened.
  22. Hi All My hands are so sore, they're cracked from the cold days and dog washing. They're so bad at present I'm waking from the pain. What do you use on your hands to prevent this? Thx muchly Sharon :D
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