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  1. Thanks! I appreciate your response Looks like we are trialing a new house mate. Pretty sure the dog will like the cat, more so a question as to whether the cat likes the dog!
  2. I have a general question for breeders/owners. Does it put you off placing a Siberian Husky puppy if a person has a cat (one that gets on with dogs)? I have a husky who is really good with/brought up around cats, he is now all on his own so I want to get him a cat-friend but I likely won't if it means I'll never get to have a husky again. Just doing my research before I commit to a cat. I understand I wouldn't be able to get a rescue with a cat.
  3. Hi, sorry to be off topic though I was wondering which events allow for visitors. I'm in Perth for awhile and while I can see one listed under event diary as I'm not involved I'm not sure which I could have a look at. Any input would be appreciated.
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