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  1. Hi Guys Anyone on here attend the Goulburn Dog club training nights? After some info if anyone on here does.... eg like nights its held, costs, if you are allowed to reward with treats etc. Thanks! Kate
  2. Thanks, these ones look a little too short for my bed. But they do look nice!
  3. Thank you very much these look like they might do the job.
  4. Hello, I have 3 cavaliers, 2 have had patella surgery. They all sleep on our bed, but because it is quite high I worry about them jumping up all the time. I thought id look into buying some steps to put beside the bed. does anyone here use them and where did you buy them from? Thanks
  5. Hello, We are researching what type of large dog we should look at welcoming to our family. We currently have 3 cavaliers and 1 cat. My husband has always wanted a husky, so I wanted to find out if a Husky would get on well with our cavaliers and cat. Thanks
  6. 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  7. Hi Everyone I am after somewhere to stay on the Central Coast NSW. Needs to be dog friendly ( allow them inside) and not too expensive, alot of the houses on stayz are lovely but very expensive A year ago my mum moved in with her partner and he wouldnt allow Chloe(ckcs) to be inside, so she came to live with me. I dearly miss visitng my mum and taking my "kids" with me, so I am hoping to find somewhere to stay for a night or 2 every 2-3 months so I can take the "kids" with me. Can anyone suggest anywhere??? TIA
  8. No he didnt... but I can call in and ask, unless somewhere here can give me an idea? They between 8 and 11kgs...
  9. Thanks everyone, I will give it ago!! Where is the best place to find them? Do Coles/Woolworths stock them or do I need to go to a health food shop?
  10. Hi everyone My 3 cavaliers are beginning to have trouble with their anal glands and it was suggested to me that I should try giving them more fibre in their diet. My vet suggested I give them Psyllium husks. Does anyone else give their dogs this and will it help their anal glands? Are their any negatives to giving it to them as well? Thanks
  11. That does sound like a town id like to live in.... anyone know of any Cavalier owners there ?
  12. I come from a smallish country town so I imagine it will probably be like what I am used to anyways. I would feel very strange living in a city
  13. It does sound like I have been spoiled. I am pleased I found this out though as it would be terrible to buy a house there and then find out Bit worried about it being soley their decision, but rules are rules I guess. I am used to living in a town as such....I think where I live has a smaller population.
  14. Hi I live in Geraldton, moved from Vic 6yrs ago and love it! I have 3 dalmatians, its not that hard to get the extra permit, I got my permit before I moved and had it written into the house sales agreement (ie sujbect to approval of 3 dogs) I had to get the neighbours to sign to say they didnt mind me having 3 dogs (nice way to meet the neighbours ) and the ranger had to insepect the property. We mainly have lovely weather the wind is strongest from say Nov to Feb which is fantastic as that sea breeze comes in and cools things down in the summer. We have a strong kennel club here we hold 5 champ shows, 3 open shows and 6 obedience/ agility trials a yr. aswell as obedience/ agility classes through out the year. The clubs website is: http://www.freewebs.com/geraldtonanddistrictskennelclub/ Hope this has helped a bit. Wow thankyou, its nice to hear from someone that lives in geraldtown other than who my hubby has spoken too Thanks for the tip about putting it in the house sales agreement. However how would we go if we added a 4th dog later down the track? We would need to go through the whole thing again? And defintely a great way to meet the neighbours. I am very spoilt where I am and have fantastic neighbours!! Are there many off leash fully fenced areas? Hi there isnt many off lead fence areas the kennel club grounds out a woorree is fully fence, quite a few beaches are off lead as well. If you added a 4th dog you would have to apply for a permit for that dog. I love living here I find the people friendly the town is very laid back and relaxed. There is a very suburbs to avoid...........Rangeway is certainly one. Thank you, well I will make enquiries when we have made our mind up if we are ready to move or not. Love to hear your opinions on which suburbs to avoid!
  15. Hi katski - I haven't spent alot of time in Geraldton, but have spent heaps of time on holiday in Horrocks, to the north. Geraldton is a large country town (small city) 4 hours north of Perth via a good highway. It is pretty typical of the coast north of Perth, with a pretty cruisy beachy relaxed lifestyle. However due to being on the coast it does get strong sea breezes many afternoons - I heard from a friend that used to live up there that everyone uses the beaches in the mornings, unless you are a windsurfer! Like most towns it has its issues - traditionally there has been a few crime problems related to low-socio economic parts of town, but the last time I went through it looks like the council is making some really positive steps to develop the town. Like most large centres that distance away from Perth, it has alot of facilities there and is the major hub for the region and many outlying smaller towns. The shire website is here : - http://www.cgg.wa.gov.au/ and the local tourism website is http://www.geraldtontourist.com.au/ Hope that helps. Thank you so much for all that! It appears to look like a nice place to live. As long as its a friendly(people and dog) place I guess I would soon meet people...
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