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  1. One of mine was car sick and nothing worked. She grew out of it by about twelve months. Good luck with yours.
  2. Not sure whether to put this in here or in In The News https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-24/pet-shop-licensing-laws-in-canberra/11339676 Canberra pet shops face licensing fees as owner calls for focus on online sales By Tahlia Roy Updated 25 minutes ago PHOTO: Alexis Kilby-Luhrs says her business has not sold puppies sourced from breeders for years. (ABC News: Luke Stephenson) Alexis Kilby-Luhrs says her pet shop is doing everything right when it comes to animal welfare and stamping out puppy farms. Key points: Animal welfar
  3. When they talk about peas do they mean the green peas in a pod or pulses/ legumes such as chick peas?
  4. I think the second one is a seizure but not so sure about the first. Seizures come from a malfunction in the brain (that's my understanding but I am not an expert) and it would probably depend on what part of the brain was malfunctioning. It could only be the part that affects the legs. I have a dog who has had regular seizures since she was eighteen months of age. She is now almost twelve. Your voice in the background made me cry because that is just what I do when my girl seizures. It is horrible to watch and all you can do is love them and wait for it to pass. Cyber hugs to both of you.
  5. Kelpie DNA study unravels mysterious origins of Australian working dog, but finds no dingo By Courtney Fowler Posted 51 minutes ago A study finds no detectable dingo DNA in the Australian kelpie. (Supplied: University of Sydney) The Australian kelpie's origins have long been shrouded in mystery, but new genetics research has found some vital answers to the iconic working dog's ancestry. Key points: Research has found no
  6. I agree that the sample is limited and what you say is interesting in that my anxious dog definitely has some border collie in her mix. I also had a couple of border collies when I was a child (1950s) before it was a recognised breed. One of them was a calm dog and a great mate. The other was off the planet with his stress and would chase anything that moved even cars and buses. I have never had a shetland sheep dog but they are reputed to be barkers which is possibly a symptom of stress. When we start discussing temperament in dogs I do think that different breeds have different temperaments
  7. This is interesting Snook. I keep wondering about gunshy gundogs and I know some people recommend that a gundog that is gunshy should not be bred from. I have googled it and there does not seem to be a consensus of opinion about it. I don't know how to tag people here but perhaps sandgrubber has some information. My noise sensitive dog is a mixed breed but none of my boxers cared at all about noises and they were highly strung in that they were super excitable or perhaps it was me. One of my horses, a part arab, was also highly strung or super excitable, but my other horses were mostly calm bu
  8. I think it is all not s simple as the report makes out. Noise phobia I believe is inherited. Only one of my dogs has ever had a noise phobia so I think it is nothing to do with me. I am not worried about thunder lightning etc. and hopefully my dogs have picked up the cue from me. At the moment of my two dogs one has no anxiety about thunder, but the other, my anxious dog, totally freaks out when there is lightning or thunder. I also believe it is crucial that when a dog is attacked the owner stay calm which is a big ask I know, but your anxiety about the attack is transferred to the dog. Afte
  9. What I see as a problem with the above is that the stressed owners fill out the questionnaire on behalf of their dogs. Do stressed people more readily see stress in others (people or dogs) than the non-stressed? In other words do we think that others (dogs or people) experience life the same as we do?
  10. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-07/your-mental-health-can-affect-your-dog/11188804 How your mental health can affect your dog The Conversation By Bronwyn Orr Posted about an hour ago PHOTO: Dogs can experience positive and negative emotions. (Unsplash: Mathew Henry) RELATED STORY: Why does my dog stare at the wall? When odd pet behaviours point to a serious condition RELATED STORY: Puppy dog eyes: What divorce looks like for a dog RELATED STORY: Scientists prove dogs can recognise emotional states in humans RELATED STORY: Dogs and
  11. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190517081636.htm?fbclid=IwAR3aeFguULcuesJeLcutfI4SgBd2twuU5H5SnfgpNmafIphsKqNMGHqPwqo Owning a dog is influenced by our genetic make-up Date: May 17, 2019 Source: Uppsala University Summary: Scientists have studied the heritability of dog ownership using information from 35,035 twin pairs from the Swedish Twin Registry. The new study suggests that genetic variation explains more than half of the variation in dog ownership, implying that the choice of getting a dog is heavily influenced by an individua
  12. I understand your concerns. It is a grey area isn't it? This article is about Canberra. For what it is worth the member of our local assembly photographed in the article is my local member and it is the first time I have heard anything from him. Maybe he is becoming concerned about re-election. I don't think it is being discussed anywhere else in Australia. I once had what for me was a shocking experience. I was sitting in my lounge with my dog (a beautiful male boxer called William) watching television when there was a knock at the door. It was the local ranger. He was responding
  13. Whatever Maddy. So pedantic!! I do make an effort not to eat meat which was the point of my post and I can survive doing that but some people (I should know. Isn't that what DOL is all about?) just like to nit pick others' posts because it gives them pleasure and makes them feel superior. You know I am having a shitty time at the moment and I am actually quite depressed. I did not sleep much last night knowing that you would come back at me Yeah I am vulnerable! Does that make you want to put your boot in even more? Yeah I hurt, I am hurting. I am depressed. My daughter is unwell. Life is shi
  14. Sorry but how do you know where the fish I eat come from?
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