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  1. Hi all I have just moved to Mount Waverley and wanting to find a reliable vet for my little Lexie. She has on-going Ulcerative Eosinophilic Stomatitis since early 2014 and has since gone through multiple biopsy with SASH and also been going to All Natural Vet Care. Somehow all vets reside to having her symptoms being 'managed' than being 'cured'. So she is under medication at the moment with ANVC. Can anyone recommend any good holistic vet and also a good vet nearby my area or a suburb or two is also ok? Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I called up the vet in SASH. He said if you can't see the pulp or nerves exposed - anything bleeding or red colour dots/ black dots, etc then let's wait and see. It's still ok. Probably just need to get her for teeth clean up in few months time. The yearly teeth clean up type. So I will wait and also ask All Natural Vet Care this coming Friday.
  3. She is active and happy. Loves to eat. Noted on the blackness or discolouration. sigh.. another bumper Might need to find some calcium supplements Edited due to typo
  4. Forgot to ask, did you give some calcium supplements?
  5. omg, I thought I was going insane by thinking so!! Thank you for letting me know! I think that is why!! her teeth were all some how worn down so quickly comparing to last time. I am so so upset for not picking up this earlier. I can see that her enamels on most of her premolar & molar are 'filed' down due to chewing the antler. For the chipped enamel of her first molar.... I am shocked to see it
  6. Hi all, I am going crazy anxious with Lexie's continuous problem throughout her puppyhood till now - going to be 2 year old this May. Some history (can skip to main topic below): She is diagnosed with Ulcerative Eosinophilic Stomatitis and has been going through treatment / surgery with SASH. So the vet in SASH is currently out of idea on how to treat Lexi because the ulceration just wouldn't go away and it is only focused on one area of her throat (left upper). Then, she broke two of her lower premolar (both sides) from nylon bone end of last year and has left roots in her gum. She loves the chew and is addicted to the nylon bone or anything that is tough - deer antler, bones, etc. We decided to do the waiting game as advised by vet sometimes the roots will die by itself and get dissolved into the body. However, after 3 months her gum was infected as she goes through more chewing. Believe to have the root poking on the gum and create opening for bacteria to go in. As she is still trying to recover from her ulceration with medication, we also had her on the medication with All Natural Vet Care. She was booked in for surgery to extract the roots on Jan 2015. Came out good with stitches. However, her ulceration flare back up pretty badly but this is due to the pipe that was put through her throat during anaesthetic that might have triggered it off. So we had to get her through the cycle of Predisolone, antibiotics and also continue with the ANVC's herbs medication. To date her, she is still under the small doses of Pred with ANVC herbs. The main topic: Just last weekend, I gave her a bone and she managed to chipped off the tip of her first molar teeth - lower jaw. Why why why Or maybe she might have chipped it earlier I don't know! But she is not having any problem chewing further on the bone or the antler that day. I took all hard chewing stuff away now. I didn't notice much of behaviour changes. I just had the habit of checking her teeth after the previous broken premolars experience! After much googling, by the look of it, she has chipped off the enamel part and exposed the dentin area (can't see any chip on the dentin area though). Very tiny chip as it is at the very top of the molar. I couldn't get any photo as she struggles a lot but manage to peak on it couple of times. I read all about the possible procedures. I do believe it appears that Lexie may have what they call it enamel fracture or uncomplicated crown fracture - where the pulp is not exposed. I find I am leaning towards the 'wait and see' again because of her throat condition - I can't find a way to avoid having the pipe through her throat again during surgery to get her molar crown. Then flaring up her ulceration, then going through another bouts of medications. Plus getting the tooth crown may not guarantee that the crown will not fall off , looking at her love of chewing. Having mixed feelings though as her first molar is consider the biggest one and I really do not want her to loose that tooth. ArggghhH!!!!!!!! or maybe she is better off without any teeth!! Contacting vets: I've just sent an email to the vet in SASH to asked if this is related to long term Pred that may have caused the weakening of enamel? Calcium deficiency if any? We will be having our revisit with ANVC this coming week or next, so perhaps the vet can advise as well on her tooth and see what we can do in the mean time, if bully stick is ok and no more hard chew stuff. Lexie is at her usual self. No issue in eating and still wanting to chew on stuff. Plays with her soft toys, runs around, etc. Any ideas / advices are much appreciated. Kind regards Lisa
  7. Thank you all for your response.. Went to All Natural Vet Care and Lexie was prescribed with Natural medicine together and is ok to be taken together with her current pills. We will be slowly taking her off the pills once her ulcer has tame down a little bit more. It flared up pretty bad after her surgery to removed two of her broken teeth last month! Seriously, we need to be very careful with the nylon dental chew Anyway she was put on Pred for a week and now it has gone down. So will be slowly taking her off her antibiotics to continue with Natural medicines. Lexie was given a diet elimination that is being introduced slowly. My next visit is tomorrow to see how she goes .. Will keep everyone posted.
