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  1. Litters Due September 2012

    Congrats SnoFyre. 3rd times a charm :) Congrats and well done BB. Sorry to hear about the 2 lil ones that didn't pull through Such cuties AdoubleJ
  2. Litters Due September 2012

    Congrats of your lil ones adoublej sorry bout the 2 bubba that didn't make it
  3. Litters Due September 2012

    Thank you Kadbury and Parkeyre for your advice and congradulations. They are really strong pups. Her milk started to come in last night thank-god and everyone seems to be settling down. Good luck for Friday morning Parkeyre
  4. Litters Due September 2012

    9 Pups born this morning by c-section. 5 girls 4 boys. Anyone got any advice to help the bitches milk to come down??? would be greatly appreciated
  5. Litters Due September 2012

    Fingers crossed for you Gretal for a nice healthy litter of cavs. Our girl has become quiet picky and only wants chicken necks and raw food now or whatever's on our plates LOL. Not long to go now. Everything preped and ready :)
  6. Puppy Heartbeats?

    I was reading a pregnancy timeline the other day that said heartbeats could be heard during week 6 (days 36-42)
  7. Litters Due September 2012

    First litter of Bordeaux for us due 1st September. So excited, worked so hard for this one :)