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  1. Katelyn Eberhardt won Tasmania's Handler Finals on Saturday !!!!!!!!!! Then onto her BEST IN SHOW win with GSD Mika(Karraine Rave On.. co-owned with breeder Pat & Kevin Eaves-Tennant "Karraine GSD" and Katelyn's Mum Yanina Smith "Pasaya Bulldogs") WHAT A WEEKEND FOR A VERY DESERVING YOUNG LADY!!!! :p
  2. The small few that do not have empathy for what you have been through aint worth a second thought. I only hope that they never have to go through what you have been through. If they ever do face it, let them have as many well wishes as you have as no-one should ever have to face hell and do it alone. I for one send you my heart felt prayers to you and your family (2 an 4 legged) and hope your road to recovery will be a speedy one and your babies that are still on earth have there Mum with them always.. You are a remarkable Lady and nothing that anyone says can change that. I wish you well and may you grow in health..
  3. R.I.P and may the candles guide your souls and warm your heart.. Now you must grieve Jed, but hold onto the wonderful memories they will get you through this heart breaking time. Water in my eye can't spell!
  4. On earth you were without your wings, but still an angel.. Fly free and wait for Jed in gods green pastures
  5. A sight for sore eyes!! Welcome to the world wide web Jed ;)
  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jed and heres to a quick recovery body mind and soul Love our family xx ( I re-married not long ago , after the death of my husband i never thought I would!, but I have also had a baby!! Little Suraya.. So Miracle's do happen..)
  7. Nice Whippet u Have there AP, But I think me gonna get one of those greyhounds
  8. OH NO!!! I have only just come across this post.. Ellz I'm so sorry to hear the beautiful "Flame" is not in her rightful home!!! If she has been Stolen "SHAME SHAME SHAME" I hate people that cause such anguish to Families by taking a family member Prayers for Flames safe return home...
  9. All our Love and Prayers to Jed and Family at this most tragic time.. Jed you had a kind word for me in my time of darkness, I hope you receive all the love and support from the people here and the light will help your heart to heal... xoxoxoxo
  10. Don't care either way But everyone is saying its only one weekend a year you don't get points so don't go, but on the other hand if points were given out to a dog that went to an all breeds show and got points because all the "good Dogs" were at the national, who's cares about 6 points CC !! Work it out if they went to one show a year got that 1) 6 point cc how long would it take to title that dog ;) :D Also the judge should be honest enough if the dog is that bad that it needs to do this to get points then they can always refuse the cc.. But anyway.......
  11. Do you know what she is like with children?? TIA
  12. BUMP I would like to know results as well!! I was to sick to attend.. Anyone please
  13. I don't really have a problem with the Rising star point system doesn't worry me (yes I'm in Tassie so know all about the 750 double point thing and I know it wont be reached here). It was more the breed thing.. I just notice larger number of entries in some breeds at our last show and only half or one of that breed was shown.. When I was looking through I then clicked that it was not the dogs you had beaten, but the ones that were entered and not shown you could claim for!! I just though that was a bit how do you do ! LOL I would like to see points for only dogs entered, presented and beaten. ( Like someone mentioned CC or BOB points maybe) That was my beef, like I said I don't mind the rising Star system and I have entered it this year with the young lass. Thanks Troy for taking it on board I know your job is a big one and you must get sick of hearing it, so thank you for your Patience
  14. WAY TO GO FRANKIE!! I still say I should be allowed to handle him To the little white wonders who always give 100% And thankyou for given my little wins a mention It is harder in certain breeds to win with a bitch, so very proud of my girls!! Luvs xx
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