  8. Hi I was advised to consider a nutriscan. Just wondering if you all have ordered the test kit from the website or got it from somewhere in Australia?
  9. I have an appointment with All Natural Vet Care and looking at the possibilities of on-going revisits, I wonder if Pet Plan Insurance covers this type of Holistic Vet Care? Well I have claimed for Lexie's continuing condition and just wanting to know if Pet Plan covers this type.
  10. thanks Erny for the info. Does the DNA Hair Test tells the genetic issues? I am new to this but I always assumed we can only test DNA for what type of dog breed and genetic / cell issues?
  11. thanks everyone for your great input! After reading the replies here and also reading up their websites again, I have decided to book an appointment with All Natural Vet Care (they are closed by ) and also have emailed Mc Dowell. So will see how both goes. I'm just stuck and don't know what else to do and SASH has also gone out of ideas on how to heal her as none of the medication really work on her. Her symptoms didn't get worst but she is in too long antibiotics. Will probably call up ANVC this coming week. Thanks all!
  12. Hello, just wanting to know if anyone knows which one of the below is good for the above subject? I am right now trying to engage a more natural way since all medication fail to heal Lexie's ulceration. https://www.mcdowellsherbal.com/treatments/for-dogs# http://www.naturalvet.com.au/our-practice/ Any other sites? Thanks Lisa
  13. Just went out to get the same brand lol I will contact my vet to ask him about it. Hopefully he sees no issue with my little girl having it. Hopefully it helps her on it. I did gave her on some of the Manuka Honey active +20.. which certainly helps with the stomach acidic due to too much Predisolone, but the honey gives her a bit more softy poo so I took her off it. Oh gosh, I absolutely hope that our dogs will get so much better after all these medication! I need my little girl to get better ~~~
  14. May I ask what were her symptoms & which antibiotics was she put on? just swelling and ulceration at the back of her throat. It got quite bad as her breath stinks due to the ulceration that looks like having yellow pus in it. Then bouts of antibiotics and predisolone helps to tame it down. but couldn't get her to fully recover.. so now it seems just very inflamed red ulceration only. I need to find a more natural way to heal her rather than the continuous of medication for months.. ! Too many type of antibiotics that she tried and couldn't remember.. My vet said get 1 carafate tablet & add water to make a slurry & put in syringe..the Carafate lines their throat & stomach but has to be given on an empty stomach 1 hour before feeding, the predisone made my boys stomach acid worse, but they were the tablets not the liquid steriods that are normally given & the Losec made his poos greenie/black & sloppy so I stopped the Losec now he's back to doing his swollowing & licking like his throat is sore again, I think I need to have the camera put down his throat to see whats happening as the meds aren't helping... the Metronidazole stopped the bad breath...I'm using Zantac again its not as strong as Losec for the stomach acid, with the Zantac his poos stay normal.. now it's coming back to me the antibiotic names .. She was on the cavulox for 2 weeks and it's not helping much although it stop from getting worst. Her breath still stinks badly. Then she was put on Metronidazole for 2 weeks with the Predisolone and the breath goes away, but couldn't get better. So she was put on Antirobe (antibiotics for gum disease or something) another few weeks. After that we were referred to SASH for biopsy and blood test. That's when she was diagnose with the Ulcerative eosinophilic stomatitis... This is when SASH put her on a longer term Predisolone with Antirobe. It gets a bit better but still has the swell with inflamed coloring. She goes through second biopsy and blood test to make sure we are still on the right track. Results came back the same so she was put off the Predisolone and then she is put on a new antibiotic Doxycycline which also has some kinda anti-inflamed property. She is with this new antibiotic for 2 months now. She had her third blood test a week ago and came back good. Nothing in particular. So now I need to catch the busy vet in SASH (whole week couldn't get a hold of him) to discuss about putting her on a certain diet. Vet thinks she might be allergy to something. Sigh.. I am emotionally tired and too much heart ache by feeding her all the medications!!!
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