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  1. I've moved out of there in the last week or so. Thank you for the advice, I will certainly look into behaviorists in my area.
  2. Hey, Just looking for advice. I own an 18 month old Swiss Shepherd named Gypsy, recently my ex housemates Siberian Husky randomly attacked her. Previous to this the two dogs had no issue, they had been living together for 5 months and never had a issue. Since the attack she has started to show aggression towards other dogs ( Snarling, Hackles raised etc). I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and how they tackled this issue. I have always paid keen attention in socializing her basically daily at a number of my local dog parks and beaches. She's always been a lovely dog and never shown aggression to any animal, even saved my other ex housemates rats from being eaten one day from the Husky by nursing them and barring the way of the Husky. So it's pretty heartbreaking that she has started to go down this road I would be intensively grateful for any advice anyone has to offer.
  3. I've had a fair few people ask me if my white shep is either a dingo cross or a wolf cross -.-
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