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  1. MM I don't know if you have or want a partner but this would be best nipped in the bud on that account alone. Something tells me that your dog wouldn't take kindly to that. If you don't want him to be spending his life in another room, perhaps a visit from a decent professional would be a good idea. I did - and Benny loved him. Bear in mind this was pre housemate. I currently have a few... uh... friends... (for lack of a better word) and he will bark upon entry and then want lots of pats and playing... and licks. He's like this with everyone as long as they let him go to them in his own
  2. There was some wonderful advice at the beginning of the thread. That was taken into account as well as the advice of the people I know who are knowledged on Pom ownership. Trigger removed and a bit of training. Who would have thunk it? No need to resort to abuse.
  3. Where did I write he attacked the chick who booted him? Bark = attack? I think this threat has detailed a tad don't you?
  4. I honestly doubt it. This is quite common behaviour from dominant dogs and abuse is rarely the trigger. As I said, stop looking for excuses. Frankly if I seriously thought a dog was going to take a piece out of me, I'd be swinging a foot too. No dog breed is unique MM. Poms are a spitz breed and have a lot of behaviours in common with other spitzs. You'd kick a dog? That's lovely.
  5. Haha. Wow. The funny, and more interesting aspect is potentially that the removed housemate was the problem. I now have 2 friends in, who he has met and loves, and he is still a yappy little beast but he's very different compared to the dog he was around my previous housemate. I've also started retraining him. He's becoming a lot more receptive. We are getting there. He is a yappy dog. That doesn't have anything to do with being a crap trainer. He likes to talk... And he thinks he has a lot to talk about. He shuts up when told but he does enjoy a good yarn. Pomeranians are unique little do
  6. Yup she was immediately kicked out. It is very rarely that I lose my sh!t at people, and that was one time I cut loose. Mole. He's ok with people who sit there and take the time to let him come to them. I suppose he does see himself as my little guard.. I think he does need to be socialised a little more - We'll also be working on that one!
  7. That sounds exactly like Benny haha. He just likes to alert me of everything.. Most of it is not negative barking, it's just "oh new person" bark bark bark. Curious and just over excited. He has growled at a few people, but they've tried too much too soon and went straight in for the head pat. He has constantly barked and growled at my housemate, although as soon as I learnt that she kicked him (she did it once in front of me and I went absolutely nuts at her and she said she was just moving him with her foot.. Err... ) anyway I figured from that moment if she did it in front of me then wha
  8. My Pomeranian -puppy- (he's just gone 12 months) is generally a nice quiet boy until I have guests over. He's alright if they sit still but god forbid if they move as all hell breaks loose. Is there a way to stop this? Would it be better to introduce him to new people outside the house and let them into the house first? I've read so many different conflicting methods over the Internet and am wondering what tried and trusted methods DOLers have used. Benny is slowly becoming a little less of a pest now that I don't share my bed with him and he's not crying at the door all night wanting to be
  9. Hahaha awww that sums it up well! Cute
  10. Baby Benny smiles big Benny smiles
  11. I have just read through allllll of this... Now to listen.. See what my little Pom does
  12. The little critter always likes to be touching me. Even if I am sitting up he likes to wiggle his way in, like this! :laugh:
  13. Dunno minimiss if Poms are hogs of the largest variety...wanna borrow the greyhounds for a couple of nights :D Yes please :) I think greyhound hog snuggles would be great :D
  14. My Pomeranian is a total bed hog! I have a queen sized bed and I usually wake up to me on the very edge of the bed and he is happily sprawled out in the middle :laugh: He only weighs 2.5kg so all up with him and I it's about 60kgs.. We would need a king sized bed if I got another Pom! They're hogs of the largest variety! Wouldn't have it any other way though!
  15. I've never been so touched by a story... Just another reason why dogs are little angels. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2012/10/15/11/15/dog-loses-snout-saving-girls Kabang's face was ripped off when it leapt into the path of the motorcycle which was speeding towards the young daughter and niece of its owner in the Philippines in December 2011. Kabang no longer has an upper jaw or nose, just a lower jaw and a permanently exposed tongue. The heroic incident made Kabang a local celebrity and an online fundraising campaign was launched to improve the dog’s quality of life. Careforkabang.c
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