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  1. These ones don't stink - they smell yummmmmooooo And they come in cool colours not just your stand red or black. Orbee Tough ORBO My boy loves to play with it, full of treats or not :D
  2. No Way (he's gorgeous but..) KOVU, KOVU, KOVU Vote for KOVU Oh thats just lovely Thunder
  3. Meriment - Look at him go!!!!! Has he got little itty bitty springs in his feet He looks great!!!! How are you going with all the spinning?
  4. I was recently told that I could add some gravy on top of my boys food as he keeps turning his nose up at it. That certainly encouraged him to eat it, maybe that is an option for you too Good Luck.
  5. K9: 100 correct, Mysz just needs to get the motivation back by shortening the time ie lowering expectations... I trust Bear is good in the TOT now? Yep, PERFECT! ;) Sit, stays, drops, comes.... anything I ask. He is a good boy!!!! Actually, recently in the TOT he has been so good, when asked to drop he flops his legs out in front on him so fast his belly smashes the ground with a thud Very cute to watch! How did you go last night Monika
  6. Thats what I would have done.... Just slowly extend the time each day? How long are you leaving the food out for her?
  7. I don't know sorry..... I just remember having the same problem with Bear and when I asked K9 Force what to do if my memory serves me correctly he said to pull him back up to a sit as he was still on the tie out and I was still next to him. I could be completely wrong...don't worry about me
  8. Hey Monika..... Bear was doing this when I first started him as a puppy in the TOT. Is she still on the tie back? As the the rule is time before distance, I'm guessing you are still by her side? Yes? If that is the case, can you just pull up on the leash and get her back into a sit as soon as she moves to the drop position? Teach her she has to stay sitting to be released to the food?
  9. Unfortunately I have not tried to do much of this with Bear (I do wish I had of trained this from when he was a wee pup) so I really don’t have any advice, but I have noticed, and I’m sure those who have attended K9 Force's workshops would have also seen, that his dogs to go on command instantly and in a specific place in his yard. Maybe ask K9 what he does?
  10. wyvernblade - Great pic!!!!! You should email it to K9 Force for the photo competition! Could win yourself a nice prize for your puppy
  11. I haven't read everyones replies, but my GSD while growing up had this many times.... He used to chase and eat bees!
  12. No - hence I shouldnt stick my head into something I have only a vague idea about. [ I'm sorry, that comment was directed at him not you.....Just being a smarty pants! And besides you were only trying to help, and were not completly wrong anyway. Its all good From everything I have heard and seen you have done really great with Rex and am sure you will do the same with your new little bubby!
  13. I think you are being a little harsh on yourself Myszka....Your not stupid at all And besdies, can we all really be as good as K9? Do you really think there is enough room in here for all our heads Honestly though, I'm sure many people will agree, he is one of a kind I guess all we can do is aspire to be like him with our own dogs.........
  14. Thats great Gigi! :D You should be very proud of yourself and Ziggy! I know how you feel about the off leash work, its so wondeful when you call your dog and they come bounding back to you. I was WAY to paranoid to let Bear off leash until Steve basically made me do it ...............If only I had of listened earlier Keep up the good work And course K9 comes through with the goods once again
  15. Oh oh..... You know what happened last time you made a joke about the camo Didn't you spend the next 30mins huddled up in the bush with creepy noises and bugs everywhere? :D
  16. Can I come? Can I come? I know I am not "technically" a central coast girl, but.............. I was born at Gosford and Flame does looovvveee me!!!! Tuesday would be my preference!
  17. As Rachelle has said, I'm pretty sure that the tie back is there to teach the dog that being tied out is ok. So for instance if you wanted to eat in a cafe or pop into the corner shop for a few minutes the dog will learn that being tired out is ok and will not be bothered by this and won't bark and whine while you are not there..... If you don't have problems with tying out your dog and your dog will sit and wait for your verbal marker when using the TOT then as far as I'm aware that would be ok. I know when I started this with my boy he was just a puppy and hated being tied up or left somewhere for any period of time (ie outside shop etc), but I have absolutely no problems anymore. Fixed them in just a couple days to be honest. But K9 is the best person to clarify this for you, what do I know, I could be completely wrong
  18. I am now entirely convinced that all this thread was thrown as a "bait" in order to promote, yet again, the wonders of the tools K9force promotes! :shakehead: :shakehead: :shakehead: Why? Because Terrorbull thanked EVERYONE? The fact you keep posting in this thread and bumping it to the top, one could say you are trying to promote K9 Force also? You’re being ridiculous!
  19. Please don't leave Rex at home.....That is not what I meant. I'm sure that if I am there we can work out a way to keep them seperated. :p I will make a decision closer to the day and see how Bear is going!
  20. Oh no, sorry, not because of his behaviour - He is a very well behaved boy! I'm just not convinced it is good for him at the moment, thats all. :cool:
  21. Bear enjoys a play with all dogs, but If I am there, I will be sure to keep him away from Rex. Bear may not be the only entire male there you have to worry about Wouldn't say 100% perfect, he is just a pup and I'M still learning, but we are certainly getting there. :cool: Don't worry, I doubt I will bring him to the next meet anyway!
  22. Thats ok......although Bear seemed to really enjoy Flames company, I'm not so sure she was as keen on him
  23. The K9 Force Brooke was talking about can be found here: K9 Force and the TOT here: Triangle of Temptation If your having trouble with feeding your boy this is the program you should use - it works every time!!!!!! Good Luck
  24. Oh just as well :p I will aim for as close to 10am as possible to make sure you get see my boy this time!
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