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  1. Old post I know but can anyone tell me what Border rivers fees are like. I am going away for a week in October and just found out my husband may need to go away for work for a week as well. I am tossing up between someone coming to the house and putting my babies in a boarding kennel. I've never put any of my dogs in a kennel before and so far I'm choking at what fees I'm coming across.
  2. pheeew glad it's not just my dog. I've owned quite a few over the years and this is the first one that has been this bad. I tell him enough and pull him away but he keeps going back for more. I'll keep persevering, I've only had him 4 months, we got him when he was 2yrs so we are still finding his little ummm I guess you could call them quirks
  3. My Aussie likes to go for a bit of a sniff and lick, (ok well he kind of lingers a bit too long almost resulting on sexual assault) when he meets a new dog. he doesn't go for a lick of the face or sniff of the butt but heads straight for the genitalia male or female. Like I mean he really goes for it and it is becoming embarrassing. I've never had a dog do this, mind you my other two dogs seem to really enjoy it People are quite put off by his behaviour, any ideas on how to get this under control. He is still entire and I am looking at desexing him next month. Do you think it will stop then?
  4. You are so right, I have one Boxer that is a crazy kid, he doesn't read other dogs well and thinks every dog is his friend and every person. My girl however waits for people and dogs to come to her. My Aussie is just learning to trust people again since coming to live with us so we don't put him in situations with a lot of loud noise or a lot of people as it makes him very nervous.
  5. I never got interviewed or asked many questions at all when I bought our Boxers, we bought our boy from a very reputable breeder at the time who worked for or was president (can't remember his position) with CCCQ and was also high up with the Boxer association. We loved our boy so much that we bought a second one off him. He did say he got a good vibe when I emailed him because I very forthcoming with information anyway.
  6. I'm all for it but it can be embarrassing. We took our 6 month old Rottweiler to the Parkleigh markets when we lived in Sydney a long long time ago, we bumped in to a friend who had her dog there. her dog was sick and had diarrhoea, our pup went out in sympathy and started pooing every where. We couldn't get out of there quick enough, well actually I left the ex trying to scurry out with the pup while I hid way back with our baby as if I didn't know them.
  7. It appears there was a bit of confusion and there was a post by the breeder on another forum seeking advice on my girl. All good.
  8. All clear for Neo, just have to wait on ratlung result. Vet was amazed at her recovery, couldn't believe how good she is and seems to think she may not have any after affects. He said she is certainly a strong willed pup, thats for sure
  9. Ive never fed beef to any of my dogs. If its Neo they can get it whilst in the womb, mum could be a carrier and she wouldnt know or she could have gotten infected when fed raw beef by the breeder. Both neuro and vet have said symptoms can sit dormant for some time. Oh well not much longer to find out.
  10. I was going to try show her, plus look at a bit of agility as my other two used to love it. Might look at obedience now. Still can't believe how many people have asked me why I just didn't put her down. As long as the vet said there was hope, she was not going to be put down. Its a long wait to find out what it is, I've never fed raw meat except chicken but my breeder has said she did. Im hoping its ratlung for her sake as she really feels aweful.
  11. It takes up to 20 days to get results back. She is walking which the vet is surprised at but they are not sure how well she will recover ie no show ring or agility for her now
  12. If it wasn't for the love and encouragement my work colleagues and also the staff at smart service qld have been giving her over the last two days I really don't think she would be where she is now. No one gave up on her and she has had hundreds of people (that's no exaggeration) fussing over her. It's been amazing, I don't know whats been better therapy, the people for Bailey or Bailey for the people.
  13. Bailey just took about 6 steps using both hind legs on her own. Gammy wobbly cute steps but she did it all on her own.
  14. Woohoo squeezed Baileys toes and she pulled her legs back, then she pulled herself up in a sitting position and managed to drag herself over to my daughter. Now the poor little thing is beat. She had such a ball at my work today, so many people from policelink and smart service qld to fuss over her. She certainly didnt lack company.
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