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  1. Hi all, haven't posted for a long time but there has been some tragedy in my dog life:( But moving forward I just want reassurance, that my dog is ok. I leave her home alone 3-4 times a week up to 13hrs:(. (Generally the 13hrs is only twice a week) I however always walk her 5km (with a weight vest to intensify the walk) before I leave, and supply her with chew toys and things to rip up, such as egg cartons with a treat inside or plastic bottles with a couple of cat biscuits inside. On days I have more time, we go for longer walks, (walked every day without fail) flirt pole training and spr
  2. And no, she definitely has NOT shown signs previously. We walk very late or very early to avoid the heat.
  3. It's only this week she has slowed down. I say struggling, but rather I mean she has stopped once or twice on her walk. I certainly don't force her, and have slowed to her pace if she asks. But I think perhaps cutting her walk down to two kms and dropping her home before continuing, may be best then. Oh god I would feel terrible if she kept going the distance just to please me!!!!!!!
  4. Hi, as the title suggest. My 12yr staffy x has been walking on average 5kms a day. But in the last week has been struggling with 4km. Although based in Brisbane we have had some cool days. Do I simply need to face facts, that she is getting older It just seems weird that it happened acutely. Otherwise fine.
  5. Hi, she is ok...we have done a lot of work. Some of you may disagree with my methods, but we are getting results. We now walk a minimum of six kms a day, she has extreme negatives and positives. This is working for us.
  6. Ok can someone enlighten me. Are Amstaffs and English staffies, different breeds? Or just different lines?
  7. I appreciate everyone who gave me suggestions. I will now ask for this thread to be deleted. To those who think I've not sought help, she has seen two dog trainers and a dog behaviouralist, who did nothing but suggest fluoxetine. At $800/consult to be told something I know...hence my reaching out.
  8. Again thank you to thistle the dog! I've no idea who you are, but I'm incredibly grateful to you for calming down the thread and your sage advice. Gruf - perhaps you or a close relative has had a bad experience with an aggressive dog. So yes I understand your concern, but please take note, that I'm trying to seek help and also I have two walking devices on her, so if one did fail, I have a back up. (Corvus - she recovers very quickly from reactive periods, usually within one minute, but this can happen up to 10 times during a walk, I do a lot to redirect from known trigger points, I cros
  9. Wow, thank you so much for your tips "Thistle the dog", I'm not asking everyone to spend that much time on me. As you obviously did! But it's very much appreciated and I've already implemented many of the things you have suggested. She is walked in correctly fitted halti (with a pinch collar for back up) I'm doing my upmost with the knowledge I have, hence reaching out for further tips. I do not disagree with a basket muzzle and have one on order. I believe mental stimulation would be great for her, hence my asking for tips. Again I will say the dog is managed appropriately, and every
  10. Oh go away, she is appropriately managed. Far more than most reactive pets.
  11. Wow ok! First off I said thank you, in both of my responses!! Second of all, I've now just asked for scent training tips.
  12. Sending you kisses. Love the comments typical from some
  13. I'm quite disappointed in the responses. A lot of negatives, I've said euthanasia is not an option, unless she harms someone or something. My walking route hasn't changed, but I've changed sides of roads with a great improvement. I've a new postie, who I spoke to yesterday, yes she tried to get him, BUT he finds this with all dogs on his route. I've put my bins either side of the mail box and placed a fence to reduce her visual excitement. And thank goodness he has owned this breed before and knows they can be slightly property protective. I've not got a muzzle yet, but find she really o
  14. Thanks, I try to keep walking, eg ignore, keep going. I definitely think more mental stimulation is the way. Given I'm lucky enough to have a very large yard, and her incredible sense of smell, scent training is perfect for her. Can I perhaps get some tips in starting this? (I won't discuss euthanasia, if however she injured a person, cat or dog, then decision made)
  15. Thanks guys, yes I'm trying to include more mental stimulation. Currently I'm just doing the standard training. I think including scent training would definitely help. May someone please give me some tips on this? And yes I know I tense up on walks when passing someone and shorten the lead, so giving cues to react.
  16. Ok I will redefine things: I'm after positive help only
  17. Ok, thanks for the replies. First off my cats are not in danger! They come first, and I've adjusted my behaviour so she doesn't get stimulated. Second of all, this dog is "not a poor thing", she is exercised everyday and not in a stimulated state all the time.
  18. I've contacted several last year and most recommend euthanasia. At this stage, this is not an option. Definitely no medical problems. No CT or MRI, but her actions displayed are purely behavioural. (Had full bloods, as is a blood donor) She comes to work with me and has exposure to over 10 vets..I've worked in the veterinary industry for over 16yrs, so no stranger to dog behaviour.
  19. Just delete this post please. I've sought professional help, I've spent over $2000 in the last few months on "help"
  20. Not well:( I'm doing what I can. I appreciate three kms is not much and have stepped it to twice a day. (Positive, I'm losing weight) Again the collar is very soft leather and very comfortable. She now only wears this whilst at home, and yes it is for deterrent reasons. I have now purchased a harness and lead that are red and say caution. Yes bringing attention to myself, but it stops people approaching her. Currently walking in the sporn harness and a halti so I can redirect her head if need be. She is getting much better past the "trigger" dogs:). Unfortunately she is lunging at pas
  21. Please just positive replies, I'm doing my best with this dog, who is a complete sweetheart! This behaviour from her is my fault. And oh to the person who said her collar is restrictive, umm not in the slightest, she has a very long neck and can move her head/neck without hindrance, it whatever direction she choses. To be fair I'm unwilling to see if she just keeps growling or actually makes contact. We walk minimum 3kms a day and she will lunge at everyone! I started saying it's just wheels and dark people. But no, she will aggressively bark/growl at anyone. Again my fault, as I have
  22. Thanks for all your input. In this instance the clicker is used completely differently. It is to get her attention (we are not clicker training). She has improved on her walks, we have changed from a k9 bridle to a sporn harness which she enjoys much more! Going past the previous trigger dogs. She will listen and keep going:) much more receptive, better with the cats:) BUT we have now developed barrier frustration towards certain people...I believe this is solely my fault as I shorten her lead when passing people, my other dog stays on a loose lead. I don't feel she will bite, but she
  23. Awesome! Try canvas factory, cheap, but pics come out awesome
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