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  1. While talking to my neighbour who's dog just had a tick, she said that the vet said under no circumstances should you try to remove the tick, you should just get the dog to the vet ASAP. Is this true or should you be removing if you found one on your dog?
  2. Can I just say, I live in the hills district in Sydney, and over the weekend my next door neighbours dog got a paralysis tick and almost died. I didn't think I was in a "tick" prone area either, but I guess I was wrong! I spoke to our local vet and they said that they see soooo many cases around our area! Be really careful guys!
  3. My vet was far from impressed when I told him my boy had been switched to a raw diet at all! They had soo many concerns and gave me info to read on feeding your dogs properly. I told him I was well informed with what he was eating and has the required supplements etc. 5mins before this they were only commenting on how healthy he looked, how great his coat was and his weight was wonderful! When asked about these comments, they didn't have an answer for me other then saying "you should be very careful he is a GSD and he could have many problems as he grows!" Who'd of thought a dog on a raw diet would actually be healthy hey? :D
  4. Axle (by my dodgy measurements) is 65.5cm - would that be a bad thing in the ring? Rachiie - I read something today that said the standard was to 68cm :D If I could find it again I would give you the link, but of course I have no idea where I seen it now I have no idea about any of this, but I wouldn't worry!
  5. Hey Isaviz - not stressed - just wondering thats all. :p So Oliver is 65cm, hmmmm........I did a quick measure last night, and of course it isn't with the correct tools or anything like that, just up against the wall but it looked like he was around the 60cm mark. Bear is nearly 33kg and Oli is 34kg.....oh no Bear is a fatty!
  6. Thanks Rachiie your lovely comments on Bear and for that info on your boy! :p 37kg's at 1 - ok so if Bear is 9mths at nearly 33kg he must be about the same as Axle. Not worried, more curious then anything. I will be sure to get him wieghed in another mth and check it out then. I am also going to mark the wall tonight, so I can monitor his growth like ISH mentioned. Do you know what Axle's height is?
  7. Thanks so much ISH!!!!!!! Your Wonderful!!!!!! I will give it a go tonight, just to get an idea!
  8. Thanks for that info ISH! I don't know his height, but now you have me thinking and I want to know. Where do I measure to get his height? Or can I not do that?
  9. Thanks Springer! But....I thought he didn't finish growing until the 12 - 18mth mark? Does anyone know if this is correct? He is 32.8kg at the moment and in my mind, he is quite small for a GSD. I don't mind - don't get me wrong, I don't mind what size he is just thought he would get bigger! This pic was taken yesterday! He still looks like a widdle puppy to me!
  10. Awwww ISH thanks!!!! I don't need to put weight on him. I'm pretty sure he is alright with his weight. I just thought that maybe he should be getting bigger or something Will keep the satin balls in mind though if he ever gets to skinny! Thanks again!
  11. *BUMP* Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, think I'll eat some worms!
  12. Just a quick one! When Bear was puppy he grew so much and put on weight each week as he should. He is now 9 mths old and I had him weighed yesterday because I thought he had filled out a bit and wanted to see his growth over the past month, but he hadn't gained any weight at all. I know as he gets older is weight gain gets slower, but should it be this slow? Thanks Guys.
  13. Last time I checked they were DVD's, but hey what do I know! ;) and I didn't interrupt you!!!!! You asked who to give the money to and I was the only kind person who offered to take it off you!!!!! Maybe PM Steve?
  14. I was just popping back in to apologise about the hijack. It was Alibears fault though. Theres a new Syd Dol meet thread in the General forum Would you quit blaming me for everything. Stand up and be a women (man what ever tickles your fancy) and admit you did this!!!! And while I'm here, bugger off and stop volunteering me for everything!
  15. I thought it was my subject ;) I have to say that the Sydney DOL meet is a great idea. ;) Sorry........... Well I take it back - I'm not sorry Steve, apparently this has nothing to do with you :p Its all yours Myszka......
  16. I think Riley needs another chance to get to know Bear so he doest sound so snobbish ;) Bear must of caught Riley on a bad day Poor Bear They'll have to be a Sydney DOL meet organised. Sorry for the hijack K9! Wags, I'm only teasing! Bear really loved Rileys teeth glaring at him! They were sparkling white - what dentist do you use? ;) Not poor Bear. With his lovely behaviour recently, I don't "Poor Bear" him at all anymore!!!!!!! I'm sure plenty of Sydney DOLers would love to catch up, maybe we should start a new thread in general! Sorry Steve! We will leave now.....
  17. ;) :p :p :p I dont think i'll be doing that :p Oh come on Wags! We all know how much your boy loves mine! He would want you to give me more money to spend on Bear! He really would!
  18. You can transfer the money to me if you like ;) Don't think you will get the DVD, but hey, I'll be happy to take the money from you!
  19. She really doesn't have a clue what it is, because she didn't check last night. She has to say something just to prove me wrong - don't listen to her! And by the way, keep your butt covered thanks, there are plenty of things I'll be kissing before I get to your arse honey!!!!!
  20. Yeap, finished at 7am this morning. I should have started at 7pm but I have a really good boss who let me take a few hours annual leave. Lucky he didn't ask why I wanted the time off Do you work those hours all the time? I would be hopeless trying to work night shift! The sun goes down and I'm ready for bed!
  21. So where is the info Springer - huh? Did you check? Thank you Thunder! And I am always truthful and interested in Springer converstaions. I your babies!
  22. Please tell me you were not going to work at 11.30pm?
  23. Don't believe her Thunder. I asked her months ago for a pic of her harness she has for Max in the car and I still haven't seen it!
  24. Don't get to carried away! Steve will start to think that we actually like these things!
  25. It was crap - total waste of time! I'm only kidding! As always Steve came through with the goods and I am sure that everyone there would of left very happy customers. I have seen Steve on several occasions now, I wasn't sure how much I would get out of the night. He promised I wouldn't leave disappointed, and of course he was right - AGAIN!!!!!! Thanks Myszka for organising the night and taking us all into your house (and feeding our grumbling bellies!) and of course a big thanks to Steve for taking the time last night to speak with us all - much appreciated! ETA - I just have to say, after last night, I am totally in love with Dobes They are so adorable!!
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