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  1. It's a common myth. Historically pet food manufacturers stated their products were designed to be fed exclusively. The reason being they want your repeat business. We know porridge is good for us but eating it exclusively isn't good for us, it's not a balanced diet. Personally I believe variety (of decent quality foods) is the best way to ensure a balanced diet. Feeding a single kibble over a long period can make your dog intolerant of specific ingredients, and would eventuate to making them ill (vomiting or diarrhea) if they're switched to a different food. Some ingredients can become toxic
  2. I don't know, that's what I've read?
  3. I've heard that changing the brand itself of kibble is not good for the dog, but I haven't extensively researched that. We just feed the dogs mainly on Black Hawk (rotation of flavours) with fish oil supplements, some days with raw eggs or yoghurt mixed in, and on occasion boiled mashed pumpkin/sweet potato and veggies when we cook it. They get raw chicken frames or necks three times a week as its own meal and just a bit of kibble for dinner. Kibbles are just more convenient as I don't have to keep an eye on them when they eat like with their raw (and its more convenient on busy school week d
  4. I actually do this with our girls with their Black Hawk :) I bought a 20 kg bag though many months ago of Chicken and Rice that is soon to being finished, so we'll probably buy Lamb & Rice or Fish & Potato. When there's a bit left we just mix in the new flavoured kibble in. Stops them from being too picky without changing the brand of food (therefore a different formula altogether).
  5. Bella and Dallas started had their 'fear period' at 7 months and were not their 'normal' happy selves and were noticeably much more anxious and nervous during this time. It'll really help if you are confident in what you do as she is probably looking to you for reassurance. :)
  6. I'll show her the links and articles and that chart :) I doubt she'll read it through and not a lot of it will get through, but hopefully at least she gets the gist of it that 'pomskys' are not so ethical after all and that there is more to a dog than fluffiness and wolf markings. For some reason just the thought of someone breeding pomeranians and huskies (not sure whether anyone really does in Au) or pitksys (pittbull x huskies, of course for the eyes) just angers me more than Labradoodles, say. The thought of a both dogs' strong temperaments and sizes and activity levels in a pup going to s
  7. I'm sorry if there is another thread lying around here somewhere but I really would like some help. I have a good friend who did make me a bit upset today as she proudly showed me a video (those humorous videos that have a huge range of topics mocking things) claiming that it has great reasons that 'reliably' explain why purebred dogs are 'bad' with basically a lot of bullcrap in it. Of course, my two dogs are purebred and I have NOTHING against mixed breeds or rescues (why is this such a common thought?) and I have owned several in the past. For some reason, when I tell people I have pureb
  8. I thought I could be strong reading through this. I bawled by the middle of it. So incredibly beautiful, a sad yet loving ending to a much beloved dog's life. The photos really captured his last moments. He was clearly loved <3 Oh god I need more tissues
  9. I would leash my dog and leave if he chased a dog and pinned it down (he wouldn't because he doesn't do that).. I really dislike seeing dogs chase other dogs and especially puppies, just to tackle them at the end of the chase and it is obvious that the one being chased isn't having fun. I watched a puppy being chased by a dog at the leash free park once and the owner thought it was having fun, until I pointed out how stressed the pup was and she should take the puppy back into the puppy/small dog side of the park. Some pups can handle themselves and don't 'scare' easily but I would think mo
  10. Most people are very lovely, it's just the few who assure me "Don't worry my dog doesn't bite!" letting their boisterous dogs (most big in comparison to my two nervous Cavs) run up to them and nip at them, chase them around and bully and try to pin them down. I get that people's dogs are friendly and some just boisterous, but my dogs just don't appreciate that! They take a while to warm up to other dogs, and are terrified when big dogs rush up at them chasing them especially after an incident with another dog off leash on a walk Decided the best course of action was just to not bring them any
  11. Not sure whether some of my suggestions have already been said so sorry in advance if they are Victor/Vick - (after the state Victoria) Mel - (after Melbourne or Mel Gibson) Hugh - (Hugh Jackman :p ) Hewitt - (after tennis player Lleyton Hewitt) Ledger - (Heath Ledger) Baz/Luhrmann - (Aussie director of Romeo + Juliet) Irwin - (Steve Irwin) Bendigo/Benny Burnie/Bourne (Au suburb) I really like Murray and Darwin. I can imagine Darwin being shortened to Winny or something along those lines haha I also really like the suggestion of Boomer/Boom after Boomerang. Suits a big yellow lab :
  12. This! That would be fantastic. Bella alone sheds enough for two dogs! One of the reasons we don't have another Cavalier lol
  13. Cavalier - shedding shedding shedding shedding shedding Hair sticks to everything but the dog :p
  14. Dallas is not particularly crazy about her food but she loves spilling them everywhere and nosing her bowl around and eating from the floor of her crate :p She does it when she is hungry but not particularly enthusiastically. Sometimes we mix a bit of egg in the dogs' food just to get them to eat the whole thing :)
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