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  1. Vic Gov't To Investigate Ldh

    Are you saying she sold you a dog for $300???
  2. Vic Gov't To Investigate Ldh

    Picking up from Keetamouse's comments, I was a foster carer in those days when LDH allowed Rescued With Love in to help the 'didn't pass assessment babies'. It was suggested that I introduce myself to Sue Conroy, the Shelter Manager in the nicest possible way, to start to build a working relationship between LDH and Rescue. I stood in the doorway of her office and she shut the door in my face. Actually, no she got one of her staff to shut the door, so she didn't have to get up from her desk. She needed to go 15 years ago....
  3. My doggie had an eye removed a few years ago, and for the first couple of weeks if he sneezed, there would be blood sprayed out. My vet said that was fairly normal - just excess blood draining out after the op.
  4. Liver Shunts

    The other thing I meant to add, was if you decide to stay with the l/d. I used to always make sure I had at least six months supply of the food in my pantry. A couple of times over the years, Hills would "run out" of the food in Australia, and it would take forever to get back into the country. Jans
  5. Liver Shunts

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. My Bella passed away a month ago having lived for about 8 or 9 years with a shunt. She had the surgery about 7 years ago but it was only partially successful so she had to stay on the l/d. If I had to do it again, I'd try surgery every time, and it is now a lot more common than it was back then. I've heard very good things about Dr Sam Snelling in Kensington (Advanced vet care) for liver shunt surgery. I wish you all the best for which ever way you go.
  6. My little girl has passed, and so I have a number of cans of Hills l/d free to a good home. Happy to post if anyone wants them. Pm me our address and will send. Jans
  7. For those reliant on this product, I've just had an e-mail from Hills, saying that the l/d will be available again from the 5th February
  8. Weight Loss Advice

    As an alternative to mashed up vegies, try this doggie rissotto recipe. Mine love it. In a slow cooker put 2 carrots chopped, 3 sticks of celery, chopped, half a bunch of parsley, roughly chopped, 800 grams chicked thighs, halved, one and a half cups of rice and about a litre and a quater of water. The water should be above the rice/vegies by about a centimetre. Cook on high for just short of 4 hours. Cool and serve. This does my boys for a few days and keeps well in the fridge. I warm it in the microwave before serving and they gobble it down.
  9. Mel - Bella and I say thank you!!
  10. I couldn't agree more, JulesP. That will be 4 months at least
  11. They are now saying the end of January before any L/D dry is available. Arrgghh
  12. I'm in the same boat with regards to Hills L/D. The dry has been out of stock since the beginning of October, and the wet a few weeks later. I rang Hills at the time, and they advised new stocks would hopefully be arriving at the end of November/early December but wouldn't promise anything. I was told to use K/D dry by the lady on the phone, when I run out of L/D. This is not the first time this has happened and I just wish they'd get their act together There is a Royal Canin equivalent to the L/D but not in Australia
  13. Best Specialists In Melbourne

    Advanced Vetcare in Kensington gets my vote. They are staffed by a vet overnight too, for emergencies and for the inpatients.
  14. OK! Now we are putting the call out, Australia, for any vet supply people who have bags of LD for JulesP or me . My girl is a little, so I think JUlesP is more in need.but don't quote me. Please post of you can help
  15. Thanks JulesP. I get something like an epileptic episode when it's bad, but remember the head Into wall as really distressing. My girl I's only little, so how are u off for food?