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  1. Hiya. Long time no post. Just wondering if anyone has had a trailer built with the thermostatic fan on the roof which draws the hot air out and can run without the vehicle power via aux plug. Are they worth the extra money? Seems good for when the trailer is parked and doors are closed.
  2. Just got Winky yeaterday, a 2 year old GAP greyhound rehome. She is so so sweet. I cant remember how to attach photos though. it is so nice to have a dog in the house again. They are just so different to GSPs.. anyone else got Greys?
  3. Has your dog been checked for megaesophagus?
  4. Not always the parents re the hips. I strongly believe its a combination with the way they grow, over exercise under 12 months and growth plates not closing properly due to injury.
  5. Long time no post! Just letting you enthusiasts know that I have listed my Nikon for sale in the Marketplace. :)
  6. Thankyou for this, just what I think mine need, as its quite cold in their sleeping room.
  7. YEa they are bloody quick, i ordered some a few days ago and they arrived this morning.
  8. If your using 'kit' lenses, throw them in the cupboard :D keep your 50mm, get a 18-200 with the d300 bundle. I'd even buy a good second hand D300, you can pick up very good ones.
  9. OMG dont do it, you will notice a massive difference just goign up to a D300. Very capable camera and a good upgrade from D80. Speed is just one factor, 6fps, higher quality with ISO, light metering is a major one. Read some comparisions http://photo.net/nikon-camera-forum/00NwT5
  10. I couldnt find one Clyde. Most of them didnt do larger breeds within the area Im in and there are a heap of them. I asked if I could wait for her. Anyway I shoved her in the door at 11.00 and she was greeted by a few friendly little ones. The lady patted her and that was it, she stuck to her like glue. I pick her up at 1.30, Im so nervous.
  11. yea a lot of them dont take large dogs. Im worried about leaving her for too long, she is 11 now. Im trying the one at Petersham on Parra Rd.
  12. Has anyone had a larger breed groomed/clipped at a 'salon' in the Inner West? I've got fly booked in tomorrow somewhere but Im not so sure about it, I have to leave her there for a few hours as Im sure this is how they all work.
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