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  1. Importing From The Us

    I am looking and thinking about importing from USA and was hoping to hear others experiences. What was good and what was bad, who did you use to transport and approximate costs. Would love to know as much as possible to try to predict any foreseeable issues etc. Thanks
  2. Hi, We are looking for a vet who does home visits to vaccinate and microchip puppies at the 6 week mark. We are located west on Melbourne. Thanks
  3. Litters Due May 2014

    Well we have two bitches due to whelp a few days apart. Very mad I know but timing for us was too perfect and I want to go back to work full time next year plus I really really want something to show from each of these girls. Anyhow we have reached the 4 1/2 week and almost 5 week mark and one looks like a pud and the other is blowing out her ribs. Cuddling them both on the couch I truly feel blessed to have two lovely bitches in every way and cannot wait to share their love with the new owners of their babies. I am so happy am I mad?!! After 15+ years and 9 litters I am just as excited if not more than the first. I know so much more now but am still happy to learn.
  4. 3 Week Old Fetus

    Congratulations. Here is a good link explaining what is going on during gestation. http://www.heathersangels.com/puppies-in-the-womb.html at 4 weeks they are 1/4 inch so not very big. Best of luck and enjoy this time.
  5. Vet Vs Breeder Advice

    As a vet nurse I find the Hills pet food to be rather poor. It is overpriced and over sold IMO. During growth phase nutrients and nutrition are very important. Being lethargic is a big warning sign that something is wrong. I hope you can help educate the owner. Best of luck.
  6. Help Needed With Hand Raised Litter

    Great news. Every step forward no matter how small is a great one.
  7. Help Needed With Hand Raised Litter

    As a vet nurse we have heard nothing but unfavorable things for using divetalac. Wombaroo is MUCH better. May I suggest http://leerburg.com/bottlefeeding.htm we use this in our large litters all the time with great success.
  8. Litters Due May 2014

    Fingers and toes crossed we should see the pitter patter of Dalmatian paws May 18th.
  9. Hi, I am Looking for a recommendation for moving some frozen semen from Adelaide to Vic? Thanks
  10. Sending A Dog 26kg To Tasmania

    The chilled semen option was one I did not think of. Going to do some more investigating. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Looking at sending a 25kg bitch to Tasmania for mating and was weighing up options. Is it cheaper to fly, fly as excess baggage or to go on the Spirit of Tasmania with her? Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Cherry Eye Surgery Vic

    Hi, I have a puppy who has developed cherry eyes and was looking for thoughts and opinions on this and some possible Vets in Victoria who will do a good job? At some stage she will be sold to a pet home and the last thing I want is for them to have any issues further down the track. Thanks in advance
  13. Litters Due August 2013

    Congratulations wreck it... A lovely brood. I am crossing my fingers for your Trisven.
  14. Litters Due August 2013

    total count after a Mammoth night / day 5 puppies. Time for bed for me I think I am almost in a coma as Holly started at 3am till 2pm.
  15. Litters Due August 2013

    Still nothing. Lots of waiting and she is sleeping a lot and is refusing food. I think she will wait till tonight so I will be ultra tired. Not a very patient person so please sweet heart HURRRYYYY UPPPP!!!!